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Program Supporters

Program Supporters

The entrepreneurship program is unlike anything else you will experience in the business college. You are taught to take a look at businesses as a whole, incorporating all your marketing, management, and financial skills. - Chas Gilmore BBA '08

The State of Oklahoma has been successful due to the tremendous support of alumni and friends. The state of Oklahoma has embraced our efforts and has sought to support, collaborate with and strengthen the program. Alumni and friends have become adjunct faculty members, guest speakers, scholarship providers, program supporters via philanthropic donations, judges for business plan competitions, mentors, and providers of scholarships, internships and career opportunities.


This support shows in so many ways. the growth of our program is almost entirely funded by private donations. We have grown from just a few classes at the undergraduate level to now offering 15 courses. For the graduate program, we now offer six courses that teach students how to start, run and grow their own business. We have $147,500 in annual scholarship money for MBA students and $162,000 for undergraduate students. We have thriving student clubs, a study abroad program, and we are able to participate in case and business plan competitions all over the country. This program support is entirely due to private donations. Without donor generosity, we would not have achieved our goals.


In May 2008, the program hosted a retreat. attendees included current and former students, instructors, staff, guest speakers and state business leaders. The purpose of the retreat was to identify areas in which to take a leadership role. Key areas such as teaching of key concepts, skills of our graduates and opportunities to launch ventures were discussed. The State of Oklahoma continues to enjoy playing a key role in the economic development of Oklahoma.

Program donors include:

  • Acton Foundation
  • Astellas USA foundation
  • Blaine Pinard
  • Dave McLaughlin
  • GDL Scholarship
  • Joe R. Love Scholarships
  • Kenneth Cordell
  • Mark Cohen
  • Maxine and Jack Zarrow Family Foundation
  • Marvin R. Osborne & John T. McCharen, Jr. & Osborne Electric Memorial Scholarship
  • NCIA
  • Phil Kramer
  • Richard l. Kent
  • Roger & Sherry Teigen
  • Ron & Joan Yagoda
  • Stephen A. Ives
  • The Stanley White Foundation
  • Walt Duncan


Program Support

There are multiple ways you can assist the goals of the State of Oklahoma. If you know of projects which students can gain valuable experience in the form of an internship, or if you can serve as an industry expert concerning entrepreneurial concepts created by students, or as a mentor and guest speaker, let us know.

Financial Support

The Entrepreneurship Center can use financial support at all levels. Regardless of size, contributions will have an extreme impact on the success of the center. Support can be made in annual gifts or a lump sum endowment.