Information Staff Association Minutes

January 7, 2004



President Annette Schwiebert called the meeting to order at 12:00 pm


ISA Council Members and Officers present: Lisa Bowles, Dan Hough, Connie Smith, Marko Sherborn, Grettie Bondy, Bill Moakley, Debra Levy-Martinelli, Annette Scwhiebert, Joan Goth, Sophia Morren, Susan Lauterbach, Marilyn Nicely


ISA Council Members absent: Sherril Campbell, Lenore Arlee, Anna Launer Love, Dawna Nelson, Deke Arndt,


ISA Members present: Beth McCoy


Guests: Barbara Perry




There were no minutes from the December 2003 meeting because it was a Christmas party. An ensemble from the University Chorus came and sang Christmas carols.  Treasurers report was $70.64 CU savings, $73.07 CU checking, $363.39  Foundation.


There was no speaker as Theta Dempsey had another commitment and cancelled.


Old Business:


Annette reported on the Staff Senate meeting about parking fines. The Organizational Staff Association recommended an increase in parking fines to offset parking costs.  Theta Dempsey explained that increasing fines would not have that much impact on parking costs. Most citations are written for expired meter, not having a permit, or having the wrong permit for a particular lot. So an increase in fines would not generate much money.  Three years ago, when fines were raised, a $5 increase produced about $200,000.  $200,000 would equate to savings of about $16.00 a permit.  She was not aware of any plans of the Administration to use fine receipts to offset the cost of parking permits.


In discussion it was pointed out that court costs for appeals was also a factor and that there should be a court cost fee (which would discourage frivolous appeals).  Connie recommended waiting until the next time the Administration considers raising parking fees because this time there is no plan to increase fees. 


Joan moved that we ask the Staff Senate to recommend to Parking and Transit that the next time Parking and Transit considers raising parking fees, that they also review the possibility of increasing fines.  Susan seconded.  The motion passed unanimously by voice vote.





New Business


Barbara Perry asked for volunteers to serve on the ISA awards committee.  Bill Moakley, Lisa Bowles, and Joan Goth volunteered.


The cost of ISA lunches was discussed.  It was decided that the actual price including tip should be posted with the e-mail asking for reservations.  This price would vary according to the price where we purchase the meal.


It was additionally decided that the Activities Coordinator should bring a list of RSVP’s so that members could check off their name and pay.


Grettie moved for adjournment.