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OU Announces Spring 2016 Graduation Candidates

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OU Announces Spring 2016 Graduation Candidates

OU Graduates



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                Contact: Academic Records, (405) 325-4147

NORMAN — Students from 189 communities across the state were among candidates for degrees this spring on the University of Oklahoma Norman campus.

# # #



                          Stephen                 C.                  Ballard                         Doctor of Philosophy

                          Caitlin                   M                  Cowart                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Connor                 Paul              Mayhue                       Bach of Business Admin

                          Matthew                T                   Medcalf                       Bachelor of Arts

                          James                    William         Monroe                        Master of Music

                          Dearl                     C.                  Nickell                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Abigail                  Kathleen       Seal                              BA in Journalism

                          Alexandra             Miracle         Smith                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Cole                      E                   Townsend                    BS in Biochemistry

                          Robin                    Kathleen       Watson                        Master of Social Work



                          Caitlyn                  A.                 Davenport                    Bachelor of Science



                          Ky Carlton                                 Humble                        BA in Journalism



                          Courtney               Paige             Caravel                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Marissa                 C                   Dodson                        BA in Journalism

                          Marissa                 C                   Dodson                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Scott                     A                  Johnson                       B of Fine Arts in Drama

                          Madison                Paige             Long                            M of Library and Info Studies

                          Susan                    Lee               Matey                          Master of Human Relations

                          Collier                   Justin            McKinnis                     Bachelor of Arts

                          Christopher           R                   McMahon                    BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Alyssa                   C                   Privett                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Richard                                      Turnbull                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Ashley                  Nicole           Wheeler                       BA in Journalism



                          Tenille                  K                  Smith                           BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Taylor                   Ashley          Wilson                         Master of Human Relations

                          Keaton                  M                  Zahorsky                      BS in Computer Engineering



                          Angel                    S                   Boardingham               Bach of Business Admin

                          Arthur                   Alexand        Bulin                            Bachelor of Science

                          Dalton                                        Thomas                        Bachelor of Arts



                          Lacey                    A.                 Kincheloe                    BA in Admin Leadership



                          Kyle                      Gordon         Smith                           Doctor of Philosophy



                          Amanda                N                  Barker                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Robert                   A                  Meize                           BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Stephanie              N                  Towler                         Bachelor of Interior Design

                          Hannah                 L                   Wilson                         BS in Education



                          Madison                L                   Armstrong                    BS in Geology

                          Dana                     H                  Bellavigna                    BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Kirstine                 L                   Currier                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Matthew                B                   Dial                              BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Robert                   Bruce            Kirby                           Bachelor of Architecture

                          Ashley                  Denae           Knapp                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Paris                      N                  Littlechild                    Bachelor of Science

                          Scott                                          Mcbride                       MA in Admin Leadership

                          Madison                M                  McCathern                   Bachelor of Arts

                          Greyson                D                  McGill                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Paul                      J                    Pitts                              BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Paul                      J                    Pitts                              M of Business Administration

                          Shaynin                J                    Richardson                   BA in Journalism

                          Stephen                 D                  Smart                           BS in Computer Science

                          Bradley                 J                    Taylor                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Cary                      L                   Williamson                  BA in Admin Leadership


                          Kaytlyn                 Page              Zieske                          Bachelor of Arts



                          Ealisa                    C                   Adams                         Master of Social Work

                          Lucas                    Dunmire       Denyer                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Forrest                  W                  Estes                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Christopher           Patrick          Hackmann                   BS in Computer Science

                          Natalie                  Kathryn        May                             Master of Social Work

                          Rebecca                E                   Walton                         BS in Education


                          Tyler                     M                  Bell                              BS in Meteorology

                          Trent                     D                  Bone                            BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Luke                     S                   Buhlinger                     Bach of Business Admin

                          Austin                   W.                 Burrus                          BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Jacob                    D.                 Casto                           Bach of Business Admin

                          Julianne                                     Christiansen                 Bachelor of Arts

                          Laura                    K                  Davidson                     Bachelor of Arts

                          Karl                      Phillip           Geerts                          BS in Aerospace Engineering

                          Karl                      Phillip           Geerts                          BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Travis                   L                   Greer                           Bach of Business Admin

                          Emma                   L                   Hamilton                      BS in Education

                          Austin                   H                  Larue                           BS in Biochemistry

                          Claire                    M                  Malaby                        BS in Computer Engineering

                          Marika                  Samantha      McMillan                     Bachelor of Arts

                          Haley                    Kathleen       Polk                             Bachelor of Arts

                          Hayden                 L                   Powell                          Bachelor of Music

                          Thomas                 S                   Reese                           Juris Doctor

                          Nathan                  D                  Reid                             Bach of Business Admin

                          Brooke                  N                  Sewell                          BS in Chemical Engineering

                          Micheal                 D                  Speer                           Bach of Business Admin



                          Erin                       R                   Becker                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Cole                      J                    Trippet                         Bach of Business Admin



                          Haley                    M                  Roach                          Bachelor of Arts



                          Christian               D                  Bailor                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Crystal                  J                    Harmon                       Bachelor of Science

                          Hayden                 S                   Huffman                      Bachelor of Science

                          Buuchau                                    Hung                            Bachelor of Science

                          Tekeia                   T                   Jackson                        BA in Admin Leadership

                          Jared                     Gould           Karker                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Kristen                  E                   Kelly                            BS in Chemical Engineering

                          Richard                 L                   Lund                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Juan                      Carlos           Orendain                      BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Gary                     Austin           Smith                           Master of Human Relations

                          Joseph                  C                   Snyder                         Master of Science

                          Shauna                  Loreen          Snyder                         BS in Environmental Engr

                          Corbin                                       Taggart                         Master of Arts

                          Jason                    Kayl              Tyler                            Bachelor of Architecture

                          Cody                     T                   Whatley                       Bachelor of Science

                          Marki-MaCaulie    E                   White                           BA in Journalism

                          Sara                      Elizabeth       Wilson                         Master of Arts



                          Joshua                  Dillon           Brown                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Garry                    Elden            Bruch                           BA in Admin Leadership

                          Jennifer                 M                  Carmichael                  BS in Chemical Engineering

                          Luke                     A                  Christensen                  BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Elizabeth               Ellen             Cleaver                        Bach of Business Admin

                          Samuel                  Alexand        Cue Jr.                         BA in Liberal Studies

                          Brennick               H                  Gaudet                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Hunter                  Christian       Holmes                        Bach of Business Admin

                          Mariah                  P.                  Jacobs                          Bachelor of Science

                          Hannah                 Sloan            Lawson                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Perri                      D.                 Roberson                     Bachelor of Arts

                          Deemer                 C                   Stacy                            BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Mary                     Paige             Stinson                         BS in Education

                          Michelle                R                   Subramaniam               BS in Education

                          Jerry                                          Thompson                    Master of Arts

                          Christopher           A.                 Tyndall                        BA in Journalism

                          Thomas                 Walter           Wedding                      MA in Admin Leadership

                          Ethan                    D                  Whitesell                      BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Madison                Taylor           Williams                      BA in Journalism



                          Morgan                 G                  Bookout                       BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Kendall                 Anne             Brookins                      BA in Environ Sustainability

                          Amanda                Marie            Coffin                          Master of Education

                          Karisa                   C                   Cooper                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Bradley                 A                  Cottrell                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Graham                 W                  Dowers                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Rebecca                                     Govea                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Hayden                 D                  Hefner                         BA in Journalism

                          John                      G.                 Heller                           Bachelor of Science

                          Bobbie                                       Holliday                       MA in Admin Leadership

                          Jimmy                   Dillon           Horn                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Nicholas               A                  Julch                            BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Charles                 B                   Mcdaniel                      BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Zachary                A                  Roux                            BS in Computer Science

                          Jordan                   M                  Soto                             Juris Doctor

                          Cole                      J                    Stevens                        BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Anna                     Kathleen       White                           BS in Education

                          Micah                   Jane              Wormley                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Jennifer                 H                  Wynne                         BA in Admin Leadership



                          Kyle                      Lynn             Duncan                        M of Fine Arts in Art

                          Brette                    N                  Gollihare                      Juris Doctor

                          Ty                         S                   Johnson                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Kara                      C                   Kelly                            BS in Education

                          Holly                    Don              Loeffler                       Bachelor of Science

                          Dustin                   Lane             Parish                           Bachelor of Arts

        Broken Arrow


                          Iqra                       M                  Ahmed                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Lexis                     D                  Allen                            BS in Civil Engineering

                          Jordan                   Reed             Bayer                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Chelsi                   K                  Belanger                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Brady                    E                   Biggs                            Bach of Business Admin

                          Tyler                     R                   Bridegan                      Bach of Business Admin

                          Jalen                     T                   Burnett                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Kody                    A                  Carson                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Collin                    Patrick          Christensen                  Doctor of Philosophy

                          Courtney               A                  Counts                         BA in Journalism

                          Aric                      N                  Cushing                       BS in Chemical Engineering

                          Brian                     John              Donnelly                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Jessica                  M.                 Freeman                       BA in Journalism

                          Brynne                  L                   Kurtz                           Bach of Business Admin

                          Stephen                 Blake            Lee                              BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Caleb                    M                  Mcguire                       Bach of Business Admin

                          Nicholas               Elliott            Norsworthy                  Bachelor of Architecture

                          Jennifer                 Nicole           Nygren                         BA in Journalism

                          Garrett                  Caleb            Page                             BS in Construction Science

                          Brenna                  Elizabeth       Paul                             Bachelor of Arts

                          Ty                         William         Pfeiffer                        BS in Chemical Engineering

                          Gabriela                Sofia             Rossainzz Jardón          Bachelor of Arts

                          Gabriela                Sofia             Rossainzz Jardón          BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Samuel                  Zachary        Shreder                        M of Regional and City Plan

                          Kaylyn                  R                   Stauder                        Bach of Business Admin

                          Albert Christian     M                  Trinidad                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Chandlar               M                  Vazquez                       BS in Biochemistry

                          Britney                  M                  Wambold                     BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Rachelle                Marie            Ward                            BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Sarah                    P                   Whitson                       Bachelor of Science

                          Jordan                   N.                 Wolfinbarger                Bachelor of Arts

                          Matthew                C                   Woods                         BA in Journalism


                          Samuel                  T                   Black                           Bachelor of Science

                          Natasha                 S                   Camacho                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Christine               Rae               Carnine                        BS in Geology

                          Cheyenne              T                   Carr                             Bachelor of Science

                          Kayla                    Elizabeth       Chambers                    Master of Social Work

                          Ghaleb                                       Chawki                        Bachelor of Science

                          Jonathan               C                   Cross                           Bach of Business Admin

                          Nicolas                                      Crossley                       BA in Environ Sustainability

                          Jason                    Lee               Crow                            Master of Arts

                          Zachary                J                    Delaune                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Lacy                     Danielle        Dodd                           BS in Education

                          Amy                     Jeanne          Fichtner                       Doctor of Education

                          Hilary                   Nicole           France                          BS in Education

                          Alex                      R                   Frazier                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Shane                    A                  Gaylor                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Janelle                  Nicole           Giammario                   Master of Education

                          Mohsain                S                   Gill                              Bachelor of Science

                          Eduardo                J                    Gonzalez                      MA in Admin Leadership

                          Jennifer                 Celeste          Grove                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Lauren                  Ashley          Guzman                       BA in Journalism

                          Shannon                Carol             Harmon                       Bachelor of Architecture

                          Jimi                       D                  Hornbuckle                  Master of Education

                          William                 J                    Horne                          Bachelor of Science

                          Taylor                   J                    Huffman                      BA in Journalism

                          Carla                     Rachelle        Johnson                       BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Sasha                    E                   Joseph                         Master of Human Relations

                          Amanda                J                    Kanuho                        BA in Liberal Studies

                          Emily                    Ann              Kitchens                      BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Emily                    Ann              Kitchens                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Chee                     Yang             Kue                              Master of Social Work

                          Carol                     Elisabeth       Lillard                          Master of Social Work

                          Andrea                  Ursula           Mackey                        Master of Education

                          Jessica                                       Magness                       Master of Social Work

                          Joseph                  Austin           McAuliff                      BS in Construction Science

                          Forrest                  Williams       McMurray                    Bachelor of Arts

                          Lauren                  Rachel          Myers                          Juris Doctor

                          Crystal                  T                   Nguyen                        BS in Chemical Engineering

                          Huy                      Nhut             Nhan                            BS in Chemistry

                          Anish                    A                  Patel                             BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Atmiyata               D                  Patel                             BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Vishal                   Pravin           Patel                             Bach of Business Admin

                          Matthew                Brian             Pelnik                          BS in Chemical Engineering

                          Hally                     Elizabeth       Pembrook                    Bach of Business Admin

                          Trent                     Allen             Pembrook                    Master of Arts

                          Forbes                   W                  Perkins                         BA in Liberal Studies

                          Vy                        Ai                 Pham                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Kayla                    M                  Richards                      BS in Education

                          Jacqueline             Simone         Roberts                        BA in Admin Leadership

                          Daniel                   T                   Roderick                      Bachelor of Arts in Letters

                          Shelby                  Elizabeth       Russell                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Miriam                  Hope             Sams                            BA in Admin Leadership

                          Valdemar                                   Sanchez                       Bachelor of Science

                          Tyler                     J                    Sluss                            BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Amy                     Jo                  Solomon                      Master of Social Work

                          Alexandra             Marcelle        Soucy                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Paxton                  D                  Stieber                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Natalie                                       Thiesen                        Master of Social Work

                          Catherine              Starr              Thomas                        BS in Computer Science

                          Erin                       Ashley          Thomas                        Bach of Business Admin

                          Alicia                    D                  Tomlin                         Bachelor of Science

