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Undergraduate Enrollment FAQ

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Undergraduate FAQ

Your enrollment window is based upon the number of hours you have earned. Visit and click the “ Prepare for Registration” hyperlink.

You must complete the Degree Candidacy process.  If you have completed all degree candidacy prerequisites, applied for degree candidacy, received a congratulatory email and still cannot enroll in upper division business courses, please contact your advisor or email

In order to enroll in B AD 4013, you must complete the 3000 level Core Requirements [MGT 3013, MKT 3013, L S 3323, FIN 3303]


Select the first section of MKT 3013, MGT 3013, L S 3323, and BAD 3013, then put all four CRN numbers into your oZONE worksheet.  Lastly, click 'Register'.

A D is considered a passing grade and you are not required to repeat the course to meet degree requirements in most classes.

However, D's are not allowed in ACCT 2113 Financial Accounting, ECON 1113 Macro Economics, ECON 1123 Micro Economics, ECON 2843 Business Statistics, and MIS 2113 Computer Information Systems for the Price College Degree Candidacy process.

Graduation requirements are a 2.50 OU and combined grade point average in overall course work, major courses, and upper-division business courses.

The University of Oklahoma's Forgiveness Policy is as follows:

Students may not repeat a course in which they earned a grade of A or B, unless the course is one in which there is a change of subject matter (e.g., SLEP, Independent Study).

A student may repeat up to four courses, not to exceed 18 hours, in which the original grade was D or F and have only the second grade count in the calculation of the student's retention/graduation grade point average. Students who repeat courses beyond the first four courses of D or F may do so with both the original grades and repeat grades included in the calculation of the retention/graduation grade point average.

Yes, you may participate in convocation and commencement in May before completing all degree requirements in the summer. However, your transcript will indicate that you are a summer graduate.

Yes, if you are pursuing one of the business minors available to nonbusiness majors, please drop by our office in Price Hall, Room 1010, and complete the request form.

All other students, please email Sherry Isom at for enrollment permission.

In order to declare a minor in the College of Arts and Sciences, you must complete the appropriate paperwork in Ellison Hall.

Yes, you are required to transfer ALL classes. Failure to do so is considered Academic Misconduct and may result in suspension or permanent dismissal from the University.

The recommendations for maximum credit hour enrollment are based on your cumulative GPA as follows:

  • Less than 2.5   
  • 16 hours maximum 2.50 - 3.00     
  • 17 hours maximum 3.00 - 3.50   
  • 18 hours maximum 3.50 - 4.00   
  • 19 hours maximum

The maximum hours any student may enroll in is 19. However, if your cumulative and OU grade point averages are above 3.5 you may request an academic overload. An academic overload is defined as a number of semester-credit-hours 25 percent or more greater than the number of weeks in the applicable semester or summer term. Fall/Spring 20 hours or more, not to exceed 24 hours. 8 week Summer 10 hours or more, not to exceed 12 hours 4 week Summer 5 hours or more, not to exceed 6 hours.

Although the University of Oklahoma records all international transfer grades as S, Price College of Business will use actual grades earned to calculate your degree candidacy GPA.

There are no deadlines/GPA requirements for current business majors. For those who wish to transfer from outside the College of Business, you must have 2.50 OU and combined retention GPAs. The GPA requirement will change to 2.75 beginning fall/2018. Beginning the 11th week of the semester, the College of Business will wait until the end of the semester to review a student's final grades before approving/processing a major change from outside of the College.

Yes, please refer to the degree candidacy website for deadline information.