Annual Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, May 7, 2003

11:30 a.m. – Athletic Department Conference Room 3695


Informational Staff Association President-Elect, Annette Schwiebert called the business meeting to order at 12:00.


ISA Council Members present: Grettie Bondy, Debbie Copp, Dan Hough, Susan Lauterbach, Anna Launer Love, Johnnie-Margaret McConnell, Sophia Morren, Dawna Nelson, Marilyn Nicely, Annette Schwiebert.

ISA Council Members absent: Lenore Arlee, Kevin Blake, Debra Levy-Martinelli, Jon Lunardi, Bill Moakley, Marko Sherbon and Connie Smith.

ISA Members present: Joan Goth and Lisa Bowles.

Guests: Theta Dempsey, Parking & Transit, Jackie Farley, Staff Senate Chair and Barbara Perry, Staff Senate Office.


  1. Introduction of members and guests – Each person was asked to introduce himself or herself.
  2. With a motion by Joan and a second by Grettie, the minutes were accepted as presented. 
  3. Reports

Š      Presidential, Annette Schwiebert.

1)    Annette gave on update on Connie’s health situation. Connie is feeling better and expected to return to work in the next couple of weeks. A card will be sent to Connie on behalf of ISA.

2)    Because of the guest speaker this month, comments on the Art Show will be delayed until next month.


Š      Staff Senate, Dan, Jackie & Debbie. Dan reported that the email policy has been approved. Debbie commended Jackie for her handling of the OUHSC staff member, who requested to discuss health care issues with Staff Senate. To view the entire Staff Senate meeting minutes, please see


Š      Faculty Senate, Susan Lauterbach. Faculty Senate discussed revisions to the academic misconduct code. Also, the policy of sending mid-term grade notices has been changed to include “C” grade notification. Currently notification is only sent for “D” and “F” grades. To view the entire Faculty Senate meeting minutes, please see


Š      Treasurers Report, Sophia Morren. The Foundation account balance is $360.27 with no disbursements since July 2002. The OU Federal Credit Union account balance is $196.91, which is higher than expected because we have not yet been billed by Food Services for the March lunch.

5.     New Business

Election of Officers and Council Members, Annette Schwiebert. Annette presented the following members for officer positions:

Š      Johnnie-Margaret McConnell, Activities Coordinator

Š      Sophia Morren, President-Elect

Š      Marilyn Nicely, Secretary/Treasurer

No other nominations were presented from the floor. Joan moved by acclimation to accept the nominations and Dan seconded the motion. The following members were then presented as council members:

Š      Deke Arndt

Š      Joan Goth

Š      Dan Hough

Š      Susan Lauterbach

Š      Debra Levy-Martinelli

Š      Marko Sherbon

No other nominations were presented from the floor. Again, Joan moved by acclimation to accept the nominations and Grettie seconded the motion.

6.     Old Business

Constitutional Revisions, Debbie Copp. Debbie provided copies of the constitutional revisions as presented in February. The primary changes being approved at this time deal with the change in name of the organization from Professional Staff Association to Informational Staff Association. Debbie motioned approval to accept the changes and after a second by Dan the motion passed unanimously. 

7.     Agenda Additions

Š      Sophia recommended having the meeting next month in Ellison Hall. After brief discussion, the idea was generally approved. 


Š      Theta Dempsey, Parking and Transit. Theta expressed apologies from Nick Hathaway that he was unable to attend for this discussion today. Theta began by informing ISA that a proposal for the May Board of Regent’s meeting concerning an increase in parking rates had been pulled from the agenda because the issue had not been discussed with campus governance groups. The item will be presented in June, after Theta has visited with all member groups. 


The proposed parking permit prices are $205 in the next year and $215 for the following year. This will be the largest annual increase in parking permit prices and is necessary because the university growth in infrastructure has been unable to keep up with demand. Rates of growth were underestimated when the last parking increase was approved three years ago. This increase only covered costs through the Asp Avenue Parking Facility. The most recently completed project was the paving of the lot south of the Sarkey’s Energy Center. Upcoming parking projects planned include:

1)    the paving of the land where Wilson Center is currently located to provide more parking for housing residents

2)    in summer 2004 the paving of the gravel lot located east of the stadium expansion.

There is a net gain of 1000 spaces in the above projects. Theta opened the floor for questions.


Johnnie-Margaret asked if student-parking rates would be increasing, as well. Theta said the percentage increase would be the same as faculty/staff increases in the second year but less in the first year because of the financial burden already facing students due to increases in tuition and fees.