                          Brandon                J                    Tomlin                         BA in Journalism

                          Aaron                   J                    Votruba                       BS in Petroleum Engineering


                          Carol                     Lynn             Alexander                    Master of Human Relations

                          Matthew                Edward         Beam                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Lanie                    Marie            Brooner                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Susan                    Rena             Crimmins                     MA in Admin Leadership

                          Joshua                  Aaron           Davis                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Scott                     R                   Donahue                      BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Eryn                      Jordan           Douglas                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Amber                  Denise          Dykes                          Bachelor of Science

                          Traci                     Lin                Egan                            BA in Admin Leadership

                          Stephanie              Leigh            Ellis                             Master of Social Work

                          Kathryn                                     Fields                           BS in Education

                          Nathan                  M                  Givens                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Courtney               T                   Isham                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Brooklin               R                   Jones                           BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Zeeshan                Amjad           Malik                           BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Amber                  Renee           McClain                       Master of Social Work

                          Bogdan                 V                  Michka                        BS in Electrical Engineering

                          Sarah                    Ashton          Morgan                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Lauren                  C                   Oven                            BA in Journalism

                          Wendy                  Marie            Pharr                            Doctor of Philosophy

                          Lacey                    Michelle        Roskam                       Master of Human Relations

                          Damon                  David            Swank                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Kathryn                Nicole           Turner                          BA in Journalism

                          Cynthia                 Pajtshiab       Vang                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Samantha              P                   Vang                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Justina                  Marie            Wallis                          Master of Human Relations

                          Paige                     Ashleigh       Wheaton                      BS in Botany

                          Jordan                   D                  Wilkinson                    BS in Computer Science



                          Lisa                       Camille         Bynoe-Rangel              Master of Human Relations

                          Evelyn                  K                  Mithlo                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Hunter                  P                   Prescott                        Bachelor of Science



                          Teanna                  R.                  Del Hierro                    Bachelor of Science

                          Gerald                   A.                 Peters                           Master of Social Work



                          Rachal                  Alexandr       Brown                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Gina                      Marie            Lohmeyer                    BS in Criminal Justice



                          Jami                      Dea               Earp                             Master of Human Relations



                          Aubrielle               Shyanne        Bailey                          BS in Education

                          Meilani                 Camille         Kaaihue                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Amanda                Lynne           Myers                          M of Library and Info Studies

                          Rachel                  L                   Rose                            BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Keana                   Murae           Swadley                       BA in Geography



                          Charis                   Nicole           Downey                       BA in Admin Leadership



                          Alexandra             V                  Bohannon                    Master of Public Admin

                          Braden                  L.                  Cook                            BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Cameron               M                  Johnston                      Juris Doctor

                          Cory                     B                   Terrell                          BS in Geology

                          Holli                     Ann              Warner                         Master of Education


                          Barbi                     Anniece        McClennen                  Juris Doctor



                          Alissa                    N.                 Ashford                       Bachelor of Science

                          Luke                     A                  Catron                          BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Maggie                  J.                   Cresswell                     Master of Human Relations

                          Ashley                  Dawn            Dickey                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Nichole                 M                  Ferron                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Nichole                 M                  Ferron                          BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Logan                   T                   Frank                           BA in Environ Sustainability

                          Cristina                 Leigh            Genzer                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Graciela                N.                 Gilland                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Ryan                     L.                  Grubis                          BS in Botany

                          Lani                      A                  Harrell                         BA in Journalism

                          Kade                     A                  Kwitowski                   Bach of Business Admin

                          Donna                   Renee           Lewis                           Master of Education

                          Crystal                  Dawn            Mcdowell                     Master of Arts

                          Morgan                 B                   Murphy                        Bachelor of Science

                          Cody                     A                  Taylor                          BS in Electrical Engineering

                          Adriana                 N                  Valtinson                     Master of Arts



                          Jennifer                 Lin                Burks                           BA in Admin Leadership

                          Robert                   A                  Clark                            Doctor of Philosophy

                          Timothy                W                  Crisp                            Bachelor of Arts in Letters

                          Julie                      Ann              Fleetwood                    Master of Social Work

                          Monica                 L                   Goodwin                      MA in International Studies

                          Lillie                     B                   Keener                         Bachelor of Science

                          Ryan                     David            King                             BA in Journalism

                          Jennifer                 R                   Russell                         Master of Human Relations

                          Cassandra             Lynn             Swatek                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Mary                     E                   Williams                      Juris Doctor


                          Aileen                   E                   Gunter                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Lindsey                 Michelle        Howe                           BS in Education

                          Alex                      Gabriel          Kenrick-Kupiec            Bachelor of Music

                          Kacie                    Ann              McKnight                     Bachelor of Arts

                          Jared                     M                  Palmer                         BS in Construction Science

                          Lauren                  N                  Petty                            BA in Admin Leadership

                          Kendra                  Mae              Root                             Master of Arts

                          Amanda                Dawn            Stout                            BS in Education

                          Elizabeth               B                   Thurman                      Bach of Business Admin



                          Kathy                    Jo                  Atchley                        M of Library and Info Studies

                          Garrett                  A                  Browning                     Bach of Business Admin

                          Payne                    L                   Veazey                        BS in Petroleum Engineering



                          Meghan                 M                  Whiting                        BA in Journalism



                          Victoria                 Karen            Ferriman                      Bachelor of Science

                          Conner                  Davis            Hobbs                          BA in Journalism

                          Stevie                    L                   Kujawa                        BS in Industrial & System Engr

                          Russell                  O'Brian         McCarty                       MA in Admin Leadership

                          Charles                 Lewis            Montgomery                MA in Admin Leadership

                          Katherine              Marie            Murphy                        Bachelor of Arts



                          Jayden                  N                  Miller                           BS in Health and Exercise Sci



                          Alexandra             Christine       Hamon                         BS in Computer Science



                          Lindsey                 A                  Balzer                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Sherri                                         Pankhurst                     Doctor of Education

                          Rylan                    N                  Russell                         Bachelor of Science



                          Frank                    Lynn             Carter                           Master of Science



                          Megan                   D                  Porter                           BA in Journalism



                          Allisha                  F                   Babinec                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Bryan                    T                   Stump                          Juris Doctor



                          Anthony                                     Warner                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Jordan                   D                  Weaver                        Bachelor of Arts

        Del City


                          Eric                       Wade            Beasley                        BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Paris                      J                    Burris                           BA in Journalism

                          Zarah                    Adrian          Cobb                            BA in Journalism

                          Henry                   Douglas        Fry                               Bachelor of Arts

                          David                    Andrew         Gruver                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Jessica                  Lauren          Hightower                    Master of Education

                          Catherine              Rose             Iwashita                       Juris Doctor

                          Justin                    Tyler             Jackson                        BS in Aerospace Engineering

                          Jennifer                 Mai               Khoh                           BA in World Cultural Studies

                          Kayla                    Dongha         Nguyen                        BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Tiffany                 Marie            Pehlke                          B of Fine Arts in Art

                          Marquita               L.                  Pritchett                       MA in Admin Leadership



                          Taylor                   J                    Garrett                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Leslie                    Le Ann          Gordineer                     Master of Education

                          Chad                                          Miller                           Bachelor of Arts

        Dill City


                          Issac                     R.                  Schneberger                 Master of Science



                          Adam                    R                   Burnett                         BA in Journalism

                          Adam                    R                   Burnett                         Bachelor of Arts in Letters



                          Martin                   S                   Ramseyer                     BA in Intl and Area Studies



                          Konnor                 R.                  Lohman                       BS in Mechanical Engineering



                          Lauren                  D                  Collins                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Bradley                 R                   Cronk                          BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Grant                    Victor           Furst                            MA in Intl Relations

                          Jennifer                 Marie            Gilbreth                       BA in Journalism

                          Arron                    Blaise            Hackler                        Bach of Business Admin

                          Morgan                 P                   Harper                         BA in Journalism

                          Toni                      Jo                  Howard                        Master of Education

                          Meredith               Whitney        McCasland                   Bachelor of Arts

                          Eric                       Alan              Morrison                      BA in Admin Leadership

                          Taylor                   Nicole           Neal                             BS in Education

                          Angela                  Christina       Riddles-Hill                 Master of Education

                          Meghan                 E                   Robinson                     Bachelor of Architecture

                          Sha 'Quan             De'Nai          Sanders                        Master of Human Relations

                          Andrew                 M                  Stewart                         Bachelor of Arts in Letters

                          Richard                 Grant            Walker                         BS in Construction Science

                          Drew                     Landon         Wiersema                     Master of Arts



                          Stephanie                                   Acosta                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Joshua                  A                  Cosgrove                     BS in Biochemistry

                          Matthew                A                  Ellis                             Bachelor of Arts

                          Tristan                  Michael         Lilley                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Tristan                  Michael         Lilley                           BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Sali                                            Mahdy                         MA in International Studies

                          Hailey                   N                  Powell                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Jackson                 K                  Stuteville                      Bachelor of Arts


                          Robbee                                      Tonubbee                     M of Library and Info Studies



                          James                    R                   Adrian                         BS in Chemical Engineering

                          Ramsey                 Talal             Aqrabawi                     Master of Arts

                          Clare                     M                  Costello                       BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Tyler                     D.                 Cotner                          BA in Admin Leadership

                          Evan                     F                   Crabtree                       BA in Geog Info Science

                          Hunter                  Lee               Crutsinger                    Bachelor of Arts

                          Denise                  Renee           Erickson                      Master of Arts

                          Jeffrey                  Scott             Gibson                         BA in Liberal Studies

                          Madeline               Paige             Giddens                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Briana                                        Gordon                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Christina               E                   Gould                          BS in Chemical Engineering

                          Ariel                     Giovanna      Greene                         BA in Admin Leadership

                          Leah                     Jordan           Hadley                         MA in Admin Leadership

                          Jessica                  Lynn             Hawkins                      MA in Admin Leadership

                          Contessa                                    Hubbard-Bass              Master of Education

                          Dmitry                                       Ionan                           BS in Computer Science

                          Rachelle                L                   Lytle                            BS in Education

                          Janet                     Lynn             Miller                           M of Library and Info Studies

                          Austin                   William         Moore                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Corie                     Ann              O'Rourke                     Juris Doctor

                          Corie                     Ann              O'Rourke                     MA in International Studies

                          Davis                    Paul              Owens                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Sarah                    Alexandr       Pennington                   Master of Human Relations

                          AnnaMarie            G                  Spencer                        BA in Liberal Studies

                          Taber                    J                    Stockstill                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Catherine              Jeanette         Wanezek                      BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Jason                    Lee               Weichbrodt                  M of Business Administration


                          Summer                B                   Batten                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Hannah                 Faisal            Behi                             Bachelor of Arts

                          Jared                     Scott             Bellingar                      M of Business Administration

                          Saba                      M                  Bingabr                        Bachelor of Science

                          Daniel                   J                    Blackwood                   BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          John                      B                   Blagg                           Bach of Business Admin

                          Madison                A                  Bower                          BS in Chemical Engineering

                          Taler                     J                    Buck                            BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Allison                  L                   Castleberry                  BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Laura                    Anne             Collins                         M of Library and Info Studies

                          Kalyn                    C                   Cossey                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Stephen                 Michael         Coy                              MA in Admin Leadership

                          Michael                 A                  Drooby                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Darrell                  Owen            Eagles                          M of Business Administration

                          Tyler                     G                  Edgin                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Elvie                     L.                  Ellis                             Master of Education

                          Adetokunbo          Sidikat          Fashanu                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Karissa                  A                  Fiebiger                        Bachelor of Science

                          Josh                      Aaron           Glancy                         M of Business Administration

                          Nathaniel              Clay              Hager                           BA in Journalism

                          Autumn                R                   Hartman                       Bachelor of Arts

                          David                    Randal          Henning                       BA in Liberal Studies

                          Alex                      F                   Holland                        BS in Geog Info Science

                          Saghi                                          Hosseini                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Fernando               Jose              Mangones                    M of Business Administration

                          Daniel                   B                   Mathis                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Carey                    M                  McCachern                  BS in Electrical Engineering

                          Justin                    Jamar            McMurry                     Bachelor of Science

                          Allison                  E                   Mee                             BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Afsana                  I                    Mili                              BS in Civil Engineering

                          Vilard                                        Mullaliu                       Juris Doctor

                          Casey                    Lee               Murray                         Bachelor of Architecture

                          Fatai                      Asiriabo        Na-Allah                      Master of Human Relations

                          Stephanie              Michelle        Neu                              Bachelor of Science

                          Jordan                   L                   Nix                              Bachelor of Arts

                          Dylan                    T                   Parmley                       BS in Computer Science

                          Jessica                  Lynn             Poindexter                   Master of Arts

                          Megan                   Kathryn        Randolph                     Master of Human Relations

                          Daniel                   J                    Rennix                         M of Business Administration

                          Daniel                   J                    Rennix                         BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Lucas                    Daniel           Reynolds                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Carson                  T                   Schatzman                   Bachelor of Arts

                          Daniel                   D                  Slief                             Bach of Business Admin

                          Kristin                   E                   Smelser                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Cassidy                 T                   Smith                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Jenna                    L                   Smith                           BA in Journalism

                          Justin                    D                  Smith                           M of Business Administration

                          Megan                   E                   Snelling                        BS in Industrial & System Engr

                          Jacob                    D                  Stein                            BA in Journalism

                          Clara                                          Thomson                      Bachelor of Science

                          Julia                      L                   Tully                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Ellie                      M                  Van Keirsbilck             BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Darcy                    Katherine      Wilborn                       M of Business Administration

                          Lorenzo                                     Wilborn                       M of Business Administration


                          Morgan                 James            Bailey                          Bachelor of Science

                          Matthan                Daniel           Beard                           M of Business Administration

