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Textbook Adoptions


Overview of Buyback and Why Timely Adoptions are Important
Buyback is the process through which students sell back to the bookstore textbooks they purchased for use in their courses. Books bought back include traditional textbooks, trade books adopted for courses, and ancillary materials such as study guides, unused workbooks, clickers and calculators.

The price offered for books varies by market demand, with 50% of the current retail price being the highest for titles that will be used the following term, up to the buyback need or "target" quantity.

Books that will not be used on campus, but have value nationally, are bought back at the wholesale price. Some books have little or no market value and are not bought back. These include titles for which there is insufficient demand nationally to warrant purchasing them, books in poor condition, and books that are--or are going--out of print.

If an adoption is turned in after buyback week, we have potentially paid our students a very low dollar amount, or sent them away with their book. If we haven’t been able to buy any copies back, we will also potentially have to order all new books for that class. This impacts the original student’s overall cost of the textbook, as well as the students for the next term because they have to pay more for a new book.

Buyback is very important for both the bookstore and our students. The majority of students prefer to buy used books when they have the option, and The University Bookstore has a commitment to stocking them to meet those student preferences. Our goal is to help our students reduce the overall cost of their textbooks by providing them with less expensive used books at the beginning of the semester and then giving them top dollar for their books at the end of the semester.

Receiving your adoptions on time has a direct impact on our students.

Alison Marci

Alison Marci
Follett Course Materials Manager
1185 Asp Avenue; Norman, OK

Fall Semester 2015- April 13, 2015 - Adoptions to be submitted via current Excel form
Dec Int 2015- October 12, 2015 - Adpoptions to be submitted via Connect Once
Spring 2016-  October 12, 2015 - Adpoptions to be submitted via Connect Once
Summer Term 2015- March, 9, 2015 - Adpoptions to be submitted via Connect Once

Important Instructions
This form may only be submitted by the assigned departmental representative; department representatives should e-mail completed forms to Alison Marci at

“Pursuant to the Bookstore Operating Agreement between Follett and the University of Oklahoma, Follett shall have the exclusive right, to buy, sell and distribute printed textbooks and printed custom anthologies and sell licensed merchandise on campus.  The parties recognize that textbooks and/or course materials currently offered by Follett may also be available through multiple electronic vendors, sources or sites; University agrees that it will not endorse, license, or approve other sources for these materials.  The University shall have the right to provide or promote access to any electronic content which has been created by University faculty or affiliates; including, but not limited to electronic content available through University memberships in academic consortia, subscriptions, Service Agreements, or Pilots; any electronic content; and all free or open electronic content.

Textbook Adoption Form
Adpoptions to be submitted via Connect Once

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Questions or Concerns?
If you experience difficulties or have questions and/or concerns regarding the Follett textbook adoption process, please contact:

Chad Cochell, Director of Real Estate Operations 405-325-6041
Mechelle Gibson, Director of Operations, Provost Office 405-325-3228