ISA MEETING – December 1, 2004


ISA Council Members and Officers Present: Joan Goth, Sophia Morren, Grettie Bondy, Lisa Bowles, Beth McCoy, Susan Lauterbach, Dan Hough, Lewis Mazanti, and Marko Sherbon.



Members and Guests: Stefan Ice, Annette Schweibert, Elaine Bradshaw, Connie Smith, Diane Mayes, Lance Goins, Barbara Perry, Beverly Reese, Banita Stewart, and Tracy Duke.


ISA met on December 1st and had a wonderful turkey dinner.  Many thanks to Joan, Marko and Grettie for the good eats.


Staff Senate Report:  Staff Senate met November 17, 2004.  Julius Hilburn addressed concerns surrounding Aetna’s dental plan.  Some staff members had received letters from their dentists stating the dentists were not going to join Aetna’s network of dentists.  Julius explained that when you compare Aetna’s out-of-network benefits to Delta’s in-network, they were equivalent. 


At her monthly meeting with Vice President for Executive and Administrative Affairs, Nick Hathaway, Debbie Copp discussed the mass email policy.  She reported that the Communication Committee will look into alternative means of communicate on campus and bring ideas back to Staff Senate.


EBC representative Nancy Matthews reported that the target date for staff members to make a decision on whether to stay with Oklahoma Teacher’s Retirement or go with the alternate plan will be January 2006.


OU Staff Week Committee announced the theme for this year’s Staff Week would be “PrOUd to be Sooner Staff.


Tina Ledgerwood suggested that Staff Senate invite a speaker to the next meeting  to address parking issues that have arisen due to the construction of several new buildings.


Faculty Senate Report: no report given.


Treasurer’s Report: Lisa Bowles reported that there is $71.03 in the savings account, and $119.15 in checking.


ISA Secret Santa:  Debbie Copp arranged for ISA to play Santa to 3 children (brothers) currently in foster care.  Elaine Bradshaw and Lisa Bowles volunteered to collect donations and shop for the children. 


Staff Week Art Show:  Sophia Morren will chair the committee.  A Vice Chair will be next years chair.  The committee’s budget is due next week.


Connie Smith was the winner of the attendance drawing. 


Meeting was adjourned.