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In 2009 ESPN said when “you look at the big picture of college football since 1936, no program has achieved greatness as consistently as Oklahoma.” Now you have the opportunity to study sports management while learning from faculty who are directly a part of this incredible sports tradition.  Our program combines courses from faculty with extensive experience, exposure to hands-on projects, plus internship opportunities with all types of sports organizations.  

Our program offers students the opportunity to prepare for a variety of careers in the world of sports.  The program is structured into three tracks;

  1. Professional Sports
  2. Intercollegiate Sports
  3. Business Data and Statistical Analysis 

It should be noted that students completing the Intercollegiate Sports track are strongly encouraged upon graduation to apply for admission into the Intercollegiate Athletics Administration Masters degree program in the OU Higher Education Department. For more information visit the IAA program's webpage.

The program consists of a core course in Sports Management, three courses taken from a list of approved electives included “Licensing and Intellectual Property in Sports,” “Sports Logistics,” “Sports Marketing Management,” “Economics of Sports” plus “Leading the Student Athlete.”  Students in data analytics track have a separate list of approved statistics or business data analysis courses. Students complete the program with two additional courses from a broader list of “free” electives including “Facilities Management,” “Sport Psychology” plus “Ethical Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics.”



Sports Management Concentration under the General Management Major
Degree Sheet (pdf)

Minor in Sports Management for Price College Students
Minor Sheet for Price Students (pdf)

Minor in Sports Management for non-Price College Students
Minor Sheet for non-Price Students (pdf)
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