Information Staff Association Minutes  October 6, 2004


Minutes taken by Marilyn Nicely for Lisa Bowles.


After an elaborate Halloween lunch planned by Grettie Bondy, President Joan Goth called the meeting to order at 12:10 pm.  She announced that the scheduled speaker was unable to come.  Introductions were made.


Joan reported on the new Health Insurance—Aetna.  She said there would be seminars on October 13 and 13 and enrollment begins Oct 18.  As of Oct 1, Aetna is providing 3 toll-free numbers for employees with questions.


Joan gave the Staff Senate Report.  She said Debbie Copp clarified that the Staff Senate Executive Committee consists of the officers of the Staff Senate and the Presidents of the member groups. Joan said if anyone had concerns about campus rumors to call her.  Nancy Matthews talked about Health Insurance.  The March of Dimes trophy was presented to Debbie Copp for the Staff Senate.


Beth McCoy gave the Faculty Senate Report.  She said Nick Kelly gave details about the Aetna Health Insurance program.  At the next Faculty Senate meeting, Boren is to speak.  Also on the agenda are issues concerning Teaching Assistants and IT’s anti-spam service.


Sophia Morren presented a draft of the Staff Grievance policy which is intended now to be the same for all campuses—Norman, HSC, and Tulsa.  If there are comments or questions, e-mail Sophia before October 21.


The meeting adjourned at 12:30 pm.