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Veljko Fotak earned a BS degree in Business Administration, an MBA with a concentration in Finance and an MS in Applied Statistics from the Rochester Institute of Technology, in Rochester, NY. Veljko's research interests focus on the role of governments in financial markets and, in particular, on state capitalism and sovereign wealth funds. As a Senior Researcher for the Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, Veljko is working on an ongoing study of sovereign wealth fund investments. This project includes a working paper, Sovereign Wealth Fund Investment Patterns and Performance, with Bernardo Bortolotti, William Megginson and William Miracky, presented by Veljko at the 2009 European Finance Association meeting and downloaded over 2,200 times from SSRN, as well as various related publications (articles in Foreign Policy and Columbia FDI Perspectives, as well as quarterly and annual reports published by the Monitor Group and FEEM). Veljko's other working papers include Naked Short Selling: The Emperor' New Clothes?, with Vikas Raman and Pradeep Yadav (presented at the 2009 Western Finance Association meeting), The Impact of Blog Recommendations on Security Prices and Trading Volumes, and Volatility Transfer in the Oil and Natural Gas Markets with Scott Linn and Zhen Zhu. Veljko's hobbies include playing music (mostly percussion instruments), swimming, reading and traveling. Veljko entered the OU Finance PhD program in Fall 2006.


AH 107-A