Information Staff Association Minutes

April 7, 2004


ISA Council Members and Officers Present: Lisa Bowles, Grettie Bondy, Joan Goth, Annette Schwiebert, Sophia Morren, Connie Smith, Dan Hough, Marko Sherborn


Guests: Barbara Perry, John Lovett,  Eric Enwall, Nick Hathaway


ISA Council Members absent: Sherill Campbell, Lenore Arlee, Anna Launer Love, Bill Moakley, Dawna Nelson, Deke Arndt, Susan Lauterbach, Debra Levy-Martinelli


President Annette Schwiebert called the meeting to order at 12:00. Joan introduced the ISA award winners.  She said there were many nominations.


Winners are:  John Lovett from Western History,  Eric Enwall from Chemistry, and Courtney Garrison from Geosciences. 


John and Eric were present but Courtney could not attend.


Nick Hathaway was our speaker.  Nick said the University budget was looking good especially after last year (when we had 4 or 5 budget cuts and exploding health care costs).  This year is more normal.  20-30 million dollars is expected to fund higher education of which we will receive a portion.  Tuition raises are being held to single digits.  They may be around 7-9% in-state tuition, and 11-12% out-of-state. 


We will probably have salary increases of 4-5% possibly being implemented in October.  There is a statewide capital bond issue being considered but is not likely.


The Employee Benefits Council is looking at health care RFPÕs to see which bids are competitive.  Health Choice will not advise us of their costs until August.  We are now on a calendar year so there is time for this in the provider consideration process.


A better schedule of Parking Fines has been developed.  Staff and Faculty Senates have o.k.Õd .


Chemistry is at the head of the list for capital projects.  If we donÕt get a bond issue we will try to figure out a way to build a new Chemistry Building.  Related research areas to Chemistry are Biosciences, meteorology, and Nanotechnology.


There is a major concern to improve graduation rates.  One idea is to give students one place to go for servicesÑa Student Learning Center which will house many services to help students and be centrally located.





PresidentÕs Report


Discussed parking fines at Staff Senate. The ITC proposed e-mail policy will be discussed at the next meeting.


TreasurerÕs Report


$70.82 Savings, $74.07 checking, $363.39 Foundation


Old Business


Grettie announced that March of Dimes needs more walkers.  During the Health Fair there is going to be a table for making donations.  Grettie wants to do a mass e-mail to Faculty and Staff about the March of Dimes.  There is hope that each person who walks will bring in at least $170 but that is not necessary.  The Council voted to donate $175.00 from the Foundation Account to the March of Dimes.


Sophia reported that the ISA art show planning is going well.  We are having a wine and cheese reception (cash bar). It will be from 3:30-5:30 in the University Club. There will not be live entertainment.  Dr. Eric Lee is the judge.  Prizes will be $125, $75, $50.  There will be a drawing for prizes.  Sophia asked for volunteers to set up on Monday at April 26 at 9:00 am and to take down 1:30-5:30 Friday.


New Business

Marko, Joan, Connie and Grettie agreed to be on the nominations committee.