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Student Resources

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Student Resources

Center for Graduate Student Success

Networking is the key to graduate-level employment, and the Center for Graduate Student Success cultivates an extensive pool of MBA employers. The Center also provides programming to help MBA students determine a career focus and maximize job search effectiveness. This office offers resources and opportunities for MBA students to actively pursue implementation of their career plans, engaging students in all aspects of their career search process. This support includes but is not limited to:

  • Soft-Skills Training
  • One-on-one career counseling
  • Alumni contacts
  • Networking
  • Video mock interviews
  • Resume and cover letter preparation


Erin Wolfe, Senior Director
Phone: (405) 325-3986

Kristina Mills, Associate Director
Phone: (405) 325-1969

Employer Relations

MBA Students can be recruited directly through the Center for Graduate Student Success. Our office is available to help you meet all of your needs as a corporate recruiter. Whether it is posting a position, contacting departmental faculty for questions, or seeking to sponsor events and heighten your company identity, we are here to assist you. Learn more.

Alumni Involvement

We believe that a university's greatest and most stable resource is its alumni base. Both our Alumni and Development Office and the Center for Graduate Student Success provide a myriad of ways that you can engage the students of Price College and the MBA Program.


At The University of Oklahoma, we know that your access to the right contact can make a huge difference to your professional growth. Networking opportunities are enhanced through our faculty, our database of active employers, our Price College alumni and a growing list of friends of the MBA program. Future opportunities grow as your network grows.

Soft Skills Training

OU MBA soft skills development takes place though the cooperation of a number of campus resources and through the engagement of various program partners.  The Price College Business Communication Center, OU Career Services, the Center for Graduate Student Success as well as Corporate Partners and alumni all work together to enhance the development of the students in our program.

"Companies are looking for people that have the soft skills to manage....They're looking for much more complete people." 

-Hank Conn, VP, A.T. Kearney (in NY Times interview)

The purpose of the Professional Development course is to prepare MBA students for the world of work. This class, coupled with the services offered through the MBA Student Support Center, will enable students to develop the critical skills needed to identify, prepare for, and confidently pursue a post MBA career, and ultimately become great business leaders.

The course will focus on real-world and practical aspects of the business arena. Students will also meet key business leaders with varied experiences and backgrounds representing a variety of industries and functional areas and have the opportunity to interact directly with them.

After completion of the Professional Development course, MBA students will have the knowledge and skills to deliver in the following areas:

Communication & Effective Listening

  • Produce and deliver public presentations
  • Demonstrate strong verbal and non-verbal communications
  • Engage in critical listening
  • Construct effective message strategies for the workplace
  • Determine and practice appropriate methods of business communication

Interview Skills

  • Demonstrate fluency in business vocabulary
  • Conduct thorough interview preparation including company research
  • Create an effective interview response strategy
  • Prepare for interview questions from various models
  • Understand employer perspectives and expectations

Interpersonal Interaction

  • Identify and appreciate a variety of personality and work styles to maximize human resources as a leader or team member
  • Provide and receive positive feedback and constructive criticism
  • Engage in various conflict resolution approaches


  • Seek organizational membership for network enhancement
  • Develop best practices for regular maintenance of network
  • Practice event related conversation strategies

Price College hosts a myriad of guest speakers throughout the year to promote face-to-face interaction with global leaders, the Oklahoma business community, and students. MBA students often participate in small group question and answer sessions with industry leaders, who provide personal insight and relate challenges and successes.