Information Staff Association Minutes

November 5, 2003


President Annette Schwiebert called the meeting at 12:00.


ISA Council Members and Officers present:   Debra Levi Martinelli, Bill Moakly, Lisa Bowles, Celia Jones, Sherrill Taylor, Kellie Dyer, Susan Whyatt, Jill Gamble, Annette Schwiebert, Michelle Letourneau, Susie Skaggs, Susan Strout, Debi Gentis,

Sophia Morren, Joan Goth, Jane Travis, Diane Mayes, Barbara Perry, Patrick Cross, Dan Hough, Grettie Bondy, Marko Sherbon, Susan Lauterbach, Marilyn Nicely


ISA Council Members absent:  Connie Smith, Lenore Arlee, Anna Love, Dawna Nelson, Deke Arndt


Those present introduced themselves by telling how they would spend their $500 bonus or about Thanksgiving plans.




The minutes (taken by Sophia Morren for Marilyn Nicely) were approved.  The Treasureršs report was $70.59 in the Credit Union Savings account, $85.03 in the checking account and $363.39 in the Foundation Account.


There was no Faculty Senate report because Connie Smith was not present.


Old Business


Annette asked for volunteers to work on the Staff Week Art Show Committee.  Marko reported the last year there were 5 members and Lenore Arlee was chair.  Sophia Morren and Susan Lauterbach volunteered to be co-chairs of the Art Show Committee.  Annette, Sherrill Campbell and Michele Letourneau volunteered.  It was suggested that Anna Love might be willing to be on the committee.


New Business


Debbie Copp could not come to the meeting, but asked if ISA wanted to participate as a group in the Secret Santa program (specific wants and needs are identified for one family and then donations are made as the item needed or monetary.  There is a shopper who buys items on the list).  Bill Moakley made a motion to do Secret Santa. It was seconded by Debra Martinelli, and passed by consensus. Debra and Bill volunteered to coordinate with Debbie.


Debbie Copp was commended for and editorial in the Daily about staff being included because several articles had emphasized faculty merit and had not included staff.


Grettie talked about Staff Development program changes to applicant criteria for employees of the OU main campus. The main change is if the main reason you are going to a workshop is to be a presenter in the workshop, you cannot get funding if that is your sole reason for going.


Sophia moved acceptance of changes Joan seconded.  The motion was passed support the change at Staff Senate.


Dan Hough explained the new Staff Performance Evaluation form.  On the form there are questions regarding having completed 4 compliance requirements.  Instead of 6 rankings for performance there are now 4.  The time allowed for employee response has been extended from 48 hours to 5 days.  There is only a small box for comments  although one can attach additional comments or information.  The form was two years in the making Human Resources has records of who have taken the courses required by Legal Counsel. There is no incentive for more detailed information.  A detailed internal document will not go to Human Resources.  This form will be used for the next year.  Joan recommended that we take a look and the results and review the process next summer.


Marilyn moved that we ask the Faculty Senate to contact Human Resources asking for Human Resources to advise staff of whether or not they had completed the compliance requirements.  Grettie seconded the motion, which passed.


We will put evaluations on the April agenda.


Our December meeting will be a Christmas party.  It was suggested we invite a University choral ensemble to perform.  ISA members were encouraged to bring a guest to the meeting.


Barbara Perry showed us a sweatshirt like the ones being sold to raise money for staff week.  They cost $18 and $20 for larger sizes


The next meeting will be Wednesday December 3 at 11:30 in ELLH 132.  The meeting adjourned at 1 pm