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Property Control


Sanitization methods and definitions-[ PDF ]

Records retention policy
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State Agency Transfers
A letter will need to be presented to Property Control from the Financial Director (or any higher position) listing the items requested and stating where they will be used at the State, Federal or Public institution.

The letter needs to include the requesting partys State Agency number.
Email address for Property Control to respond to.
The request has to be on business letter head.
Property Control evaluates the items being requested.
Property Control responds to all requests as soon as possible.
Property Control contacts the party requesting items.
Arrangements are then made to schedule a pick up time.
Eligible parties are located on the website listed below.

Computers and Hardware - [ HTML ]

Freon Removal and Recycling - Facilities Management
Contact Recycling, call (405)325-8068

Equipment with Hazardous Materials

Property Control will not accept items containing Hazardous materials, if any items transferred to Property Control are found later containing hazardous materials, examples: asbestos, batteries, freon, florescent bulbs, oil, mercury, unknown substances, etc. The department will be contacted and charged for the removal of these items.  The department is responsible for contacting Environmental Health and Safety call (405)325-5147 for evaluation of the item(s). The item(s) must be cleared before being brought to Property Control.