ISA MEETING – March 2, 2005


ISA Council Members and Officers Present: Joan Goth, Grettie Bondy, Lisa Bowles, Lewis Mazanti, Dan Hough, and Marko Sherbon.


Members and Guests: Elaine Bradshaw, Sherrell Taylor, Amy Hamilton, Angela Manchester, Connie Smith, Annette Schweibert, Dawna Nelson, Stefan Ice and Barbara Perry


Jack Hobson was the guest speaker.  He gave a very informative and entertaining talk about OU’s history.


A report was given on President Boren’s Town Hall meeting with the OU staff on March 1, 2005.  President Boren spoke about the lottery and 40% of the lottery will go to higher education.  The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art will now be free to faculty & staff on Tuesdays.  Other topics included the cost to staff to use Houston Huffman and the possibility of staff applying for the Heritage scholarships.


Staff Senate Report for February 2005:  Chair Debbie Copp thanked the member groups for the good job they did getting the word out about nominations for staff awards.


University ombudsman, Gloria Miller, spoke to the group about how she was there to assist faculty and staff.  Her office is located in the library and all communications are confidential. 


Staff Week committee reported on the Staff Week and the sale of the staff t-shirts.  The shirts will be grey and blue.


Faculty Senate Report:  Matt Singleton from IT announced that the security software was changed over to Symantec by the end of the spring semester.


Treasurer’s Report:  Lisa reported that there is $71.15 in the savings account and $194.67 in the checking account.


Art Show Update: no update given. 


Gretti announced the beginning of a book drive to benefit state prisons in Oklahoma. 


ISA decided to invite all staff award nominees to our next meeting.


Approval of February’s minutes.


Meeting adjourned.