Sophia suggested making the parking fees at all Big 12 institutions available in this process. Theta said this has been researched and OU is currently 8th in the Big 12 and after the increase, if all other schools remain at the same costs, we would be 7th. 


Debbie asked if there were any other reasons this item was pulled from the Regent’s agenda. Theta reiterated that lack of communication with staff was the only reason and that the same proposal will be made at the June meeting. 


Dan pointed out that although it is true students are being hit hard next year financially, so are the staff with increases in health care, athletic ticket prices and no chance for raises. Considering these facts, Dan recommended more of a phased increase in prices. 


Jackie added that she received information from Nick about this issue and passed it on to the member group chairs. She is glad the issue was pulled for discussion because the proposed increase is almost 50% and wondered, “did we get this behind” in covering costs? Theta responded that yes, we did get behind. Construction was costing more. For example, in the Wilson Center construction project, parking had to pay for the relocation of the building occupants and in another project the partial cost of moving the rugby field.


Jackie asked if limits to student parking have been considered and what the income on this increase would be considering the number of faculty/staff permits. Theta said that currently about 3500 faculty/staff permits are sold. Theta shared with the group that improvements to the Lloyd Noble Center (LNC) parking situation are being made at no cost to the parking budget and should enhance alternatives for students and staff without permits. 


Susan asked if Greek students only commuting a short distance could be discouraged from driving to campus. Theta indicated that a CART route to this area is planned for the future.


Jackie asked about the possibility of phasing in the increases over 3 or 5 years. Joan added that staff expected the prices to go up but that the amount of the increase is a bit high considering the other increased costs for staff this year. Jackie pointed out that this would be easier to swallow if the salary increase freeze were lifted. 


Debbie proposed the idea that parking increases go up the same about for all users. Faculty and staff do not have access to scholarships to help with our increases in costs the way students do. When staff were asked to fund these scholarships through Campus Campaign, which we did, we were told “we’re all in this together,” we all have to absorb costs… 


Theta responded that a phase in of more than three years would not be feasible. She also reminded the group that the income on football parking subsidizes all of our costs. Currently, OU is #1 in the Big 12 for the amount charged for game-day parking. 


Johnnie-Margaret returned to a topic mentioned earlier and asked why parking must pay for the relocation of Wilson Center occupants. Theta indicated that there was no one else to pay these costs. 

Susan asked if a garage for the housing area had ever been considered. Theta said it was indeed considered two years ago but was determined to be too costly. Susan then asked if parking could engage in 10-year planning to avoid raising costs again in three years. Theta said that it is very difficult to predict growth conditions this far into the future. Debbie agreed with this point saying “who would have ever thought the rugby field would move?” and Jackie agreed saying that years ago she was told that Wilson Center would never be moved. 


Johnnie-Margaret asked if parking had been reimbursed for the loss of spaces in recent new building construction (Business, Journalism). Theta said no. Joan asked if parking staff were consulted at all in new construction planning. Theta said that yes, A&E services was currently good at including her in core campus projects. 


Grettie asked about parking on south campus. Theta indicated that as south campus develops, permit parking would be put it. Dan added that currently non-permit lots on south campus are not maintained by parking. 


Jackie asked if LNC buses could run from 7:30 am on for staff. Theta said yes and pointed out that this has always been a free service. Transit is currently subsidized by parking. Marilyn added that a bigger shelter is needed at LNC and Theta responded that two, 20X10 shelters are already planned for the north median. This new shelter location, along with new stop signs to be added on Inhoff should decrease the risk of pedestrian/car accident inherent with the current shelter location. Theta also offered that two, 40 foot buses are being added to the fleet this month. 


Debbie added the fact that parking rates at OUHSC are higher than on the Norman campus. Theta also offered that parking fees can be deducted pre-tax from paychecks and instead of only 10-month deduction options, with PeopleSoft deductions can now be done over 12 months. 


In closing, Theta said that discussions about the increase in parking fees were not intentionally avoided but that she simply let it slip through the cracks. Also in the proposal to the Regent’s will be a request that after fiscal year 2005 the president be allowed to increase parking fees by a percentage not higher than the educational price index. 


Annette pointed out that the administration is to be commended for bring these difficult issues to staff for discussion and she thanked Theta for coming to this meeting.


Sophia made a motion to recommend that all new construction planning include compensation for loss of parking. Grettie seconded the motion and it passed unanimously. 


With a motion by Susan and second by Joan, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Sophia Morren, ISA Secretary


NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, June 7, 2003, Ellison Hall 132 (1st floor conference room)