March 2003 Minutes


Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, March 5, 2003, 11:30 a.m.
Athletic Department Conference Room 3695

Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, March 5, 2003
11:30 a.m. - Athletic Department Conference Room 3695

Informational Staff Association President, Connie Smith, called the business meeting to order.

ISA Council Members present: Grettie Bondy, Debbie Copp, Dan Hough, Debra Levy-Martinelli, Jon Lunardi, Johnnie-Margaret McConnell, Sophia Morren, Bill Moakley, Dawna Nelson, Marilyn Nicely, Annette Schwiebert, Marko Sherbon and Connie Smith.
ISA Council Members absent: Kevin Blake, Judy Cain, and Anna Launer Love.
ISA Members present: Lenore Arlee, Patsy Broadway, Sherrell Campbell, Michelle Corona-Allen, Joan Goth, Linda Lanig, Diane Mayes, and Bev Reeser.
Guests: Julius Hilburn, HR Director and Barbara Perry, Staff Senate Office.

1. Introduction of members and guests - Each person was asked to introduce himself or herself and share fortune cookie sayings from the Chinese food luncheon.

2. With a motion by Debra and a second by Joan, the minutes were accepted with changes.

3. Reports
Presidential, Connie Smith.
1. To fill an ISA Council Seat expiring 2003 previously filled by Judy Cain, Connie called for nominations. Marko nominated Lenore Arlee, which was seconded by Dan. With no other nominations, Lenore was approved.
2. Call for volunteers to help with the Art Show set-up - Connie, Marilyn & Johnnie-Margaret will assist the committee with this event.
3. Connie suggested an Indian Taco luncheon for the next meeting, which was agreed upon by those present.
4. Summary of the call for opinions on the idea of employees subsidizing dependent health care coverage. Connie received 13 messages against the idea and 2 neutral/undeterminable messages.

Staff Senate, Connie Smith. No report given since Julius Hilburn was in attendance to share the information presented in the Staff Senate meeting regarding benefits. To view the entire Staff Senate meeting minutes, please see

Faculty Senate, Susan Lauterbach. For the minutes from the most recent meeting, please see

5. Old Business
Report from the Constitution Committee, Debbie Copp. Debbie motioned to accept the changes in by-laws presented last month and after a second by Marilyn the motion was carried unanimously.

6. New Business
Discussion of OU's health care situation, Julius Hilburn, Director of Human Resources. With an explanation of the realities faced by OU during his tenure here, Julius updated the group on why the health care benefits offered must change (increases in health care costs versus budget cuts). Consultants hired to explore health care options for the university recommended that OU enter the state plan, Health Choice. All other state public higher education institutions are on this plan. OU will be required to stay with Health Choice for at least 18 months but after this time the Employee Benefits Council (EBC) recommends that health care RFP's be submitted to explore other possible health care options.

In the last EBC meeting a faculty member recommended studying a way of reducing the financial health care burden for families though employee or university subsidies (this was not an administrative initiative). Feedback was solicited and the comments Julius has received (like those received by Connie) were strongly not in support of this idea. Julius added that although this idea was correctly motivated, it was not plausible.

Julius responded to member questions concerning faculty perceptions, the number of employees carrying each type of insurance coverage, the six options under Health Choice, specifics on Pacific Care, the five-year retirement requirement, the dental plan, and changes in the benefits enrollment period.

7. Miscellaneous & Announcements

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
Sophia Morren, ISA Secretary

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, April 2, 2003.