December 2002 Minutes


Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, December 4, 2002
11:30 a.m. - Athletic Department Conference Room 3695

Informational Staff Association Vice President/President Elect, Annette Schwiebert, called the business meeting to order.

Members present: Lenore Arlee, Grettie Bondy, Debbie Copp, Chris Fiebrich, Joan Goth, Dan Hough, Sophia Morren, Bill Moakley, Marilyn Nicely, Jane Sarber, Susie Skaggs, Annette Schwiebert, Marko Sherbon. Guests: Barbara Perry, Staff Senate Office.

Introduction of Guest Speaker, Bill Moakley, Special Events Coordinator for Public Affairs (on behalf of Debra Levy-Martinelli). Bill shared a list of the 2002 Holiday Events for the University of Oklahoma and highlighted the following events: Holiday Lights, rescheduled for Monday evening, a good mix of OU faculty, staff, students and community members; OU Combined Choirs on Thursday, Dec. 5; OK Geological Survey Teddy Bear Tea, also on Thursday; SNOMNH Holiday Happening, Thursday, as well; "Unsung Showtunes," Wednesday, Dec. 11, "Powwow: Native American Celebration," from Dec. 15 to March 10. For updates, Bill recommends referring to the Public Affairs calendar web site at

Other ISA members offered additional events:
Marilyn - Staff Appreciation at the OU Bookstore on Friday, Dec. 6
Debbie - Sullivan Family Concert on Monday, Dec. 23 at 7PM in Catlett to benefit the Women's Resource Center (dress warmly since the utilities will be off).

1. Introduction of members and guests - Because of new members present, each person was asked to introduce themselves and state what they would like for the holidays this year. See appendix for the responses.

2. With a motion by Grettie and a second by Marko, the minutes were accepted with two corrections.

3. Reports -
Staff Senate, Annette Schwiebert.
(1) Three fundraisers are in place to raise funds for Staff Week - sales of red OU fleece blankets, Krispy Kreme donut cards and campus lithographs. This years Staff Week theme will be "Color Me Proud" and the shirts will be navy and burgundy.

(2) The Staff Professional Development fund will be continued, thanks to President Boren.

(3) Tamara Franklin was appointed as a staff representative to the Goddard Advisory Board.

(4) The Computer Use Policy has been referred back to the staff member groups (see below for more from Dan).

To view the entire minutes from the Staff Senate Meeting, please see

Faculty Senate, Sophia Morren for Susan Lauterbach. The issues of research compliance, student retention and computer policies are nearing completion. Under discussion by the Senate Executive Committee are research issues. Athletic Director spoke at the November meeting. For the Faculty Senate minutes, see

5. Old Business

Information Technology Council (ITC) Information Systems Security Policy, Dan Hough. No discussion necessary today. Faculty Senate has deferred this issue until January and ITC will ask Staff Senate to do the same. See the ITC web site at for the current version of the policy, although the policy is still in flux. Members of the ITC will be meeting with Legal Council concerning the policy this week.

Some people have called the most recent, last-minute changes in the policy "bizarre." There is no OU policy in place right now, but many departments have internal policies regarding computer security. Someone asked why an OU policy is needed and Debbie pointed out that it actually provides protection for employees. Bill indicated that the original intent of the policy was to deal with outsiders, who access the OU system for unauthorized use. Dan said that it is difficult to devise a policy that would work for all the stakeholders, but that we need balance and group consensus. Bill added that it is important not to rush the policy development to ensure that the policy developed is a good one. Dan seconded this sentiment.

A separate email policy is being worked on. Debbie recommends communicating how the policy will erode personal freedom.

ISA Staff Week Art Show, Lenore Arlee. The University Club has been confirmed. A committee meeting will be held this week to talk about the budget and split-up tasks for the event. Debbie suggested cutting down on the food to save money, but the rest of the group disagreed. Lenore indicated that Dave Koos is very generous with the amount of food he offers our group for the amount of money we are able to spend.

6. New Business
Awarding of door prize. Annette asked our meeting speaker, Bill, to draw for the OU fleece blanket donated by Connie Smith. Although not appearing "fishy" at all, Marko's name was drawn by Bill.

ISA Charity Project, Debbie Copp. ISA adopted a foster family with three girls, ages 3, 2 and 1 1/2. For this program, foster families take the children shopping and report back what the children saw that they would like for Christmas. These girls would like puzzles, videos, books, and toys. After specific items were committed to by members, it was decided that money would be collected to buy the 2 year-old a tricycle and the specific video requests. Other ISA members will purchase new puzzles and books. Marko will collect the items at Goddard and Debbie will deliver the goodies on behalf of ISA.

Determination of the "Newsletter Santa" - Annette correctly guessed that the Santa was actually Debra Levy-Martinelli. For her powers of deduction, Annette received a beautiful tray of home-baked holiday treats.

Meeting adjourned with a move by Marko and second by Joan.

Respectfully submitted,
Sophia Morren, ISA Secretary

NEXT MEETING: Because of the winter break, the January meeting will not be held the first Wednesday of the month, but will be on January 8 in the Athletic Department conference room 3695. The new Parking Facility may be open at this time.


Because of new members present, each person was asked to introduce themselves and state what they would like for this holidays this year.

Marilyn Nicely would like a PDA and a compass so that she would easily find the meeting room for ISA meetings

Dan Hough is already receiving his holiday wish, new siding and windows for his house.

Grettie Bondy would like good weather for her holiday travels to St. Louis

Sophia Morren wishes for world peace.

Marko Sherbon would like a Spanish vacation villa and a 52" flat screen TV.

Barbara Perry would like a new bathroom, landscaping and/or world peace.

Annette Schwiebert like Dan is already receiving her holiday wish; all of her children and grandchildren will be coming to her house for a two-week Christmas visit.

Debbie Copp has already received her gift of a win by the Sooners last weekend and is looking forward to spending time with family during the two-week shut-down.

Bill Moakley is happy that his sister will be coming home from law school in Oregon, which will be the first Christmas in three years that she has been able to do so.

Suzy Skaggs was not sure what she wanted; we will have to get back with her.

Joan Goth would like a new bike

Jane Sarber would like landscaping for her new house

Chris Fiebrich would like a camcorder to record his son, who is at a very cute age

Lenore Arlee would like world peace, good food and a new car