Information Staff Association Minutes

March 3, 2004


ISA Council Members and Officers Present


Dan Hough, Grettie Bondy, Deke Arndt, Joan Goth, Annette Schwiebert, Lisa Bowles, Sophia Morren, Susan Lauterbach , Marilyn Nicely, Tony Robertson, Jeralyn Snow, Beth McCoy


Guests: Jackie Farley, Barbara Perry


ISA Council Members absent:  Sherill Campbell, Lenore Arlee, Connie Smith, Anna Love, Bill Moakley, Dawna Nelson, Debra Levy-Martinelli, Marko Sherbon


Annette Schwiebert called the meeting to order.  We met at Houston-Huffman for a brown bag lunch meeting.


Grettie Bondy reported that she would like to re-name the WalkAmerica team as OU staff & friends so there would be more participation.  She asked if it was o.k. to promote through Staff Senate.  Sophia asked if we could donate Foundation money to the March of Dimes.  Barbara said she would check.


Jackie Farley described the construction process to the group and described all of the new additions to the building including a climbing wall.  She said that 4,000 people a day use the facility.


Jackie took us on a tour of Houston-Huffman.  It was raining very hard and the tour was cut short so that Jackie could attend to flooding in the building which was setting off alarms.