                          Thomas                 James            Beierle                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Terah                    D.                 Bernardi                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Hayley                  S                   Bock                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Chelsea                 L                   Bowman                      Bachelor of Science

                          Abby                    Suzanne        Bown                           Master of Education

                          Jonathan               C                   Britton                         BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Bailey                   C                   Brown                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Bailey                   C                   Brown                          Master of Accountancy

                          Laura                    C                   Burns                           Bachelor of Arts in Letters

                          Brette                    Nichole         Butler                           M of Library and Info Studies

                          Andrew                 Albert           Chandler                      BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Andrew                 Albert           Chandler                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Alexander             W                  Craig                            Bachelor of Science

                          Benjamin              Michael         Donchin                       Bach of Business Admin

                          Benjamin              Michael         Donchin                       Master of Accountancy

                          Lauren                  M                  Eidson                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Colby                    Maxwell        Fabrie                          M of Business Administration

                          Elizabeth               E                   Fish                              Bachelor of Science

                          Scott                     A                  Galliart                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Jared                     Daniel           Glenn                           BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Jeffrey                  C                   Hendrickson                 Juris Doctor

                          Alexa                    Leann           Hodges                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Brandon                Uchenna       Ilechukwu                    Bachelor of Arts

                          Jada                      Nicole           Jackson                        Bachelor of Science

                          Jordan                   E                   Johnson                       Bachelor of Science

                          Quashon               A                  Johnson                       Master of Social Work

                          Zachary                S                   Johnson                       Bach of Business Admin

                          Joe                                             Khong                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Chang                   Young           Kim                             BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Hanna                   Arabella        Kimpel                         BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Daniel                   V                  King                             BS in Computer Engineering

                          Michelle                Catherine      Kuester                        MA in Admin Leadership

                          Chad                     J                    Larson                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Shimeka                                     Mack                           BA in Liberal Studies

                          Callie                    C                   Marrs                           Master of Social Work

                          Raquel                  E                   Mauer                          BS in Education

                          Jordan                   M.                 Murphy                        Master of Education

                          Eszter                    Kinga            Nagykaldi                    Bachelor of Science

                          Bennett                 G                  Oden                            BS in Biochemistry

                          Ankit                    H                  Patel                             Master of Science

                          Quan                     Minh             Phan                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Corbin                  Charles          Pool                             Bach of Business Admin

                          Jonathan               D                  Prewitt                         Bachelor of Science

                          Asheema                                    Pruthi                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Neil                       K                  Pruthi                           Bach of Business Admin

                          Patrick                  W                  Richardson                   BS in Computer Science

                          Jacob                    B                   Rivers                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Nicole                                        Rodriguez                    Bachelor of Science

                          Kriston                                       Ruffin                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Preston                  Scott             Schaefer                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Mallory                 D                  Shandy                        BS in Education

                          Zachary                Brendan        Sheehan                       BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Susan                                         Sheldon                       Master of Arts

                          Kenneth                Jesse             Shelton                        Master of Science

                          Talva                    L                   Shipp                           BA in Admin Leadership

                          Jacob                    Nathan          Slaff                            BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Carson                  P                   Smith                           Bach of Business Admin

                          Samuel                                       Son                              BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Kennedy               K                  Souders                        Bachelor of Science

                          Verlin                   Glenn            Stearns                         Master of Science

                          Connor                 B                   Taylor                          BS in Computer Engineering

                          Scott                     Raef              Vonbrutt                      BA in Admin Leadership

                          Wesley                  Wayne          Warner                         Master of Human Relations

                          John                      Mark             Wiggins                        BS in Biochemistry

                          Andrew                 Parker           Young                          BS in Biochemistry


                          Sarah                    Katharine      Anderson                     Bach of Business Admin

                          Brennan                Alexand        Avery                          M of Business Administration

                          Brennan                Alexand        Avery                          BS in Industrial & System Engr

                          Madalyn               Jo                  Britten                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Andrew                 Robert           Davis                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Cameron               K                  Davis                           Bach of Business Admin

                          Kadee                   A                  French                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Michael                                      Gialousis                      M of Business Administration

                          Madeline               E                   Glover                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Chase                    Ritter             Griggs                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Lauren                  Brooke          Guilfoyle                     Bachelor of Arts

                          Connor                 Austin           Hall                              Bach of Business Admin

                          Hunter                  R                   Hobbs                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Skyler                   P                   Hobbs                          BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Lucas                    S                   Holzhausen                  Bach of Business Admin

                          Christopher           Neil               Jenkins                        M of Business Administration

                          Alexandra             Nicole           Jones                           Minor Program

                          Aric                      G                  Kampschaefer              BS in Computer Science

                          Braeden                                     Lortz                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Parke                    Anthony        Metzer                         BA in Journalism

                          Caleb                    A                  Mild                             BS in Industrial & System Engr

                          Scott                     Christop        Morris                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Sonya                                        Narula                          Bachelor of Science

                          Michelle                Nicole           Owens                         BFA in Musical Theatre

                          Elizabeth               Oakley          Peters                           Bachelor of Science

                          John                      L                   Peterson                       Bach of Business Admin

                          Macey                   Christine       Reed                            Bach of Business Admin

                          Chase                    B                   Sammons                     Bachelor of Science

                          Matthew                K                  Sewell                          BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Patricia                  C.                  Simons                         Doctor of Philosophy

                          Baylor                   Preston          Spring                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Michelle                I                    Tadajewski                  Bach of Business Admin

                          Caleb                    A                  Van Horn                     Bach of Business Admin

                          Elizabeth               A                  Wells                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Christopher           Blaine           Wiedenmann                Bach of Business Admin


                          Zachary                S                   Anderson                     Bachelor of Science

                          Nicholas               D                  Ault                             Bach of Business Admin

                          Melanie                 K                  Baer                             Bachelor of Arts

                          Cannon                 M                  Balke                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Chelsea                 Leeann          Ball                              Master of Arts

                          Brandon                Robert           Bartlett                         BS in Chemical Engineering

                          Josh                      D                  Biby                             Bach of Business Admin

                          Breanna                A                  Bober                           BA in Journalism

                          Kimberly              D                  Bryant                          BS in Education

                          Tamika                 L.                  Burrough                     Graduate Certificate

                          Reid                      L                   Butler                           BA in Environ Sustainability

                          Casey                    Skylar           Callahan                      B of Fine Arts in Art

                          Nicholas               A                  Cave                            BS in Computer Engineering

                          Shaun                   N                  Chacko                        Bachelor of Science

                          Meng                                         Cheng                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Meng                                         Cheng                          BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Charles                 J                    Coker                           BS in Education

                          Chandler               Michelle        Conant                         BA in World Cultural Studies

                          Daren                    P                   Davis                           BS in Engineering Physics

                          Daren                    P                   Davis                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Brittny                  Nnedim         Dike                             Bachelor of Arts

                          Bryan                    C                   Dixon                          Juris Doctor

                          James                    Louis            Dizikes                        Doctor of Philosophy

                          Jacob                    D                  Duvall                          Bachelor of Arts in Letters

                          Melissa                 R                   Elaroua                        Juris Doctor

                          Colby                    M                  Frederick                     B of Fine Arts in Drama

                          Katherine              M                  Galloway                     Bachelor of Arts

                          Olivia                    Nicole           Gordon                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Sarah                    E                   Hall                              Master of Accountancy

                          Sarah                    E                   Hall                              Bach of Business Admin

                          Keri                      N                  Hansel                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Matthew                                     Hildebrand                   B of Fine Arts in Art

                          Rebecca                                     Hobbes                        Master of Public Admin

                          Mitchell                T                   Holliman                      Bach of Business Admin

                          Shelby                  Lyn               Javernick                     Master of Education

                          Shinyoung                                  Kim                             Bachelor of Music

                          Katelyn                 Michelle        King                             Bachelor of Arts

                          Byron                   J.                   Kirk                             Bach of Business Admin

                          Byron                   J.                   Kirk                             Bachelor of Arts

                          Justin                    Allen             Kline                            Bachelor of Science

                          Nicole                   Avery           Knox                           BS in Computer Science

                          Elizabeth               Leicht           Knudtson                     Master of Social Work

                          Gretchen               Leicht           Knudtson                     Bach of Business Admin

                          Amy                     E.                  Lewis                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Connor                 P                   Lisle                             Bach of Business Admin

                          Nina                      N                  Lopez                          Bachelor of Science

                          Avery                   B                   Marczewski                 Bach of Business Admin

                          Brandon                Matthew        McCabe                       BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Alexander             Michael         McKitrick                    Bachelor of Science

                          Arnold                                       Mitchell                       BA in Admin Leadership

                          David                    Lee               Moore                          MA in Admin Leadership

                          Mina                                          Moradi                         BS in Chemical Engineering

                          Emily                    Arlene           Owens                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Thomas                 Patrick          Owens                         BS in Chemical Engineering

                          Arden                   Paige             Pentz                            Bach of Business Admin

                          Christopher           M                  Schwab                        Bach of Business Admin

                          Christine               N                  Scott                            Bachelor of Musical Arts

                          Brooke                  Ann              Sergas                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Gabrielle               Erin               Settlemire                     Juris Doctor

                          Alyssa                   Rose             Slayton                        Master of Education

                          Marcus                  E                   Smith                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Andrew                 C                   Stewart                         Master of Science

                          Matthew                L                   Stewart                         Master of Science

                          Julie                      J                    Stockton                      Bach of Business Admin

                          Abigail                  Christine       Story                            Bach of Business Admin

                          Alexis                   Ann              Terrill                           BA in Journalism

                          Surag                                         Umakumaran               Bachelor of Science

                          Riley                     Suzanne        Wallis                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Riley                     Suzanne        Wallis                          Master of Accountancy

                          Stephanie              Renee           Ware                            BA in Admin Leadership

                          Brandon                                     Warner                         BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Tyler                     J                    Welch                          Bachelor of Arts


                          Caroline                Elizabeth       West                            Bachelor of Arts

        El Reno


                          Derrell                  Wayne          Cox                              Doctor of Philosophy

                          Joshua                  J                    Reynolds                      BS in Electrical Engineering

                          Erin                       K                  Wiewel                        BS in Education



                          Nicholas               Anthony        Boyle                           Master of Human Relations

                          Ashton                  Dane             Daily                            MA in Intl Relations

                          Gary                     Wayne          Hunsucker                   Master of Human Relations

                          Kristen                  Renee           Molloy                         Master of Human Relations

                          Ramey                  Don              Moore                          MA in Intl Relations

                          Andrew                 M.                 Simons                         MA in Intl Relations

                          Samuel                  A                  York                            Bachelor of Arts

        Elk City


                          Colter                    J                    Addington                    Bachelor of Arts

                          Tyler                     D                  Burns                           BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Niceta                   Lowry           Redd                            BA in Admin Leadership

                          Ashley                  N                  Rosentreter                  Bachelor of Architecture

                          Carissa                  L                   Snodgrass                    BS in Chemical Engineering



                          Amy                     T                   Bailey                          BS in Geology

                          Natali                                         Castellanos                  Bachelor of Arts

                          Chrissa                  S                   Johnson                       BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Amber                  Estelle           Kreps                           BS in Criminal Justice

                          Robert                   Owen            Lantz                           Master of Arts

                          Cody                     Wayne          Matal                           BS in Computer Science


                          Logan                   Wade            Burleson                      BA in Journalism

                          Heather                 D                  Catlett                          Bachelor of Science

                          Daniel                   Levi              Johnson                       BS in Computer Engineering

                          Kevin                    Christop        Kelly                            M of Business Administration

                          Kevin                    Christop        Kelly                            MS in Mgt of Information Tech

                          Matthew                Kirk              Maupin                        MA in Hist of Sci, Tech, Med

                          Elyssa                   L                   Mooney                       BS in Industrial & System Engr

                          Khiem                   Ba                 Nguyen                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Khiem                   Ba                 Nguyen                        BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Timothy                James            O'Quin                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Eric                       Michael         Pennello                       M of Music Education

                          Carly                     Rose             Potter                           Bach of Business Admin

                          Dustin                   M                  Rann                            BS in Aerospace Engineering

                          Demi                     Leigh            Stevenson                    Bachelor of Arts

                          Timothy                S                   Voss                            Bach of Business Admin

                          Timothy                S                   Voss                            Master of Accountancy

                          Abbey                   Dawn            Zuech                          Bach of Business Admin



                          Chelsea                 E.                  Burris                           MA in International Studies

                          Joseph                  Eugene          Collins                         Master of Arts

                          Jeremiah               Wayne          Cox                              BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Jeremiah               Wayne          Cox                              Bachelor of Arts

                          Audra                   Shawn           Helms                          Master of Human Relations

                          Lacades                C                   Houston                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Kristina                 M                  Wright                          Bachelor of Arts



                          Mark                     Webster        Billy                             Bachelor of Music



                          Robert                   Harris            Wells                           MA in Intl Relations

                          Robert                   Harris            Wells                           Master of Arts



                          Lindsey                 Jai                 Trippet                         Bach of Business Admin

        Fort Gibson


                          Wiley                    J                    Abbott                         BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Jonathan               Drew             Burnett                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Mark                     Evan             Burnett                         BA in Journalism

                          Ally                      C                   Burt                             B of Fine Arts in Art

                          Mycah                  A                  Higley                          B of Fine Arts in Art

                          Forrest                  M                  Kinney                         Bachelor of Arts

        Fort Sill


                          Rodney                 Christop        Edenfield                     MA in Intl Relations

        Fort Supply


                          Shawn                   R                   Hunter                         Bach of Business Admin



                          Jacqueline             Fawn             Eby                              BA in Geography



                          John                      P                   Mahoney                      Juris Doctor

