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Oklahoma Entrepreneurship

Take a state you normally wouldn't think of in this regard: Oklahoma. It has its own Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science and Technology...

- Thomas L. Friedman, The World is Flat.


The State of Oklahoma has several leading edge programs that are designed specifically to help entrepreneurs launch their business. The University of Oklahoma, PHF, OCAST, and i2e are leading the charge of enabling entrepreneurs to be successful. For more information on each of these groups, please visit the following sites:


OU Office of Technology Development:

OU Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth:





The students enroll in four required business courses. These courses are Principles of Management, Principles of Marketing, Legal Studies and the First Fidelity IBC Practicum - a total of 12 hours. These courses address the theories, concepts and terminology of the three core areas. All students are assigned to a learning team of 20-25 students who form a company.Depending on the size of the class, two to four companies are formed the first day of class.  After each of the companies are formed, they identify and develop a product then apply for a license to sell OU products.  During this time, the IBC department holds a Service Fair where approximately 20-25 non-profit organization come and educate our students as to their individual needs.  A non-profit organization is chosen to receive service hours and/or the profits from the individual companies.  Next, each company presents their business plan to a local bank, First Fidelity, with an emphasis on professionalism.  After raising capital for their venture products are purchased and sold.  From beginning to closing the books at the end of the semester the IBC program focuses on real world experience, a mastery of business concepts and commitment to student development while instilling individual and organizational values through service to our community, as stated their mission statement.  Since its inception in 1985, the IBC students have contributed over $875,000 to local charities and more than 39,000 hours of community service