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“The E-Week project and workshop made all the difference in her life. Her life is changed because of E-Week.”

-Oklahoma High School
BPA Advisor

Each morning will start with a classroom session with each day having a specific theme. Classes will include lectures from faculty members and adjunct professors as well as material from the entrepreneurship program that has been prepared specifically for high school students. The five themes are: Leadership, Innovation, Commercialization, Launch and Growth.  The classroom session will use Harvard Business School case studies, plus lectures and simulations.


“E-week has opened my eyes to the business world in marketing, management, and finance. The peers and professors were amazing.”

-2010 E-Week Participant

The Super Hero Simulation is an activity that will unleash your inner problem-solver. You will start by identifying a real problem we face on a daily basis like maintaining a clean water supply, reducing energy consumption, or simplifying our lives. Now, you will invent a super hero with the powers to solve such problems. You will answer questions like "What are those powers?" and "How do these super hero powers fix or resolve the problem as defined?" Finally, you will bring your ideas back to reality. In place of your super hero, you will propose a technology, product, or service that mimics your super hero’s gifts and powers. You will answer questions of about this new technology such as: “ How will it work? How will it be developed? How do you bring your ideas to life?"


“I learned a lot about the business world I had never thought about before. I loved getting to visit actual businesses and hear their take on entrepreneurship. It was a wonderful experience!”

-2010 E-Week Participant

The business case method is an active learning model that teaches participants how to access information, analyze, and propose solutions for complex business issues. Rooted in real-life experiences, the business case method develops analytical skills, sound judgment, and the leadership potential within each participant. Cases are actual scenarios involving difficult and real-to-life challenges. The protagonist must assess the situation, analyze the facts, and arrive at a solution.To prepare for class, each participant assumes the role of the protagonist and must be ready to answer one key question: "What would you do?"


“E-week influenced my decision to major in finance, by it showing me that the business world can be exciting.”

-2010 E-Week Participant

Lunches will include a guest speaker. Prominent entrepreneurs from Oklahoma, as well as other nationally known individuals who have ties to Oklahoma, will speak to the students about their experiences as well as what opportunities they see as being available in the future.

“What I learned about John Kohler and how he started so small gave me the confidence that I can do it too.”

-E-Week Participant, Response to HBS Case Study

Case and lectures will be supplemented with Harvard Business School Notes, readings and books. The three books are: The Lean Start-Up by Eric Ries, The Four Steps to the Epiphany by Steve Blank, Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwald. These books collectively offer sound advice on leadership. Students will be assigned to groups and each group will be responsible for one chapter discussion in each book.