                          Jennifer                 M                  Perez                            BA in Journalism



                          Jesse                     Anthony        Salas                            Bachelor of Science



                          Kailey                   A                  Houston                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Hunter                  B                   Zearley                        Bachelor of Arts



                          Alex                      Michael         Dorio                           BS in Physics

                          Collin                    A                  Duel                             BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Leland                  E                   Finn                             Master of Human Relations

                          Shane                    T                   Prescott                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Cody                     Jacob            Ray                              BS in Physics

                          Rachel                  E                   Soles                            BS in Chemical Engineering



                          LaKrisha               Noelle           Baker                           Bachelor of Arts in Letters

                          Brandon                David            Brady                           Doctor of Musical Arts

                          Eric                       Robert           Maille                          B of Fine Arts in Art

                          Kassidi                  J                    Partida                         Bachelor of Science

                          Cesia                                          Rascon                         BA in Journalism



                          Max                      W                  Angst                           BS in Meteorology



                          Justin                    K.                 Chaudhury                   Bach of Business Admin

                          Alexander             N.                 Hanna                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Stefanie                Renee           Heinrich                       Master of Education

                          Candice                Lorraine        Leinneweber                Master of Architecture

                          Michael                 T                   Lusher                         BS in Education

                          Parker                   I                    Manek                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Raegan                  Elyse             Richardson                   BA in Journalism

                          Adam                    C                   Stanley                         Master of Science

                          Haley                    Rae               Stevens                        Bachelor of Arts



                          Garrett                  B                   Jackson                        Juris Doctor



                          Hanchao                                    Cheng                          Bach of Business Admin



                          Vincel                   R                   Cordry                         BA in Journalism



                          Tanner                  Malachi         Taber                           Bach of Business Admin



                          Chase                    Landry          Phillips                         M of Regional and City Plan



                          Shane                    A                  Moody                         Bach of Business Admin



                          Meghan                 Leigh            Brave                           Master of Social Work

                          Ashley                  Nicole           Lincoln                        Master of Social Work

                          Elizabeth               M                  Moyer                          BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Renata                  Larissa          Ryan Burchfield           Master of Arts



                          Patrick                  Adrian          Campbell                     Doctor of Philosophy



                          Madison                L                   Beneda-Bender             Bachelor of Arts

                          Laura                    Lea               Chalus                         Master of Human Relations

                          Erik                       B                   Holbrook                     BS in Computer Science

                          Joseph                  A                  McGill                         BS in Computer Science

                          Dillan                    M                  Savage                         Bachelor of Arts



                          Bryce                    A                  Armstrong                    Bachelor of Science

                          Adam                    W                  Brobson                       BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Adam                    W                  Brobson                       BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Adam                    W                  Brobson                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Bliss                      Elizabeth       Brown                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Athena                                       Chatzigiannidis            Bachelor of Science

                          Christopher           S                   Dobratz                        BS in Biochemistry

                          James                                         Dobson                        Bach of Business Admin

                          Daniel                   S                   Edlin                            BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Jesse                                          Garcia                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Rebekah                Ann              Harrington                   Bachelor of Arts

                          Elizabeth               Ann              Kollaja                         Master of Human Relations

                          Matthew                M                  Long                            BS in Civil Engineering

                          Kellea                   Nicole           McGuire                      BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Kelsey                  Rae               Morrow                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Emily                    Gabrielle       O'Kelley                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Ryan                     W                  Pentecost                     BS in Education

                          Madeline               E                   Pilling                          Bachelor of Science

                          Jorge                     Luis              Saldana                        Bach of Business Admin

                          Michael                 Joseph          Sills                              Bach of Business Admin

                          Janea                    A                  Wallace                        BS in Education

                          Lori                       Ann              White                           Bachelor of Science

                          Christine               Louise           Williams                      BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Hailey                   M                  Wince                          BS in Health and Exercise Sci



                          Peter                     C                   Bell                              Bachelor of Arts

                          Jacob                    D.                 Fielder                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Christine                                    Livingstone                  Bach of Business Admin

                          Leith                     R                   Prise                             BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Nicholas               J                    Rohleder                      BS in Geology

                          Stevanie                Alene            Womble                       BS in Chemical Engineering



                          Tommy                 L                   Guthrie                        BA in Liberal Studies



                          James                    L                   Alexander                    Bachelor of Arts

                          Tyler                     Logan           Minton                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Bradley                 Lance            Pirtle                            Master of Science

                          Marta                    Therese         Stangl                           Bachelor of Science



                          Keelan                  J                    Prewett                         BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Hilary                   Kaileen         Radford                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Tia                        Rena             Redeker                       M of Business Administration

                          Jazmine                W                  Yahola                         Bachelor of Science



                          Rayna                   Lynn             Cumbie                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Kiera                     G                  Defrange                      B of Fine Arts in Art



                          Edna                     Cheryl           Ponder                         Master of Education



                          Brandon                L.                  Alt                               Bachelor of Arts

                          Shelby                  P                   Billings                        Bachelor of Science

                          James                                         Haftmann                     Master of Human Relations

                          Anthony                Gage             Hull                             Bachelor of Science

                          Diane                    V.                 Landoll                        Doctor of Philosophy

                          Jose                      Antonio        Serbia                          MA in Intl Relations

                          Ryne                     Alexand        Young                          Bach of Business Admin


                          Harold                                       Kihega                         Doctor of Philosophy


                          Sean                      Joseph          Frederick                     MA in Intl Relations


                          Michael                 P                   Cabalo                         Bachelor of Musical Arts

                          Calley                   Barrett           Campbell                     Juris Doctor

                          Michael                 Willis            Corn                            Master of Arts

                          Robert                   Thomas         Espinal                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Stefanie                Letizia           Gibson                         Master of Human Relations

                          Marcus                  A                  Gonzalez                      BA in Journalism

                          Michaela               Adelaide       Hill                              Bachelor of Arts

                          Thomas                 L                   Huerta                          BS in Computer Science

                          Noel                      Christina       Isom                            Master of Arts

                          Antoinette             Kintrel          Jackson                        Master of Human Relations

                          Jed                        S                   Johnson                       Bach of Business Admin

                          Eric                       M.                 Lehnert                        BA in Admin Leadership

                          Kelsey                  Lynn             LeMaster                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Eric                       D                  Lopez                          Bachelor of Science

                          Bryce                    S                   Naberhaus                    Bachelor of Science

                          Johnny                  Devon           O'Keeffe                      BS in Electrical Engineering

                          Kelsey                  R                   Payton                         Juris Doctor

                          Samantha              R                   Phillips                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Christopher           Brian             Stupnikov                    MA in Intl Relations

                          Kenisha                Shauntee       Tawkoyty                     BA in Liberal Studies

                          Mariah                  D                  Thomas                        BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Alexandria            C                   Vaught                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Patricia                  Francina        Williams                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Ryan                     Tyler             Wood                           BS in Electrical Engineering

                          Stewart                  Bragg            Younger-Mertz             Master of Science


                          Euvia                                         Abdullah                      Master of Human Relations

                          Ciara                     Theresa         Allen                            Master of Human Relations

                          Taylor                   D                  Anderson                     Bachelor of Arts

                          Micheal                 R                   Barnes                         Bachelor of Music

                          Amanda                                     Cavel                           BS in Computer Science

                          Sara                      K                  Collins                         Bachelor of Science

                          Matthew                J                    Cramm                         BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Sarah                    E                   Follett                          Bachelor of Architecture

                          Spencer                 W                  Follett                          BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Jordan                   E                   Hall                              Bachelor of Architecture

                          Shelbi                   Brooke          Lewark                        BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Kalyn                    R                   Norrell                         BS in Industrial & System Engr

                          Christopher           John              Tanchyk                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Hunter                  B                   Thorne                         Bachelor of Science

                          Stacie                    Venice          Wilson Mumpower       Doctor of Philosophy



                          Claire                    Lauree           Marquardt                    Master of Music



                          Sophronia                                  Buffington                   Master of Social Work



                          Emily                    E                   Cole                             Bachelor of Arts

                          Trenton                 R                   Hamm                          BS in Engineering Physics

                          Skye                     Lynn             Uhlenhake                   BA in Admin Leadership

                          Kodi                     S                   Wallace                        Master of Science



                          Jesse                     D                  Doan                            Bachelor of Arts

        Locust Grove


                          Randy                   L                   Chappelle                    Master of Human Relations

                          Autumn                                     Stafford                       Master of Human Relations

        Lone Grove


                          Shannon                Alyssa           McConnell                   Bach of Business Admin

                          Amy                     Lynn             Steele                           Master of Social Work

                          Shea                      L                   Wells                           Bachelor of Arts



                          Ciarra                    Nicole           Johnston                      BA in Admin Leadership



                          Christian               T                   Reese                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Jimmy                   Anderson      Shrum                          BS in Criminal Justice



                          Gina                      D                  Hancock                      BS in Education



                          Brendon                Dale              Davis                           BA in Liberal Studies



                          Michaela               Sheraine        Diedrich                       Bachelor of Arts



                          Calvin                   T                   Boyle                           BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Carter                    B                   Cumbie                        BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          William                 M                  Derichsweiler               Bachelor of Arts

                          Erin                       Brittany         Hampton                      Master of Arts

                          Micah                   Brent             Miller                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Mikayla                Noelle           Myskey                        B of Fine Arts in Art

                          Jessica                  A                  Raper                           Bachelor of Science

                          Colton                   T                   Snead                           Master of Human Relations

                          Leslie                    E                   Turner                          Master of Social Work



                          Katherine              M                  Harris                           BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Katherine              M                  Harris                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Kimberly              Ann              Jeans                            Bach of Business Admin

                          Jessica                  Elizabeth       McCormick                  M of Business Administration



                          Harley                   J                    Downing                      Bachelor of Arts



                          Austin                   M                  Clanton                        BS in Chemical Engineering



                          Christopher           David            Anderson                     Bachelor of Arts in Letters

                          Hannah                 G                  Jamil                            BA in Journalism

                          Hayley                  C                   Jamil                            BA in Journalism

                          Kathleen               W                  Osborn                         Juris Doctor

                          Madeline               R                   Osborn                         Bachelor of Science

                          Abigail                  M.                 Shepard                       Bachelor of Science

                          Nicholas               Lee               Shepherd                      BS in Environmental Engr

                          Jennifer                 Marie            Spillers                         Bachelor of Science

                          Brandon                J                    Talbert                         Master of Education

                          Justin                    T                   Walton                         Bach of Business Admin

        Midwest City


                          Bradley                 R                   Birchfield                     Bach of Business Admin

                          Caseley                 C                   Blankson                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Brittney                 Nicole           Coulter                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Dalaney                A                  Flies                             Bachelor of Interior Design

                          Andrew                 Scott             Frederick                     Master of Human Relations

                          Misty                    Jean              Haydel                         BA in Admin Leadership

                          Tyler                                          Helps                           BS in Electrical Engineering

                          Maya                    C.                  Johnson                       BA in Liberal Studies

                          Jessica                  E                   Ledger                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Zackarie                D                  Long                            Bachelor of Architecture

                          Alyssia                  Lynntte         McCleary                     Master of Human Relations

                          Michele                 Rae               Musgrove                     BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Dijoun                  Maire            Newman                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Mitchell                Lorenzo        Sanders                        BS in Microbiology

                          Lorraine                                     Stanley                         Bachelor of Science

                          Kathleen               N                  Taylor                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Brady                    Alexand        Todd                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Justin                    A.                 Walker                         MA in International Studies

                          Krista                    L                   Walker                         Master of Human Relations

                          Portia                    Lynn             Williams                      Master of Education

                          Lakesha                V                  Zeigler                         Master of Human Relations


                          Nya                       B                   Beasley                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Kinsey                  N                  Burnett                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Hunter                  D                  Conover                       BS in Chemical Engineering

                          Alexandria                                 Denson                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Lindsay                 Nicole           Gutierrez                      Master of Human Relations

                          Megan                   M'Lynn         Hicks                           Master of Science

                          Hannah                 B                   Homburg                     Bachelor of Science

                          Hailey                                        McGuire                      BS in Botany

                          Hailey                                        McGuire                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Ubaldo                  Santillan        Padilla                          BS in Education

                          Taymoor               M                  Pilehvar                       Juris Doctor

                          Terra                     Marie            Rogers                         Master of Social Work

                          Katharine              A.                 Steele                           BA in Environ Sustainability

                          Petya                                          Stefanoff                      Doctor of Philosophy

                          Morgan                 N                  Weatherspoon              BS in Chemical Engineering

                          Matthew                J                    Wepel                          BS in Meteorology

                          Teresa                   Lynn             Wilkerson                    Doctor of Education


                          Tonya                   Lynn             Johnson                       Bachelor of Arts

        Mill Creek


                          Kevin                    Ray               Kemper                        Master of Laws



                          David                    Colby            Addison                       Juris Doctor

                          Lori                                            Akers                           MA in Admin Leadership

                          Cole                      D                  Anglin                          Bachelor of Science

                          Lavanda                Marche'         Aponte                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Julynda                 D                  Azure                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Lukas                    D                  Babb                            Bach of Business Admin

                          Marco                   S                   Barbosa                       Bachelor of Science

                          Melissa                 Joy                Bell                              BA in Admin Leadership

                          Heather                 Lee               Bhetwal                       BA in Admin Leadership

                          Anna                     Beth              Boziane                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Kevin                    Matthew        Bunch                          MA in Admin Leadership

                          Jamal                    A                  Carter                           Bach of Business Admin

                          Tamesha               R                   Chamberlain                Bachelor of Arts

                          David                    S                   Clear                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Joel                       Geoffry         Collins                         BS in Mathematics

                          Jason                    R                   Cooley                         BS in Meteorology

