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Public Affairs supports OU’s mission through publicity, promotion and special events designed to encourage public understanding and support of the University and to foster a consistent, positive image of OU across the state and nation.


Bizzell Memorial Library

NORMAN – Faced with a 15.95 percent decrease in state appropriations and what University of Oklahoma President David L. Boren called “the most critical budget crisis in the history of the University,” the OU Board of Regents approved the University’s Fiscal Year 2017 operating budget and an increase in tuition and fees. The decrease in state funding to OU’s campuses in Norman, Oklahoma City and Tulsa totals approximately $35 million.  


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OU Libraries NavApp

NORMAN – The University of Oklahoma is being honored nationally with the Campus Technology Innovator Award. OU is one of only two universities nationwide selected as an “education futurist” for development of the OU Libraries’ NavApp and one of only 11 universities in the nation to be recognized as a leading organization in innovation.



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Rural Educators Engage in Bioanalytical Engineering Research and Teaching

NORMAN – Six science and mathematics teachers from rural high schools in Oklahoma are engaged in a National Science Foundation-supported summer program at the University of Oklahoma’s Center for BioAnalysis in an effort to improve STEM teaching in rural classrooms and increase the number of rural students who select and successfully graduate from a higher education STEM field.  Read More

OU’s Sooner Academic Institute Provides Support for Inner-City Students

NORMAN – Students from three Oklahoma City high schools have an opportunity to learn from university-style courses through the University of Oklahoma’s Sooner Academic Institute—the six-week summer Sooner Academic Institute offers at-risk high school students with lectures, laboratory experiences and other activities to encourage them to attend college.  The Institute is one part of the larger Sooner Upward Bound program. Read More

Collaborative Study Finds Highland East Asian Origin for Prehistoric Himalayan Populations and Temporal Differences in High Altitude Adaptation

NORMAN – In a collaborative study by the University of Oklahoma, University of Chicago, University of California, Merced, and Uppsala University, researchers conduct the first ancient DNA investigation of the Himalayan arc, generating genomic data for eight individuals ranging in time from the earliest known human settlements to the establishment of the Tibetan Empire. The findings demonstrate that the genetic make-up of high-altitude Himalayan populations has remained remarkably stable despite cultural transitions and exposure to outside populations through trade. Read More

OU Summer Chemistry Academy Provides Academic Experiences and Leadership Training for Oklahoma High School Students

NORMAN – Thirty Oklahoma high school students are on the University of Oklahoma campus this week as part of the Chemistry Learning Incorporating Mathematics and Biology Academy—a one-week in-residence program providing academic experiences and leadership training for pre-college age students. Read More


NORMAN – A University of Oklahoma team has detected for the first time the most luminous gamma-ray emission from a galaxy--the merging galaxy Arp 220 is the nearest ultraluminous infrared galaxy to Earth, and it reveals the hidden extreme energetic processes in galaxies.   Read More

OU Researchers Apply New Analytical Technology to Quantitate Amount of Anti-Cancer Drugs Inside Individual Cancer Cells

NORMAN – University of Oklahoma researchers will apply a new analytical technology that could ultimately provide a powerful tool for improved treatment of cancer patients in Oklahoma and beyond.  Using mass spectrometry, an analytical instrument for sensitive detection and accurate identification of molecules, the team will quantitate the amount of anti-cancer drugs present in individual cancer cells, including those in bladder cancer cells isolated from patients undergoing chemotherapy.  Read More

OU History of Science Students Write More than Term Papers

NORMAN – In a classroom experiment that has 41 University of Oklahoma students participating in a massive science communications exercise, students don’t cite Wikipedia, they write it. OU students have contributed 85,500 words to 63 Wikipedia articles related to the fascinating history of science during the Cold War. So far, those articles have been read by 269,000 people. Read More