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Full-time MBA program structure

The AACSB-accredited Oklahoma MBA is designed in a modular format with course sequencing that minimizes overlap and maximizes depth of content. Our dedicated world class faculty works with our students employing state-of-the-art technology to produce well polished managers with broad business perspectives.

The half semester, eight week (module) format allows students to begin elective course work prior to beginning a summer internship. This design provides our students with a huge advantage over other intern applicants and boosts their ability to outperform peers in a competitive internship environment.

Year One

Module 1Module 2Module 3Module 4Module 5
   Mid August-    Mid OctoberMid October-Mid-DecemberMid January - Mid MarchMid March- Mid MayJune - July
Quantitative Methods & Modeling IManagement Information SystemsManagerial AccountingGlobal EconomicsInternship or Elective
Managerial EconomicsQuantitative Methods & Modeling IICorporate FinanceMarketing Mangement 
Financial AccountingFinancial Markets and SecuritiesSupply Chain ManagementElective 
Organizational BehaviorElectiveElectiveElective 
Professional Development IProfessional Development II 
7 Hours9 Hours8 Hours9 Hours2 Hours
Total Hours: 35

Year Two

Module 6Module 7 
Mid August - Mid OctoberMid October - Mid December

31 Total Core Hours

18 Total  Elective Hours

49 Total Required Hours

Negotiation and Leadership
Strategic Management
Business Ethics/Legal
8 hours6 Hours
Total Hours: 14

Elective Choices

After the first year of core courses, electives are incorporated into the curriculum to fit your interests. 18 hours of electives are required for the MBA program. Electives are offered in several areas including accounting (ACCT), business administration (B AD), energy (ENGB), entrepreneurship (ENT), finance (FIN), management information systems (MIS), and marketing and supply chain management (MKT & SCM).

ACCT 5113* Advanced Accounting

ACCT 5352 Financial Statement Analysis

ACCT 5542* Contemporary Auditing Issues

ACCT 5553* Fraud Examination

ACCT 5613* Tax Research

B AD 5970 Business, Government, & Society

B AD 5973 International Human Resource Management

ENT 5902 Entrepreneurial Process

ENT 5912 Capitalizing the New Venture

ENT 5992 Entrepreneurial Growth Strategies

ENT 5934 Strategic Venture Development

ENT 5942 Launching the New Venture

ENT 5972 Entrepreneurial Innovation

ENGB 5131* Energy Upstream/Downstream

ENGB 5142* Introduction to Energy

ENGB 5152* Energy Accounting and Regulations

ENGB 5162* Energy Corporate Finance

ENGB 5172* Energy Assets & Commodities

ENGB 5182* Valuation, Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestures

FIN 5322 Derivative Securities & Markets

FIN 5332 Risk Management and Financial Engineering

FIN 5342 Advanced Corporate Finance

FIN 5352 International Financial Management

FIN 5362 Fixed Income Fund Management

FIN 5613 Student Investment Fund

MIT 5702 Social Analytics

MIT 5752 Cloud Computing

MIT 5612 Database Design & Administration

MIT 5652 Knowledge Management

MIT 5662 Project Management

MIT 5682 Business Data Analysis

MIT 5692 E-Business Architecture

MIT 5970 Advanced Programming with Python

MIT 5970 Enterprise Data Analysis

SCM 5522 Production/Operations Management

L S 5970 Employment Law

All courses subject to pre-requisite requirements prior to enrollment

* Requires special permission prior to enrollment