                          Dontae                  Jamahl          Cooper                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Dontae                  Jamahl          Cooper                         Bachelor of Science

                          James                    Gregory        Curtin                          BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Whitney                Lee               Damm                          Bachelor of Science

                          Whitney                B                   Deangelis                     BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Ashten                  R                   Duncan                        Bachelor of Science

                          Ashley                  M                  Elms                            Bachelor of Science

                          Auston                  Lynn             English                         Master of Human Relations

                          Lacey                    Linn              Farriell                         BA in Admin Leadership

                          Jennilee                Baiza            Flores                           Master of Social Work

                          Tara                      Lynn             Flores                           MA in Admin Leadership

                          Ryan                     Daniel           Fowler                         MA in Admin Leadership

                          Jeff                                            Fultz                            BS in Geology

                          Denielle                C.                  Geyer                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Daniella                L                   Glidewell                     BA in Journalism

                          Daniella                L                   Glidewell                     Bachelor of Science

                          Clint                                           Glover                         BA in Admin Leadership

                          Monica                 Ashten          Glover                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Janna                    Leigh            Gruber                         Doctor of Philosophy

                          Virginia                 Elaine           Guthrie                        BA in Admin Leadership

                          Kimberly              Anne             Hagan                          Master of Arts

                          Daniel                   Wade            Hale                             Bachelor of Arts

                          Kirsten                  Renee           Harrison                       BA in Journalism

                          Carletta                                      Hernandez                   Bachelor of Science

                          Rachel                                       Hernandez                   BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Felicia                   M                  Hinote                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Jared                     Craig             Hopkins                       Bachelor of Architecture

                          Stephen                 J.                   Huggins                       M of Professional Writing

                          Alessandra            Nicole           Hull                             BA in Journalism

                          Nathan                  Hicks            Jackson                        BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Kelly                     Justine          Khutoryan                    Master of Human Relations

                          Marina                  K                  Knoll                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Jacob                    Austin           Lemley                        Bachelor of Interior Design

                          Nicolas                 R                   Lopez                          BS in Computer Science

                          Rebekah                Lynn             Lugo-Coffman             BA in Admin Leadership

                          Crislyn                  Sharay          McWethy                     BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Mystique               Carly             Mills                            Master of Human Relations

                          Stephen                 Christop        Moeder                        BS in Computer Science

                          Stephen                 Christop        Moeder                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Barrett                   Chance         Morgan                        Master of Science

                          Kaylee                  Christine       Morrison                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Theresa                                      Ngo                              Master of Science

                          Tracy                    Lynn             Pelley                           Bach of Business Admin

                          Neli                       V.                 Petkova                        Master of Social Work

                          Mark                     O                  Pierce                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Trent                     Michael         Pollard                         BA in Geog Info Science

                          Krista                    Kay               Pursley                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Morgannah           F                   Retherford                   Bachelor of Science

                          Conner                  O                  Reynolds                      Bach of Business Admin

                          Lauren                  E                   Reynolds                      Bach of Business Admin

                          Hiliary                  L.                  Riedmann                    Master of Science

                          Lorene                  M                  Roper                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Eric                       A                  Ross                             BS in Electrical Engineering

                          Kirsten                  Marie            Rysted                         BS in Education

                          Jennifer                 Ann              Sanders                        Master of Education

                          Jonathan               David            Sandifer                       BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Christina               Rae               Schwartz                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Phoenix                Dwayne        Scrimshaw                   Bachelor of Science

                          Vanadda               Kateri            Sermpol                       BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Twila                    Carla             Shackelford                  Master of Arts

                          Baylee                  N                  Shipman                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Billy                      Glenn            Shropshire                   Bachelor of Science

                          C. Justin                Russell          Smith                           Master of Science

                          Michelle                Kirsten          Teichman                     Bachelor of Arts

                          Stephen                 Michael         Therrien                       BA in Liberal Studies

                          Joshua                  Joseph          Tilse                             Master of Human Relations

                          Alexia                                        Urzua                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Reynaldo                                   Vasquez                       BS in Criminal Justice

                          Robin                    Rene             Villarreal                      Doctor of Philosophy

                          Cathy                    Arlene           Wahkinney                  Graduate Certificate

                          Amanda                Allene           Warren Marshall          Master of Arts

                          Natalie                  Laine            Wells                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Margaret               McKee          Willetts                        Master of Arts

                          Chelsea                 E                   Williams                      BS in Aerospace Engineering

                          Sarah                    Elizabeth       Worden                        Master of Education

                          Sarah                    Jo                  Zeinalpour                   BS in Architectural Engr


                          Cody                     J                    Carpenter                     Bachelor of Arts

                          Dawid                   Adam            Grzybowski                 MA in Admin Leadership

                          Stephen                 C                   Hartman                       B of Music Education

                          Meo                      Le                 Huynh                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Rachel                  J                    Maxwell                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Christopher           Eugene          Schultingkemper          MA in Admin Leadership



                          Cassidy                 Allen             Smith                           Master of Arts



                          David                    J                    Crosslin                       BS in Chemical Engineering



                          Callie                    Marie            Alwardt                        BS in Education

                          Melissa                 Jayne            Bennett                        BS in Geology



                          Amanda                Renee           Shackelford                  Master of Social Work



                          Colby                    D.                 Brown                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Lacey                    Jo                  Matthews                     Bachelor of Arts

                          Neel                      Pankaj           Naik                             BS in Biochemistry


                          Sofia                                          Buscarini                     Bachelor of Science

                          Clark                     G                  Gilford                         BS in Psychology

                          James                    D                  Hall                              Juris Doctor

                          James                    D                  Hall                              Master of Public Admin

                          Jordan                   Michael         Hitt                              Bachelor of Arts

                          Mary                     Grace            Keck                            Master of Music

                          Celena                                       Lusk                            Master of Social Work

                          Benjamin              Eli                 Luton                           BA in Journalism

                          Danielle                E.                  Murphy                        BS in Education

                          Judy                      Carol             Paden                           Master of Social Work

                          Austin                   J                    Wallace                        Bachelor of Arts in Letters



                          Kylie                     R                   Bolton                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Kandace                A                  Conner                         Bachelor of Science

                          Colin                     N                  Dunham                       Master of Human Relations

                          Andrew                 John              Graham                        BS in Criminal Justice

                          Dillon                   K                  Hoops                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Shelly                   Lynn             Jarvis                           Master of Human Relations

                          Evalyne                Mumbi          Kamau                         Master of Human Relations

                          Melodie                Joy                Lance                           BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Monika                 Martha          Lutz                             MA in Admin Leadership

                          Jacob                    Tyler             Mangus                        BS in Criminal Justice

                          Derek                    Scott             Mc Corkle                    BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Shaylee                 Louara          Narvaiz                        BS in Criminal Justice

                          Kristy                    Chiang          Truong                         BA in Journalism

                          Dakota                  S                   Webster                       Bach of Business Admin

                          David                    Ross              Wells                           BA in Admin Leadership



                          Steven                   M.                 Dowding                      BS in Industrial & System Engr

                          Heather                 Jean              Hodges                        Master of Human Relations

                          Tommy                 Joe                Holbrook                     Master of Arts

                          Elizabeth               C                   Hurd                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Lauren                  R                   Jackson                        BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Kendra                  J                    Kinnamon                    Bachelor of Arts

                          Seth                      N                  Lain                             Bachelor of Arts

                          Skye                     Josephine      Reed                            Bachelor of Science

                          Jeffrey                  Burral           Robb                            BS in Criminal Justice

                          Heather                 J                    Summers                      BA in Liberal Studies

                          Jared                     Paul              Zettl                             Bach of Business Admin



                          Nicholas               Adam            Hamilton                      BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Benjamin              J.                   Lee                              Bachelor of Science

                          Jennifer                 L                   Lewis                           Juris Doctor

                          Angelina               S                   Morrison                      BS in Criminal Justice

                          Ashley                  Morgan         Ray                              Bach of Business Admin

                          Richard                 M                  Self                              BS in Criminal Justice

                          Brandon                L                   Tucker                         Bachelor of Science

                          Lauren                  K                  Votaw                          Bachelor of Arts



                          Megan                                        Schieber                       BS in Education

        Nichols Hills


                          Caroline                Jane              Blakley                        Bachelor of Science

                          Nicholas               Michael         Coffey                         Juris Doctor

                          Anna                     Elizabeth       Denner                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Tanner                  Davis            Hanstein                      Bach of Business Admin

                          Sally                     E                   Harper                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Laura                    L                   Joullian                        BS in Education

                          David                    W                  Krahl                           Bach of Business Admin

                          David                    W                  Krahl                           Master of Accountancy

                          Nicole                   K                  Lardner                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Nicole                   K                  Lardner                        Bachelor of Science

                          William                 Jordan           Myers                          Master of Science

                          Nicholas               J                    Pierson                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Carly                     E                   Segell                           B of Fine Arts in Dance

                          Camden                M                  Tharp                           Bach of Business Admin

                          Bonnie                  Joanna          Tibbs                           BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Bonnie                  Joanna          Tibbs                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Joe                        G                  Wolfe                          Bach of Business Admin


                          Katherine              C                   Boecking                     Bachelor of Arts

                          Michael                 D                  Dunham                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Caroline                A                  Franklin                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Joshua                  L                   Hogsett                        Bachelor of Architecture

        Nicoma Park


                          Donna                   W.                 Aaron                          Master of Science



                          Kory                     K                  Pearcy                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Tanner                  S                   Tibbetts                        BS in Environmental Science



                          Jenica                   M                  Bachman                      BA in Admin Leadership

                          Tina                      Michelle        Barber                          Master of Education

                          Courtnie                Dawn            Chaney                        Master of Science

                          Kathryn                L                   Davis                           BS in Chemical Engineering

                          Kenneth                E                   Frantz                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Justin                    T                   Fulks                            Bachelor of Science

                          Joshua                  H                  Henson                        BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Lynze                   M                  Jones                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Whitney                Veronica       Kenedy                        Master of Social Work

                          Bethany                M                  Lee                              Bachelor of Arts

                          Terra                     Marina          Long                            Master of Human Relations

                          Melissa                 Nicole           McBride                       Bachelor of Arts

                          James                                         Morgan                        Master of Education

                          Troy                      Alan Cole      Southard                      BS in Engineering Physics

                          Whitney                Antia             Wallace                        Master of Social Work

                          Jamie                    Leann           Woodrow                     Bachelor of Arts



                          Jason                    Scott             Camacho                      Bachelor of Arts


                          Riley                     E                   Baum                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Dovie                    Helen            Bowles                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Steven                   Paul              Bozell                          BS in Chemical Engineering

                          Lacy                     Jo                  Burgess-Cady               Doctor of Philosophy

                          Daniel                   O                  Castro                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Jason                    Andrew         Caveny                        Bachelor of Architecture

                          Amber                  D                  Champlin                     Bachelor of Arts

                          Jane                      Anne             Ciorba                          Master of Education

                          Casimer                J                    Ciulla                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Megan                   Agent            Curry                           Master of Education

                          Sherry                   C.                  Gibson                         BA in Admin Leadership

                          Brandon                Thomas         Goodman                     BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Zachary                A                  Haley                           Bach of Business Admin

                          Michael                 Jacob            Hayes                          Master of Science

                          Emily                    Fern              Jones                           BA in Journalism

                          Peter                     C.                  Laws                            M of Regional and City Plan

                          Joshua                  Aaron           Lorenzen                      Master of Human Relations

                          Gene                     Michael         Mask                            MS in Natl Gas Engr and Mgt

                          Calandra               S                   McCool                        MA in Hist of Sci, Tech, Med

                          Joseph                  Allen             Neely                           BA in Admin Leadership

                          Parker                   B.                  Pennington                   BA in Geog Info Science

                          Erik                       E.                  Petrich                         Doctor of Philosophy

                          Hannah                 Jo                  Plumlee                        B of Fine Arts in Art

                          Mary                     E                   Roberts                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Jack                      Andrew         Smies                           Master of Human Relations

                          Justin                    M                  Swink                          BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Katherine              J                    Trent                            Master of Public Admin

                          Daniel                   M.                 Weksler                       BA in Admin Leadership

                          Emily                    E                   Wellborn                      BS in Industrial & System Engr

                          Emily                    E                   Wellborn                      M of Business Administration

                          Dedra                    D.                 Williams                      Master of Human Relations


                          Deborah                Kaye             Abel                             Master of Human Relations

                          Lindsay                 Michelle        Alca                             Master of Education

                          Aaron                   R                   Allred                          BS in Aerospace Engineering

                          Connor                 S.                  Anderson                     Master of Education

                          Tristianne              Brianne         Asbury                         MA in Admin Leadership

                          Katelyn                 E                   Baker                           B of Fine Arts in Art

                          Jonathan               W                  Barr                             Juris Doctor

                          Brian                     Robert           Barringer                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Kraig                                          Bartel                           MA in Hist of Sci, Tech, Med

                          Cody                     Tucker          Bevel                           Bach of Business Admin

                          Kristin                   E                   Black                           Bachelor of Arts in Letters

                          Roger                    Dee               Blackwood                   Graduate Certificate

                          Roger                    Dee               Blackwood                   MS in Mgt Information Systems

                          Roger                    Dee               Blackwood                   MS in Mgt of Information Tech

                          Wesley                  Warren          Blohm                          BS in Chemical Engineering

                          Ryan                     Post               Boyce                          BA in Journalism

                          Dalton                   F                   Brandon                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Corey                    Lavelle          Brewer                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Marisa                   Danielle        Brumfield                    BA in Environ Sustainability

                          Matthew                                     Caire                            Doctor of Philosophy

                          Ashley                  Nichole         Callahan                      BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Emily                    J                    Campbell                     BA in Environ Sustainability

