Minutes: Wednesday, October 1, 2003

11:30 am ­ Ellison Hall Conference Room 132


Informational Staff Association Annette Schwiebert called the business meeting to order at 12:00


ISA Council Members and Officers present: Derek Arndt, Joan Goth, Dan Hough, Susan Lauterbach, Anna Launer Love, Sophia Morren, Dawna Nelson, Annette Schwiebert, Marko Sherbon, and Connie Smith.


ISA Council Members absent: Lenore Arlee (teaching class), Grettie Bondy, Lisa Bowles, Sherrell Campbell, Debra Levy-Martinelli, Bill Moakley, Marilyn Nicely, Anna Launer Love, Marko Sherbon.


ISA members present: Lance Goins, Diane Mayes, and Beverly Reeser


Guests: Anthony Barrens, Staff Senate Chair; Theta Dempsey, Parking & Transit Director; Barbara Perry, Staff Senate Office; and Gail Tucker, Manager of Employment.


1.     Introductions - Each person was asked to introduce him/herself and tell their favorite type of weather and a movie they would like to see.


2.     Guest Speakers:


Gail Tucker, Human Resources

Gail attended in place of Robbie Wahnee to address ISAšs concerns about the Paid Leave policy. Each month, non-executive/administrative staff accrue leave on the following schedule, based upon years of service:


1-5 years ­ 18 hours per month

6-10 years ­ 20 hours per month

11+ years ­ 22 hours per month.


Paid leave is for both scheduled vacation time and unscheduled sick/emergency leave. During the first six months of employment, vacation leave is not allowed. Employees terminating from the university who have been employed by the university more than six months in a benefits-eligible position will be paid for paid leave that they have accrued not to exceed the amount of their annual leave. This rule does not apply to people appointed to grants and contracts accounts.


The maximum accrual for paid leave is 336 hours for all employees (this used to vary based on years of service). Leave in excess of 336 rolls over to extended sick leave, which was formerly known as short-term disability. Employees who leave the university cannot be paid for the time in extended sick leave accounts. Extended sick leave can be accessed from the eighth day forward of personal sick leave (it is not available for family illness).


Theta Dempsey, Parking & Transit

Theta updated ISA on the information she presented at the September 17, 2003 Staff Senate Meeting, which can be accessed at The highlights include:

Faculty/staff complaints about parking on football game days: Basically, the revenue generated by game day parking offsets the disadvantage of staff having to use a limited number of lots (Dale, Elm, Carson, SEC east and all lots south of Lindsey except the lot at Jenkins and Lindsey). Theta informed those present about the various paid shuttles that come to campus for football games from LNC, Westheimer, and Crossroads Mall.

Theta updated the group on the improvements made to transit services through the student transit fee, which went into effect this year. Staff can ride free anywhere in Norman (an ID with validation sticker is required for off-campus routes). Significant improvements have been and will continue to be made on the Lloyd Noble Center route.


3.     With a motion by Sophia Morren and a second by Connie Smith, the minutes of September 3, 2003 meeting were approved.


4.     Presidentšs Communication

Annette urged everyone to invite a friend to the next ISA meeting. If you are unsure if someone is a member of ISA, Marko has a membership list available upon request.


5.     Treasurers report, Sophia Morren for Marilyn Nicely

No major changes to report.


6.     Faculty Senate report, Connie Smith

The major topic discussed was benefits.


7.     Old Business

Due to the lack of time, discussion of paid leave will occur at a future meeting.


8.     New Business

The Staff Week committee needed to know when ISA wanted to hold the 2004 Art Show. Those presented decided that earlier in the week would be best so we are requesting Monday or Tuesday, whichever date Bingo is not being held on.


9.     Adjournment


Respectfully submitted,

Sophia Morren, ISA president-elect