Informational Staff Association

May 5 Minutes


ISA Council Members and Officers Present:  Annette Schwiebert, Connie Smith, Sophia Morren, Marilyn Nicely, Grettie Bondy, Lisa Bowles, Joan Goth, Dan Hough, Susan Lauterbach, Debra Levy-Martinelli, Marko Sherborn,


Guests and Members: Barbara Perry, Buzz Jensen, Anthony Barrens, Stefan Ice, Lewis Mazanti, Rachna Agrawal, Beth McCoy


ISA Council Members absent: Sherrill Campbell, Lenore Arlee, Anna Love, Bill Moakley, Dawna Nelson, Deke Arndt


The meeting was called to order.  After introductions, Buzz Jensen, a Goddard Pharmacist spoke about the pharmacy.  He said there is a new serviceŅa 24 hour answering service to permit call-in refills.  It also permits doctors to call in prescriptions after hours.  The pharmacy averages 50-75 calls a day.  The phone number for the answering service is 325-5165.  If customers are on a maintenance medication, a future feature to be added to call the patient and remind them a refill is needed. There are two pharmacists.  Neal Barnes started in October and specializes in diabetic education.


Buzz then talked about the new rules for purchasing pseudophedrine in tablet form. It is no longer sold over the counter.  A photo ID is required with name and address.  The quantity is limited to 9 grams every month.


The hours at Goddard are 8am-6pm  Monday thru Friday.  Summer hours are 8am to 5pm. The pharmacy is closed on holidays.  There is metered parking available.  If someone else has to pick up a prescription for a patient, a signed document from the patient is required, which is available online at


2004/2005 Elections:

Sophia explained that she and Joan Goth were trading offices because it was better for both of them.  Sophia will continue another year as President-Elect and Joan will become President for 2004/2005.


(All nominees were elected)


Officer Nominees

President, Joan Goth

President-Elect Sophia Morren

Secretary/Treasurer, Marilyn Nicely

Activities Coordinator, Grettie Bondy


Council Nominees (two year terms)

Aaron Biggs

John Lovett

Lewis Mazanti

Beth McCoy

Bill Moakley

Terrie Taylor




President Schwiebert reported that Staff Senate recommended that Human Resources have an ombudsman as someone who can help staff with health issues and publicize health care issues.


There was a discussion about how to take $175.00 out if the ISA Foundation account to donate to the March of Dimes.


The Faculty Senate approved the e-mail policy with a change.  The change is that Official Communications have to be read except when not practicable.  The ITC has the policy on its website  ITC stands for Information Technology Council.


Old Business:


The ISA art show was a success.  There will be a 12:30 meeting Friday at CafŽ Plaid to wrap up on the Art Show.  All are welcome.  How to get more art was discussed. Ideas included sending out a solicitation for artwork in the fall and making up a calendar using the art work.  Marco said MSA had done calendars in the past.


Moving Staff Week to a time when there are fewer academic duties was discussed.  The Staff Week Committee has already looked at this issue and voted not to move the date.  Staff Week is the last full week in April.


Grettie reported on the March of Dines Project.  The drawing at the art show earned $203.  $42 was collected by dancing with the Elvis Impersonator at the Ice Cream Social.  $20 in coin boxes was collected. 11 walkers signed up.  It is not too late to sign up.  The walk is May 15 at 5pm at Reeves Park.  It is a 3.5 mile walk.  Next Monday is the deadline to sign up.  The web site is  Bob Stoops is the honorary chairman.


New Business:


The OU Bicycle policy was discussed.  Enforcement  problems with abandoned bikes was discussed. It was suggested that the policy be amended to define who should be called to report abandoned bikes.


The meeting was adjourned.  The next meeting is Wednesday, June 2.  The Council will not meet again until September.