                          Lauren                  Taylor           Canaan                        Master of Education

                          Brian                     Todd             Candelaria                   Master of Legal Studies

                          Murphy                 Elizabeth       Cassel                          BS in Geophysics

                          Scott                     Thomas         Casso                           Bachelor of Science

                          Domonick             M                  Cavallo                        Bach of Business Admin

                          Carmen                 R                   Chilson                        BS in Computer Science

                          Lezlie                    Sparks           Christian                      M of Professional Writing

                          Coree                    A                  Clinton                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Dustin                   P.                  Clouse                         BS in Astrophysics

                          Kirsten                  Ann-             Collins                         BS in Computer Engineering

                          Stephanie              Renee           Cook                            Master of Science

                          Cory                     Higby            Copeland                     Master of Arts

                          Jonathan               T                   Coroiu                         BA in Environ Sustainability

                          Misty                                         Crain Engelbrecht         Doctor of Philosophy

                          Zachary                Colin             Daniels                        Master of Music

                          Katherine              Elizabeth       DeLess                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Jeffery                  Russell          Dittenber                      BS in Mathematics

                          Foster                    E                   Dobry                          Juris Doctor

                          Meghann               Rother           Dragseth                      Doctor of Philosophy

                          Kevin                    Alan              Easley                          Juris Doctor

                          Sarah                    A                  El Fouly                       Bach of Business Admin

                          Shams El-Din                             El-Fouly                       BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Jessica                  Blake            Farris                           Master of Education

                          Neil                       M.                 Forman                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Kourtney               Mychell        Fox                              BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Michael                 Wayne          Giesecke                      M of Business Administration

                          Lauren                  A                  Gomez                         Juris Doctor

                          Lauren                  A                  Gomez                         Master of Arts

                          Kelli                      B                   Goode                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Laura                    Melissa         Grotheer                      M of Library and Info Studies

                          Nicholas               L                   Hardersen                    BA in Environ Sustainability

                          Jessica                  Leigh            Hernandez                   Master of Social Work

                          Eric                       Vance           Hinson                         BA in Admin Leadership

                          Morgan                 L.                  Hoover                        BA in Journalism

                          Diana                                         Hoyos Valdes               Doctor of Philosophy

                          Jayce                    T                   Hudiburg                     Bach of Business Admin

                          Hilary                   Ann              Hudson                        Juris Doctor

                          Emma                   Marie            Jahnke                         Master of Social Work

                          Michael                 David            Jansing                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Bryce                    Alexand        Johnson                       Bach of Business Admin

                          Derrick                 Michael         Jones                           Bachelor of Science

                          Dylan                    Renae           Keller                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Devin                    N                  Kemper                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Andrew                 David            Kooiman                      Master of Science

                          Grant                    S                   Ladner                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Belinda                 Danielle        Legare                          Master of Human Relations

                          Melissa                                      Llanas                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Hannah                 R                   Lobban                        BS in Industrial & System Engr

                          Breanna                K                  Martin                          Master of Education

                          Gloria                   Luz               Martinez                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Luis                      Daniel           Martinez                      BA in Journalism

                          Brittany                 Marie            Mays                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Michael                 C                   Mc Kay                        Bachelor of Science

                          Vanessa                Mireille         McKinzey                    Bachelor of Science

                          Joshua                  Caleb            Mills                            M of Arts in Art History

                          Jorge                     A                  Morales                        Master of Science

                          Daniel                   Bennett         Moskowitz                   Juris Doctor

                          Christopher           David            Mueller                        BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Charles                 Francis          Neal                             BS in Geology

                          Michelle                K                  Nehrenz                       BA in Journalism

                          Amanda                Dawn            Nelson                         Master of Arts

                          Kyle                      Bradley         Pedersen                      Master of Education

                          Michelle                D                  Poteet                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Annette                 Desiree         Price                            Master of Education

                          Jennifer                 B                   Puckett                         Master of Arts

                          Ryan                     Scott             Rachal                         Master of Education

                          Olivia                    M                  Raiber                          BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Ryan                     Anthony        Remillard                     Bach of Business Admin

                          Michael                 Christop        Roberts                        Bach of Business Admin

                          Katherine              Ellen             Rott                              M of Professional Writing

                          Caitlin                                        Royse                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Joseph                  William         Ruel                             Bachelor of Science

                          Sunny                   Lynn             Russell                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Jeremy                  Steven           Salyer                          Bachelor of Science

                          Amber                  Christy          Sarmiento                    Master of Architecture

                          LaRee                   Nichole         Saunders                      MA in Admin Leadership

                          Katharine              L                   Schaaf                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Jonathan               E                   Schwing                       BS in Geology

                          Kassandra                                  Segura Morales            Bachelor of Arts

                          Navid                                         Shafaie                        BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Debra                    Jean              Shell                            Graduate Certificate

                          Debra                    Jean              Shell                            Master of Human Relations

                          David                    Michael         Slemmons                    Bachelor of Science

                          Moriah                  B                   Stephenson                  Master of Arts

                          Natalie                  Elizabeth       Stewart                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Tyler                     Ray               Sublett                         BS in Construction Science

                          Thomas                 Willis            Taylor                          Master of Arts

                          Bo                                              Teichman                     Bachelor of Arts

                          Lisa                       M                  Torneten                      Juris Doctor

                          Paul                      Andrew         Townsend                    Bachelor of Arts

                          Solomon               G                  Tsegay                         BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Bobbi                    Jean              Van Gilder                   Doctor of Philosophy

                          Amy                     Michele         Vanderburg                  BS in Education

                          Daniel                   Keith             Varnell                         Master of Education

                          Laura                    Lynne           Vaughn                        Graduate Certificate

                          Joshua                  Aaron           Villatoro                      BS in Mathematics

                          Lisa                       Ann              Wagoner                      Master of Education

                          Corey                    M.                 Walker                         M of Business Administration

                          Tillier                    Micah           Wesley                         M of Fine Arts in Art

                          Taylor                   Warren          Wilkerson                    Bachelor of Arts

                          Wayne                  Allen             Williams                      BS in Geography

                          Braxton                 M.                 Wright                          Bachelor of Science

                          Audra                   Elizabeth       Yenny                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Weijia                                        Zhou                            Master of Music


                          Wanda                                       Damato                        BS in Criminal Justice

                          Joseph                  E                   D'Amato                      BA in Journalism

                          Chantel                 Marie            Leiker                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Jeromi                   Wayne          Sloat                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Autena                                       Torbati                         Bachelor of Arts


                          Zereen                  Yousify         Abdullah                      BA in Admin Leadership

                          Sara                      C.                  Adams                         Master of Education

                          Herita                    Tifu              Akamah                       Doctor of Philosophy

                          Christian               D                  Allen                            Bachelor of Arts

                          David                    Ray               Allen                            Master of Education

                          Douye                   T                   Allison                         BS in Architectural Engr

                          Chase                    N.                 Angier                          BS in Civil Engineering

                          Julie                      Danielle        Atwood                        Master of Education

                          Marla                    A                  Bailey                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Eric                       James            Bares                           BS in Chemistry

                          Shiva                                         Basnet                          Master of Science

                          William                 T                   Baumann                     BA in Geog Info Science

                          Erin                       Morgan         Baxter                          Master of Education

                          Jordan                   Alan              Bentley                        Bach of Business Admin

                          Justin                    M                  Benzinger                    Bachelor of Arts

                          David                    Lee               Bird                             Master of Education

                          Lauren                  E                   Black                           BA in Environ Sustainability

                          Cameron               Alexand        Bost                             BS in Computer Science

                          Ryan                     A                  Bott                              BA in Information Studies

                          Lindsay                 Michelle        Boyd                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Christopher           J                    Bradford                      BS in Computer Science

                          Bria                       R                   Brehm                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Nicholas               Mark             Briggs                          Doctor of Philosophy

                          Brandi                   L                   Brooks                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Brittani                  Nicole           Brown                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Michael                 Lawrence      Brown                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Christopher           Michael         Brydges                       Master of Arts

                          Davina                  Dawn            Caddell                        Minor Program

                          Laura                    Elise              Carlin                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Maria                                         Carpio-Parra                Doctor of Philosophy

                          Nicholas               Jesse             Carter                           B of Fine Arts in Art

                          Carlos                   Patricio         Carvajal                       Master of Science

                          Elysabeth              Makena         Casiano                        BA in Journalism

                          Nicholas               I                    Cejda                           BS in Botany

                          Tayler                   Brittany         Chambers                    Master of Education

                          Jefferson               Castillo         Chang                          Doctor of Philosophy

                          David                    J.                   Colbert                         Bachelor of Science

                          Katherine              A                  Combs                         B of Fine Arts in Drama

                          Bryce                    Z                   Cornet                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Ester                     Emanuela      Costa                           BS in Chemical Engineering

                          Stefanie                Renee           Cox                              Bachelor of Arts

                          Anna-Rose                                 Cozad                          M of Library and Info Studies

                          Hilary                   Anne             Cranford                      B of Fine Arts in Art

                          Bailey                   E                   Crawford                     Bach of Business Admin

                          Cassandra             Renee           Cross                           Doctor of Philosophy

                          Craigery                Bryant           Cruzan                         Doctor of Philosophy

                          Billy                                           Culver                          Doctor of Philosophy

                          Charlsie                Rose             Cunningham                Bachelor of Arts

                          John                      C                   Curtis                           Juris Doctor

                          Julie                      Anne             Dahlgren                      M of Library and Info Studies

                          Geneva                 Ann              Daniel                          Master of Human Relations

                          Sara                      T                   Davenport                    Bachelor of Science

                          Ethan                    Kyle              Davis                           Master of Education

                          Karie                     Lorraine        Davis                           BA in Environ Sustainability

                          Joshua                  Robert           De Bartolo                   Master of Human Relations

                          Alexander             S                   Dean                            Master of Education

                          Dalton                   James            DeGiacomo                  Bachelor of Arts

                          Molly                    Elizabeth       Dettmann                     M of Library and Info Studies

                          Jaclyn                   L                   Doak                            M of Business Administration

                          Jaclyn                   L                   Doak                            Juris Doctor

                          Jared                     Lynn             Dopp                           BS in Chemical Engineering

                          Margaret               J                    Dowdy                         Juris Doctor

                          Evan                     Timothy        Drake                           BS in Education

                          Brittney                 N                  Ducre                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Brandon                L                   Dunagan                      BS in Environmental Engr

                          Nicholas               Fredrick        Duncan                        BS in Civil Engineering

                          Rhonda                 Michelle        Ehrhardt                       BA in Liberal Studies

                          Kendall                 Eric               Elliott                           Master of Science

                          Christopher           M                  Ellis                             Bach of Business Admin

                          Katie                     Leah             Emmons                      Master of Human Relations

                          Sarah                    Ann              Engster                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Alex                      Olson            Eschbach                     Bachelor of Arts

                          Matt                      Neal              Farley                          M of Business Administration

                          Gregory                Michael         Fewell                          BA in Journalism

                          Nathaniel              Barrett           Fite                              Juris Doctor

                          Aaron                   L                   Fournier                       Bach of Business Admin

                          Curtis                    Frederick      Foxley                         Master of Arts

                          Daniel                                        Franklin                       Juris Doctor

                          Brett                      A                  Frantz                          Master of Education

                          Rachel                  M                  Frazier                         BS in Meteorology

                          Kerry                    Dewayn        Friesen                         Master of Education

                          Angela                  Kay               Fugate                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Brooke                  Nicole           Garner                         BA in Journalism

                          Krystal                  Kay               Gayler                          Master of Science

                          Carly                     E                   Godwin                        BS in Botany

                          Filoteo                                       Gómez Martínez           BA in Geography

                          Erika                     L                   Graham                        Bach of Business Admin

                          Meghan                 Elizabeth       Gregg                           Master of Arts

                          Krissy                   L                   Griffin                         BS in Criminal Justice

                          Miriam                  E                   Hardin                         Bachelor of Science

                          Sean                      Micheal         Hardrick                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Dominique            De She'         Harris                           BS in Construction Science

                          Dominique            De She'         Harris                           Bach of Business Admin

                          Joseph                  Lamar           Harris                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Jacob                    Dillon           Henderson                   Doctor of Philosophy

                          Taylor                   Dallas           Hensley                       BS in Construction Science

                          Nathan                                       Herrera                        BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Morgan                 D                  Hook                           Master of Education

                          Loren                    J                    Hov                             MA in Appl Linguistic Anthro

                          Bradley                 Glen              Illston                          Doctor of Philosophy

                          Grant                    Christian       Inman                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Quincella              R                   Ivy                               Master of Human Relations

                          Taylor                   Emily            Jackson                        Master of Education

                          Heyle                    Nikole           Jacobson                      Bachelor of Science

                          Stephanie              A                  Jangha                         Bachelor of Science

                          Jessica                  Lynn             Johnson                       Master of Human Relations

                          Ivan                      Lee               Jones                           Bach of Business Admin

                          Kang                                          Kang                            BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Alice                     Marie            Kassanavoid                 Master of Legal Studies

                          Sakee                                         Kawsar                        Master of Science

                          Shannon                L                   Kelley                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Tosha                    Leanne          King                             Master of Human Relations

                          Angelica               N                  Klontz                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Kellie                    L.                  Knolles                        Master of Education

                          Karolina                J                    Koziol                          Bachelor of Science

                          Vanessa                Lee               La Grange                    Master of Arts

                          Julie                      Anne             Labar                           Doctor of Philosophy

                          Jennifer                 K                  Lane                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Lurleen                 Dawn            Lashway-Grant             Bachelor of Arts

                          Taiye                                         Lawrence                     Bach of Business Admin

                          Johnathon             R                   Loera                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Caroline                A                  Lott                              Bachelor of Arts

