ISA MEETING Š September 7, 2005


ISA Council Members and Officers Present: Joan Goth, Grettie Bondy, Lisa Bowles, Elaine Bradshaw, Lewis Mazanti, Susan Lauterbach, Sophia Morren, Annette Schweibert, Stephen Ice, Ron McCarty, and Beth McCoy.


Members and Guests: Chad Bailey, Randy Griffith, Dawna Nelson, Dan Hough and Shanika Bivines


Introductions of attendees were made.


Minutes from the June 2005 meeting were approved.


A request was made to see if attendees would prefer a different time to meet.  Voting ballots were passed around to those in attendance with 3 different times to meet: 11:30, 11:45 and 12:00.  An email will be sent to all ISA members for their input.


Due to our lack of an Activities Coordinator, it was recommended by Elaine Bradshaw to have members sign up for a month to coordinate the lunch.  A sign up sheet was passed around and the following have signed up for these months:


Nov. - Lisa Bowles

Dec. -  no volunteer asked for, exec comm..

Feb. - Elaine Bradshaw

Mar. - Stefan Ice

Apr. - Grettie Bondy and Dawna Nelson

Jun. Š eat at the Redbud Cafˇ in the Natural History Musuem and tour the Law School


The other months will be brown bag lunches.


TreasurerÕs Report:  Lisa reported there was $169.64 in the checking account and $71.27 in savings.



Staff Senate Report for July 2005:  It was reported that at the last Staff Senate meeting, the issue of mass email guidelines was discussed.  Chairperson Debbie Copp Debbie said the guidelines were a work in progress, and if changes are needed in the future, Staff Senate would have the opportunity to amend.  The guidelines were approved by Staff Senate.

Faculty Senate Report:  No meeting since the last time ISA met.

Next on the agenda was discussion of the Network Policy from the Information Technology Council.  ITC revised the policy to simplify and clarify responsibility of IT and its users.  The new policy gives IT control over the wireless system on campus.  Users who have set up their own wireless system might have to be shut down if it causes a problem on the network.  Randy Griffith (IT) stressed that these wireless systems may not be secure and shouldnÕt be used for sensitive email such as student grades.

Policy carried.

New ISA Business:  Sophia called for suggestions on issues ISA could address over the next year.  It was suggested that we have Theta Dempsey address the group about parking issues.  It was also suggested that the group set up tours of the Business school and Journalism.  A walking tour of the fountains was also suggested.

Meeting adjourned.