ISA MEETING – February 3, 2005 (January meeting cancelled due to bad weather)


ISA Council Members and Officers Present: Joan Goth, Sophia Morren, Grettie Bondy, Lisa Bowles, Beth McCoy, Lewis Mazanti, Dan Hough, Marko Sherbon, and  John Lovett.


Members and Guests: Elaine Bradshaw, Diane Mayes and Barbara Perry


Staff Senate Report:  Staff Senate met January 19, 2005.  Nick Kelly gave a update on benefits.  He mentioned that Benefits in Brief should answer many of the questions that the benefits office had received lately as a result of the switch over to Aetna.  He discussed Aetna’s requirement for precertification on some prescription drugs.  A full list of drugs can be found on Aetna’s website. 


Next, Nick discussed the flexible spending accounts.  People who took advantage of the FSAs are enrolled in streamlined reimbursement.  If you do not want to participate in streamlined reimbursement, you can fill out a form to opt out and submit paper claims when you want to be reimbursed. Nick said the packet of information explaining FSAs was late in being mailed, but he thought most people would like the process once they become accustomed to it because reimbursements are faster than before, and there is no co-pay for prescriptions.


Addressing the lack of dentists on the Aetna plan, Nick pointed out that Aetna pays the same amount for out of network dentists that Delta paid for in network.  However, if a major procedure is planned, Nick advised people to have their dentist check with Aetna beforehand to confirm how much would be covered and whether the patient would owe a balance.


Theta Dempsey addressed concerns people have over the parking situation once construction begins on the College of Engineering.  The new building will occupy the area that currently is the Carson Engineering parking lot.  Plans are underway to move the parking to other locations.  Plans have been made to use some of the property the University owns on the east side of campus to add more surface parking east of Jenkins. The multi-purpose parking lot south of the Energy Center will be re-designated as faculty/staff parking and the new parking lot will be designated as commuter/student parking.


In response to a question about construction workers parking on campus, Theta said that only a few of the supervisors are issued parking permits.


She mentioned that it was too early to tell how much revenue had been generated by the increase in fines.


Chairperson Debbie Copp had her monthly meeting with Vice President for Executive and Administrative Affairs Nick Hathaway.  Plans are underway to update computers in the Staff Senate offices.



Faculty Senate Report:  no report given.  There was discussion among ISA members present about who should be attending the meetings. 


Treasurer’s Report:  Lisa reported that there is $71.09 in the savings account and $169.79 in the checking account.


Art Show Update: The Art Show Committee is wanting Dean Lamb to possibly judge the competition.  The committee decided to keep the same rules and categories from last year. 


Awards Selection Committee: Joan mentioned that the deadline for submission is February 11, 2005.  She asked for volunteers to be on the committee.  Dan Hough, Lewis Mazanti, John Lovett and Lisa Bowles volunteered to be on the committee.  


Suggestions and Planning for meetings for the spring semester:  members discussed ideas for upcoming meetings.  The following agenda was decided upon:


                  March: guest speaker Jack Hobson

                  April: tour the art museum and Holmberg Hall

                  May: elections and tour the Journalism and Physics buildings

                  June: open


Approval of December’s minutes.


Meeting adjourned.