Information Staff Association Minutes

February 4, 2004


President Annette Schwiebert called the meeting to order at 11:50 am.


ISA Council and Officers present: Deke Arndt, Lisa Bowles, Anna Love, Joan Goth, Annette Scwhiebert, Sophia Morren, Dora Levy Martinelli, Dan Hough, Grettie Bondy, Marko Sherbon, Susan Lauterbach, Marilyn Nicely


ISA Council Members absent: Connie Smith, Sherill Campbell, Lenore Arlee, Bill Moakley, Dawna Nelson


Guests: Barbara Perry, Jennie Arndt and Cindy Coffman (March of Dimes)


Staff award nominees are need. 


Annette had asked for suggestions for a program for the February meeting.  Deke suggested catastrophic illness. His son was born prematurely weighing only 3and ½ pounds.  The baby spent over 6 weeks in ICU.  He was unable to breath on his own.  The result of March of Dimes research and support made possible SpencerŐs recovery and he now is a normal, healthy child.  Deke invited Cindy Coffman of the March of Dimes to speak to the Council.


Cindy said that March of Dimes emphasis is now on prematurity.  As of result of March of Dimes research, a surfactant for keeping babyŐs airways open has been developed.  March of Dimes started in 1938 to find a cure for polio, which indeed happened.  Their prematurity campaign was launched in January 2003.  Walk America is a fund-raising activity sponsored by the March of Dimes.  The Arndts are the March of Dimes ambassador family for Norman. The Walk generates ¾ of annual fundraising.  Bob Stoops is the honorary chair for Norman. 


This year MOD is doing a twilight walk starting at Andrews Park.  It will be a 3 mile walk.  ISA was invited to participate as a team and perhaps to encourage participation of other teams from OU.  There is a team captain who is the liaison to the March of Dimes.  March of Dimes provides training for the captains on how to raise money.  The goal is $200 per walker.  There will be a kick-off luncheon in March for team captains.  Walk America is May 15.  7% of funds are used for administration, 67% stay in Oklahoma for local grants. 33% goes to National Headquarters for research grants.  March of Dimes is not a United Way Agency by choice.


Grettie Bondy volunteered to be a team captain.  We are to E-mail her if we want to participate on the team.


The meeting was adjourned.


Marko demonstrated his IPOD on which he had recorded the speakerŐs presentation.