Information Staff Association Minutes November 3, 2004


Minutes taken by Elaine Bradshaw for Lisa Bowles


ISA Council Members and Officers Present: Grettie Bondy, Joan Goth, Sophia Morren, and Marko Sherbon


Members and Guests: Elaine Bradshaw, Barbara Perry, Annette Schweibert, and James D. White


After a tour of the Stephenson Research and Technology Center the meeting was called to order.


Reports: Elaine Bradshaw gave the TreasurerŐs report for Lisa Bowles.


Joan gave the Staff Senate report. The main topics of discussion were an update by Nick Kelly on the new health insurance plans and a review of the staff grievance policy. Because of new mass e-mailing policies, Staff Senate will be relying on the member group e-mail lists to disseminate information from now on. Joan reminded everyone that health insurance enrollment forms are due November 5.  


Miscellaneous discussion:  Joan announced that Jackie Farley is retiring. Barbara Perry will be taking contributions this week for a gift from Staff Senate.


Barbara brought a sample of the sweatshirt being sold by Staff Senate for the Staff Week fundraiser.


Staff Week: Joan opened discussion of ISAŐs part in Staff Week. Sophia reported that 98% of those surveyed thought that the art show should continue. Barbara added that the budget deadline is the first of December. Pro and cons of using the University Club were discussed, as were suggestions for expanding participation. Grettie moved that ISA host  an art show for Staff Week 2005.  Marko seconded and the motion passed. Sophia will chair the committee and Annette, Grettie, Marko and Joan will sit on the committee. Marko will send out an e-mail to solicit volunteers for vice-chair (chair for 2006).


December Meeting: The group discussed plans for a holiday party for the December meeting. Grettie brought up the need to decide on a community service project. Grettie will see what Debbie Copp has planned for Staff Senate and Joan, Grettie, and Sophia will pick a project for ISA. Joan will get a turkey and Marko will have it smoked by VanŐs. Grettie will look into the cost of sides. Elaine mentioned that Marilyn Nicely will be retiring in December. Joan will make up a certificate for Marilyn and have it framed to present to her at the December meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.