                          Megan                   Nicole           Lottie                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Chelsea                 Leann           Love                            Master of Education

                          Hilary                   E                   Lowery                        Bachelor of Music

                          Nikolaus               Anton           Luetkemeyer                Master of Science

                          Tanner                                       Lund                            MS in Mgt Information Systems

                          Wenyuan                                   Luo                              BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Gabriel                  Huey             Lynn                            Master of Human Relations

                          Christopher           Ryan             Marks                          Doctor of Philosophy

                          Wendy                  Michele         Martin                          Doctor of Philosophy

                          Jeremy                  Alan              Massengale                  Master of Science

                          Melissa                                      Maxey                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Aaron                   C                   McBreen                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Lance                    L                   Mcdowell                     BS in Engineering Physics

                          Anthony                                     McGaughey                 Master of Science

                          Jeremiah               George          McKinley                     Bachelor of Arts

                          Jennifer                 A.                 Miller                           M of Regional and City Plan

                          Lauren                  Camille         Mitcham                      Juris Doctor

                          Jennifer                 Shereen         Mohammad                  Bachelor of Arts

                          Jose                      A                  Morales                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Elizabeth               Mary             Nalewajk                     Master of Arts

                          Robert                   C.                  Nash                            Master of Education

                          Robert                   Chad             Nelson                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Alexander             K                  Newell                         BS in Civil Engineering

                          Gabriel                  U                  Njoku                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Tiffany                 S                   Noble                           Juris Doctor

                          Rajeev Lochan                           Nukala                         Master of Science

                          Kaylee                  Suzanne        Odom                          Master of Arts

                          Ifeyinka                Bodunrin       Oladipo                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Ryland                  A                  Oliver                          BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Phuong                 Huynh          O'Steen                        Bachelor of Interior Design

                          Stephen                 Charles         Patton                          BA in Environ Sustainability

                          Nicole                   Renee           Pearce                          Master of Education

                          Camilo                  A.                 Pena                             Master of Architecture

                          Andy                    N                  Pham                           BS in Computer Science

                          Michael                 Robert           Pierson                         M of Library and Info Studies

                          Kyle                      Trent             Podrecca                      Master of Arts

                          Grant                    A                  Powell                          BA in Journalism

                          Samantha              Malia            Powell                          Master of Science

                          Olen                      W                  Pratt                             Bach of Business Admin

                          William                 K                  Puckett                         Bachelor of Arts in Letters

                          Dominique            Christop        Quezada                       BS in Computer Engineering

                          Katherine              G                  Raadschelders              BS in Education

                          Meherzad                                   Rahimi                         BS in Biochemistry

                          Bronson                Hunter          Richardson                   Bachelor of Science

                          Christopher           L                   Richardson                   Bachelor of Arts

                          Robin                    Laurie           Riser                            BS in Criminal Justice

                          Andrew                 Lampert        Rocha                          BS in Chemical Engineering

                          Susana                  Araceli          Rodriguez                    Master of Science

                          Ariel                     K                  Roper                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Andrew                 Philip            Rowley                        Master of Public Admin

                          Jennifer                 Elaine           Rowley                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Dana                     Khalid           Saeed                           BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Jacqueline             Kathleen       Schlasner                     M of Professional Writing

                          Valerie                  M                  Senkowski                   Master of Science

                          Connor                 Andrew         Sharp                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Joanna                  Elizabeth       Shaw                            Master of Arts

                          Jessica                                       Shinabery                     Bach of Business Admin

                          Paul                      William         Shook                          BA in Admin Leadership

                          Wajeeha                                     Siddiqui                       BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Benjamin              Douglas        Smith                           Master of Education

                          Lyndsey                N                  Smith                           Master of Education

                          Robert                   D                  Smith                           Bachelor of Arts in Letters

                          Julia                      E.                  Spires                           Master of Arts

                          John                      Alan              Stacy                            BS in Chemical Engineering

                          Miranda                L.                  Stanford                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Michael                 A                  Stedman                       Bachelor of Science

                          Kelsey                  Kaitlyn          Stevens                        Bach of Business Admin

                          Jon                        Douglas        Stone                           BS in Aerospace Engineering

                          Derek                    Ray               Stratman                      Doctor of Philosophy

                          Shaida                   Arianna         Tabrizi                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Abdelaziz             Kamal           Taylakh                       BS in Industrial & System Engr

                          Michael                 Robert           Taylor                          Master of Arts

                          Matthew                Walter           Tempelmeyer               Minor Program

                          Amanda                D                  Terrill                           BS in Education

                          David                    J                    Thomas                        BS in Botany

                          Dillan                    M                  Thrasher                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Heath                    Jamieson       Tims                            BS in Geog Info Science

                          Amber                  Marie            Trotter                          B of Fine Arts in Drama

                          Johnson                V                  Truong                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Elizabeth               Ann              Tucker                         Doctor of Philosophy

                          Troy                                           Tumberlinson               Bachelor of Arts

                          Elyar                                          Tursun                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Derek                    P                   Tylka                           BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Udomekong          Nskitima       Udoko                         M of Regional and City Plan

                          Arielle                   Estelle           Vaverka                       M of Library and Info Studies

                          Alexander             V                  Vavouyios                   BS in Chemical Engineering

                          Anthony                G                  Vogt                             Master of Education

                          Jacob                    Blake            Wallace                        Bach of Business Admin

                          Brittany                 M.                 Wanner                        Bach of Business Admin

                          Brianna                 Kay               Waters                         Master of Social Work

                          Emma                   Theresa         Weaver                        BA in Journalism

                          Amanda                Cherie           White                           BS in Education

                          Elizabeth               E                   Wilson                         BS in Education

                          Brenda                  Allison          Witt                              Master of Science

                          Alice                     Mary             Woodford                    Doctor of Philosophy

                          Miranda                Mallory         Wright                          BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Sheila                    Lavon           Wright                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Jiani                                           Wu                               Bach of Business Admin


                          Necole                  C                   Aflleje                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Mian                     U                  Ali                               Bachelor of Science

                          Brian                     Andrew         Alikhani                       BS in Botany

                          Rafeef                   Namuq          Al-Sammarraie             Master of Science

                          Mobeena               A                  Amil                            Bachelor of Science

                          Oderay                  Del                Andrade Eljuri              Master of Science

                          Nicole                   S                   Antonio                       BS in Industrial & System Engr

                          Kelsey                  Nicole           Appleby                       M of Music Education

                          Jon                        Braden          Armstrong                    BS in Environmental Engr

                          Hannah                 K                  Austin                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Elizabeth                                    Babiarz                        Master of Accountancy

                          Kaitlin                   Taylor           Bacon                          BS in Botany

                          Theresa                 Lynn             Balan                           Master of Education

                          Ryan                     Lloyd            Barrett                          BA in Journalism

                          Jacob                    S                   Bass                             BS in Aerospace Engineering

                          Patrick                  M                  Bass                             BS in Petroleum Engineering

                          Allison                  R.                  Baxter                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Jeremy                  Brian             Beddo                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Sarah                    Michelle        Bess                             Master of Arts

                          Gabriel                  Matthew        Bonzie                         BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Brittany                 N                  Boren                           BA in Environ Sustainability

                          Jana                      D                  Boyd                            B of Fine Arts in Drama

                          Cari                       Jeane            Brady                           BA in Journalism

                          Kayla                    La Rae          Brandt                          BA in Environ Sustainability

                          Michael                 G                  Brigance                      B of Fine Arts in Drama

                          Christy                  Dawn            Britton                         BS in Criminal Justice

                          Brenden                M                  Brown                          BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Chase                    Alan              Brown                          Master of Science

                          Garrett                  J                    Callen                          BS in Electrical Engineering

                          Angie                    Marie            Calton                          Master of Education

                          Yicheng                                     Cao                              Bachelor of Arts

                          Sarah                    K                  Capps                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Emily                    E                   Cara                             M of Professional Writing

                          Lauren                  T                   Carl                              Bachelor of Arts

                          Benjamin              Paul              Carlson                        Doctor of Philosophy

                          Brandon                David            Carson                         BS in Engineering Physics

                          Grace                    M                  Castillo                        BS in Education

                          Julie                                           Chagouri                      Bachelor of Science

                          Keegan                 A                  Clark                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Catina                   Mae              Cleek                           BS in Education

                          Catina                   Mae              Cleek                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Maria                    R                   Collado                        Master of Science

                          Wesley                  D                  Coonradt                      BS in Mathematics

                          Zachary                S                   Cooper                         Juris Doctor

                          Timothy                M                  Corbly                         BS in Engineering Physics

                          Jerrmal                  Rashad          Corpening                    BS in Civil Engineering

                          Tammy                 Lynn             Crownover                   BA in Admin Leadership

                          Jacob                    Riley             Daniel                          Juris Doctor

                          Sydney                 B                   Darling                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Indigo                   D                  Deberry                       Bachelor of Science

                          Jasmine                 N                  Denton                         Bachelor of Science

                          David                    Walker          Dillingham                   BA in Environ Sustainability

                          Joshua                  Na'andom     Ditep                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Sara                      L                   Dyer                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Charles                 Alexand        Earley                          Juris Doctor

                          Delaney                S                   Edwards                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Cassie                   Shay             Ehardt                          Master of Science

                          Jaquelyn               Nicole           Ekern                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Joshua                  C.                  Ellenburg                     BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Kathrine                A                  Estes                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Miriel                                         Etheridge                     Bachelor of Arts

                          Sarah                    Elizabeth       Ex                                BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Emily                    Ann              Favors                          BA in Admin Leadership

                          Katherine              B                   Fiddler                         BA in Environ Sustainability

                          Lisa                       Mae              Fiedler                         BA in Environ Sustainability

                          Priya                     Madison        Filinto                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Josiah                   M                  Flaming                        Bachelor of Science

                          Nicole                   T                   Forte                            BA in Journalism

                          Amahni                 K                  Fritz                             Bachelor of Arts

                          Meghan                 Nachole        Frizzell                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Daniel                   C                   Fryar                            Master of Education

                          Emily                    Elizabeth       Fuhr                             Bachelor of Interior Design

                          Melinda                June              Fuson                           Additional Major Program

                          Melinda                June              Fuson                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Brandon                Keith             Galusha                       BA in Journalism

                          Derek                    Raul              Garcia                          Master of Science

                          Cassidy                 E                   Gardner                       Bach of Business Admin

                          John                      Austin           Garrison                       BS in Computer Science

                          Peyton                  John              Gavras                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Debra                    L.                  Gentis                          BA in Liberal Studies

                          Clayton                 Forrest          Gibson                         Bachelor of Science

                          Sandro                                       Gomarteli                     Bachelor of Arts

                          Steven                   David            Gomez                         Doctor of Philosophy

                          Emilie                                        Gordon                        Master of Education

                          Andrea                  Robyn           Gough                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Lindsay                 Anne             Gracey                         Master of Education

                          Jonathan               D                  Gregory                       BS in Aerospace Engineering

                          Luz                       M                  Gutierrez                      Bachelor of Science

                          Avery                   B                   Haines                         Juris Doctor

                          April                     D                  Hall                              Master of Legal Studies

                          Heather                 L                   Hamilton                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Geraldine              Lynn             Hand                            BA in Liberal Studies

                          James                    A                  Harp                            Bach of Business Admin

                          Marshall                Bryan            Harris                           Juris Doctor

                          Marshall                Bryan            Harris                           M of Business Administration

                          Laura                    A                  Haselwood                   BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Caitlin                   Lenee            Hawkins                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Victoria                 Kathryn        Heath                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Matthew                Scott             Hecox                          Master of Public Admin

                          Steven                   McLean        Hefner                         BS in Physics

                          Melanie                 L                   Hetherington                BA in Journalism

                          Kaitlin                   E                   Higginbotham              Juris Doctor

                          Emerson               Whitaker       Hoagland                     Bachelor of Arts

                          Elizabeth                                    Hocker                         Doctor of Philosophy

                          Barbara                 Renee           Hoelscher                    Master of Education

                          Grant                    D                  Hoelscher                    BS in Computer Science

                          Kaitlyn                  E                   Holland                        BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Kaitlyn                  E                   Holland                        MA in International Studies

                          Kristen                  E                   Howell                         Bachelor of Science

                          Heath                    Thomas         Huffman                      Master of Education

                          Saba                                           Imani                           Bachelor of Science

                          Robby                   Ray               Jack                             Master of Legal Studies

                          Gena                     Renae           Jackson                        BA in Admin Leadership

                          Rae                       Travis           Jacobsen                      Master of Science

                          Jaron                     A                  Johns                           Bach of Business Admin

                          Amanda                M                  Johnson                       Bach of Business Admin

                          Eun Jung                                    Jordan                          Master of Arts

                          Lydia                    Caree            Jorgenson                    Master of Science

                          Austin                   Williams       Keeton                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Emily                    Nicole           Kennedy                      Doctor of Philosophy

                          Amber                  D                  Kerenge                       BA in Admin Leadership

                          Constance             M.                 Kern                            Master of Education

                          Sarah                    Ruth-            Kerr                             Master of Education

                          Kyu                      J                    Kim                             Bachelor of Science

                          Kiana                    M                  King                             BA in Journalism

                          Connor                 G                  Knudsen                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Maria                    E.                  Kunz                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Derek                    Nathan          La Shot                        Doctor of Philosophy

                          Anthony                C                   Lai                               Bach of Business Admin

                          Sara                      Elizabeth       Lambert                       Master of Education

                          Grace                    Ann              Lamer                          BS in Criminal Justice

                          Hannah                 Renee           Lane                            Bachelor of Science

                          David                    Michael         LaRue                          BS in Electrical Engineering

                          Christopher           W                  Laviolette                     BS in Geology

                          Geonwoo                                   Lee                              Bachelor of Science

