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Radhika Santhanam

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Radhika Santhanam

Department: Management Information Systems
Program Area: Human-computer interaction, Cognition, Gamification Systems
Office: Adams Hall Room 307C
Phone: (405) 325-0791
307 W. Brooks, Room 307C
Norman, OK 73019

CV (pdf)

PhD (Nebraska) Professor Radhika Santhanam holds the Michael F. Price Chair in MIS and is the Director of the MIS division. She developed the STEM graduate program in MIS that currently has a focus on Analytics. Together with MIS faculty, she has implemented many curricular changes that have led to dramatic increases in enrollment in the undergraduate and graduate programs, and national ranking.

Her research focus is to enhance human- technology interactions, particularly in work environments. From a micro-perspective, her research examines how user learning and training coupled with system design enhances individual employee competencies, contributes to decision making processes, and augments their interactions with technology. From a macro perspective, her research focus is to identify ways by which organizations can support employees in collectively appropriating the benefits of implementing new information technologies. Her recent research explores gamification systems as a way to learn, and motivate employees to work with technology systems. She has received external funding to support her research on facilitating employee learning of new technologies. Her research findings have been published in a variety of leading journals. Her research complements her teaching interests in decision aiding systems, analytics, systems design, and management of technology. Her research findings on learning technologies, e-learning and collaborative learning directly impact teaching and are incorporated in her course design.

She is currently a Senior Editor at the Journal of the Association of Information Systems. Earlier, she served as a Senior Editor and Associate Editor at Information Systems Research, and receive Best Associate Editor Award. Prior to this, she served as an associate editor at MIS Quarterly and was on the editorial board of several journals. Before the appointment as a Price Endowed Chair in Management Information Systems at the University of Oklahoma, she was a Gatton Endowed Professor at the University of Kentucky and a faculty affiliate at the interdisciplinary research Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments. Prior to this she was a faculty member at the University of Cincinnati and Florida International University.