                          Jacob                    W                  Lee                              Master of Arts

                          Eric                       Austin           Leeviraphan                 Bachelor of Arts

                          Mariano                Leo               Linares                         Bachelor of Science

                          Justin                    R                   Love                            Bach of Business Admin

                          Luz                       M                  Maestre Cortez             BA in Journalism

                          Grace                    Anne             Marcum                       BA in Journalism

                          Eric                       W.                 Marlow                        Juris Doctor

                          Andrew                 Joshua          Marshall                       Bachelor of Musical Arts

                          Beth                      Turner           Mattingly                     Doctor of Philosophy

                          Paul                      David            Maus                            BA in Admin Leadership

                          Theodore              Patrick          Mayo Ma Mayo            Bachelor of Arts

                          Tyler                     Blake            Mc Kaig                       BA in Admin Leadership

                          Hunter                  B                   Mckee                          BA in Journalism

                          Victoria                 Destiny         Medina                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Samuel                  J                    Merchant                     Juris Doctor

                          Austin                                        Messerli                       Master of Science

                          Leslie                    Ann              Miller                           Master of Arts

                          Michael                 Chad             Miller                           M of Business Administration

                          Randy                   Greg              Miller                           Bach of Business Admin

                          Sara                      B                   Miller                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Katherine              Anne             Montgomery                Bachelor of Arts

                          Rachel                  Claire            Myers                          Master of Arts

                          Tanner                  J                    Nees                            BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Tu                         Phan              Nguyen                        Bach of Business Admin

                          Alana                    Nicholle        Niblett                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Rebecca                N                  Nkhata                         Bachelor of Science

                          Riley                     Blaine           Nolan                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Stephanie              Cloe              Oakes                          Master of Education

                          Jillian                    L                   O'Connor                     BS in Education

                          Ofelia                   Martinez       Olvera                          BS in Civil Engineering

                          Samuel                  E                   Painter                         Bach of Business Admin

                          Lauren                  M                  Parker                          BA in Journalism

                          Tulshi                   B                   Patel                             BA in Information Studies

                          Byron                   Zane             Peak                             Bach of Business Admin

                          Nicole                   Renee           Peltier                          BA in Geography

                          Shijun                                        Peng                             Bach of Business Admin

                          Kristen                  Lynn             Perez                            Master of Education

                          Justin                    Scott             Phillips                         BS in Botany

                          Aimee                   N                  Plowman                      BS in Geology

                          Paige                     L                   Portwood                     BA in Environ Sustainability

                          David                    L.                  Powell                          Master of Education

                          Jason                    Marc             Pudlo                           Master of Arts

                          David                    Andrew         Ramsey                        Bachelor of Interior Design

                          Jeremy                  F                   Rand                            Master of Science

                          Bryan                    J                    Ray                              Doctor of Philosophy

                          Chloe                    R                   Reid                             BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Shelby                  D                  Reid                             Bach of Business Admin

                          Lauren                  Michelle        Reilly                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Nolan                    Patrick          Reilly                           Master of Music

                          Ally                      M.                 Renfroe                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Jacob                    T                   Reynolds                      BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Leslie                    T.                  Rhoades                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Alec                      E                   Richmond                    Bachelor of Science

                          Jonathan               William         Riddle                          Bachelor of Science

                          Steven                   Aaron           Roberts                        BS in Engineering Physics

                          Brooks                  Cortland        Robinson                     Bach of Business Admin

                          Maegan                 D'Nae           Robison                       Bachelor of Arts

                          James                    M                  Ross                             BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Alexandria            Lee               Russell                         Master of Social Work

                          Quenton                Antray          Sayles                          BS in Industrial & System Engr

                          Alex                      David            Schaefer                       M of Library and Info Studies

                          Patrick                  Kendall         Schaefer                       Bach of Business Admin

                          Karissa                  Lynne           Schlickbernd                Bachelor of Arts

                          Stephanie              M.                 Schroeder                     Bachelor of Arts

                          Rebecca                Rae               Seaton                          Master of Arts

                          Jonathon               R.                  Self                              BA in Hist Sci, Tech, & Med

                          Monique               A                  Sellers                          BS in Meteorology

                          Nuzigum               Uighur          Setiwaldi                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Nathan                  C                   Sheely                          BS in Engineering Physics

                          Troy                                           Sherman                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Brynn                   Noel              Simons                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Alexandria            A                  Sipes                            Bachelor of Science

                          Amanda                Mena            Smeltzer                       Master of Arts

                          Hoda                                          Soltani                         Doctor of Philosophy

                          Alexander                                  Spens                           BS in Aerospace Engineering

                          Mark                     Andrew         Stalcup                         BS in Meteorology

                          Jessica                  Renae           Stanciu                         BS in Civil Engineering

                          Ashlee                  Nicole           Standridge                    Bach of Business Admin

                          Ciarra                    D                  Stapleton                      Bachelor of Science

                          Joseph                  W                  Stipek                          BA in Journalism

                          Shaye                    L                   Strong                          BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Marli                     McCune        Sussmann                    BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Jeffrey                  R                   Swigart                         Juris Doctor

                          Emily                    M                  Taylor                          Juris Doctor

                          William                 Demar           Taylor                          Doctor of Philosophy

                          Kyle                      Joseph          Thiem                          MS in Meteorology

                          Jordan                   Patrick          Thomas                        Master of Education

                          Rebecca                J                    Thomas                        Master of Arts

                          Maisha                  Shalanda       Thrash                         BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Amanda                R                   Tomlinson                   Bachelor of Arts

                          Amanda                R                   Tomlinson                   Bachelor of Science

                          Scott                     Edward         Tope                            Master of Science

                          Sarah                    M                  Townsend                    BA in Journalism

                          Nicole                   Marie            Van Every                    Doctor of Musical Arts

                          Vladimir                                    Velasco Morales           BS in Aerospace Engineering

                          Traci                     Monica         Vickers                        Master of Education

                          Alice                     Aylin            Vile                              Bachelor of Arts

                          Margaret               Elizabeth       Vittitow                        BS in Chemical Engineering

                          William                 Garrett          Voss                            BA in Journalism

                          Jared                     J                    Wahkinney                  Bachelor of Arts

                          Christen                Danielle        Walker                         MA in International Studies

                          Dongdong                                  Wang                           Doctor of Philosophy

                          Luz                       Adriana         Washington                  Master of Education

                          Melissa                 Corin            Weiss                           Master of Arts

                          Ricky                    Ray               Wells                           BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Leslie                    Chris             Wesberry                     Juris Doctor

                          David                    A                  Wesson                        BS in Computer Engineering

                          Olivia                    J                    White                           BA in Journalism

                          Zane                     Caleb            Whobrey                      Bachelor of Science

                          Alyssa                   Katherine      Wickard                       Master of Science

                          Natalie                  N                  Wiglesworth                 BS in Education

                          Brady                    Chase            Williams                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Michael                 Francis          Wilson                         MA in Admin Leadership

                          Gilbert                  Richard         Wolford                       Master of Arts

                          Mark                     A                  Wright                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Rachel                  Elizabeth       Wright                          Doctor of Philosophy

                          Jasmine                 P                   Yeo                              Bach of Business Admin

                          Jamie                    Lee               Young                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Matthew                C                   Young                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Tyler                     Ray               Young                          Bachelor of Arts

                          Jian                                            Yuan                            BS in Biochemistry

                          Nafis                                          Zaman                         BS in Computer Science

                          Ye                                              Zhu                              Doctor of Philosophy



                          Nicholas               Shepherd       Morgan                        BS in Chemical Engineering



                          Ellen                     E.                  Cavin                           Bachelor of Arts



                          Loren                    Lynn             Fox                              BS in Education

        Oklahoma City


                          Forrest                  Welch           Bennett                        Master of Public Admin

                          Kayla                    Laine            Christopher                  Master of Arts

                          Adisson                Paige             Grant                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Robin                    Kaye             White                           Master of Education


                          Sean                      Michael         Bauer                           Doctor of Philosophy

                          Catherine              C                   Blair                             BS in Education

                          Danielle                Nicole           Dunn                           M of Business Administration

                          Michelle                Beth              Feiler                           Master of Education

                          Alexandra             Elizabeth       Hall                              Bachelor of Arts

                          Jason                    W                  Hubbert                       Juris Doctor

                          Taylor                                        Morris                          BS in Geog Info Science

                          Joshua                  R                   Stickney                       Bachelor of Arts


                          Mark                     William         Zitzow                         M of Regional and City Plan


                          Alex                      Joseph          Christensen                  Bachelor of Science

                          Mauri                    Elizabeth       Hubbard                       Master of Human Relations

                          Reginald               Duane           Johnson                       M of Business Administration

                          Jared                     Barkley         Kirk                             M of Business Administration

                          Jared                     Barkley         Kirk                             Master of Accountancy

                          Jason                    C                   Leach                           Master of Architecture

                          Lance                    Leroy            Reynolds                      Master of Human Relations

                          Daron                   C.                  Stallworth                    Bachelor of Arts

                          Danielle                M                  Wierenga                     Bachelor of Arts


                          Carie                     A                  Benton                         Master of Human Relations

                          Christopher                                Luckert                        BS in Civil Engineering

                          Mark                     U                  Nakmali                       BS in Electrical Engineering

                          David                    E.                  Stevens                        M of Fine Arts in Art

                          Amelia                  M                  Villines                        Bachelor of Science

                          Katy                      Camille         Weaver                        Bachelor of Science

                          Samantha              A                  Zelley                          BS in Education


                          Eduardo                A                  Barrios                         BS in Health and Exercise Sci

                          Whitney                Alison           Booher                         Bachelor of Science

                          Daniel                   B                   Caballero                     Bachelor of Arts

                          Matthew                James            Coleman                      BA in Liberal Studies

                          Andrew                 Thomas         Goett                            BS in Electrical Engineering

                          Christopher           B                   Love                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Caroline                Elizabeth       Lowery                        MA in Admin Leadership

                          Kathryn                Elizabeth       Morris                          BA in Liberal Studies

                          Daniel                   G                  Othon                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Luke                     Nelson          Pratt                             Master of Public Admin

                          Nancy                   Jo                  Rapp                            Master of Education

                          Zachary                D                  Ross                             BA in Information Studies

                          Joilyn                    Harrison        Slemp                          BA in Admin Leadership

                          Louis                    Anthony        Triana                          BA in Journalism

                          Chase                    Andrew         Ward                            Bachelor of Music


                          Daniel                                        Cabrera                        Bachelor of Arts


                          Gabriela                                     Apodaca                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Maria                    G.                 Balderas                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Timothy                David            Graf                             Master of Arts

                          Erika                     Lorena          Hernandez                   Bachelor of Arts

                          Willian                  Aristides       Martinez                      BS in Electrical Engineering

                          Natalia                                       Montelongo                 Master of Education

                          Carlos                   A                  Sierra                           Bachelor of Arts


                          Roger                    Allen             Banker                         BA in Admin Leadership

                          Sean                      Christop        Holmes                        BS in Environ Sustainability

                          M. Katlyn                                   Manzo                         BS in Criminal Justice


                          Shawneequa          A                  Brown                          Master of Human Relations

                          Monet                   M                  Caddell                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Brittany                 Ann              Doss                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Angelica               Breonia         Morris-Smith                Bachelor of Arts

                          Kelli                      Raylynn        Reid                             MA in Admin Leadership


                          George                  David            Braswell                       BS in Criminal Justice

                          Catherine              Nicole           Brim                            Bach of Business Admin

                          Michael                 Vincent         Cangialosi                    M of Business Administration

                          Jimmy                   Javier            Chavez                        Graduate Certificate

                          Mathew                 W.                 Christian                      Bachelor of Science

                          Katelyn                 Grace            Cunningham                BA in Journalism

                          David                    A                  Davis                           BA in Admin Leadership

                          Emily                    Ann              Davis                           MS in Mgt of Information Tech

                          Emily                    Ann              Davis                           M of Business Administration

                          Tiffany                 S                   Eichor                          Bachelor of Science

                          Ryan                     S                   Elliott                           Bach of Business Admin

                          David                    Mark             Emmons                      Master of Arts

                          Katherine              Marie            Filippo                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Limayre                B                   Gramajo                       Bachelor of Science

                          Michael                 David            Howell                         BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Cynthia                                      Jones                           Master of Human Relations

                          Christian               Andrew         Labbe                          Master of Architecture

                          Jason                    Keith             Lauderdale                   Bachelor of Science

                          Richard                 Livingston     Lee                              Bachelor of Arts

                          Kathryn                A                  Long                            Bach of Business Admin

                          Runsha                                      Long                            BS in Electrical Engineering

                          Lauren                  N                  Monroe                        Bach of Business Admin

                          Athena                  I                    Nguyen                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Joseph                  T                   Noble                           BA in Journalism

                          Krista                    Michelle        Norton                         Master of Human Relations

                          Jae                        Hyoung         Park                             Bachelor of Arts

                          Sharon                  Marie            Sellers Milazzo             Master of Arts

                          Kim                      Lorraine        Smith                           Master of Education

                          Natalie                  D                  Stout                            BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Vu                        Van               Tran                             BS in Mechanical Engineering

                          Elena                    Veronica       Troya Maldonado         M of Regional and City Plan

                          Raja                      U                  Ullah                            Bachelor of Science

                          Vanessa                                     Wachowski                  BS in Criminal Justice

                          Jonathan               David            Wance                         BA in Admin Leadership

                          Madeleine             C                   Wiens                          Master of Public Admin

                          Scott                     T                   Wilson                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Shawn                   Michael         Woolley                       BS in Criminal Justice


                          Coby                     Miles             Brownrigg                    Bach of Business Admin

                          Erica                                          Hall                              Master of Human Relations

                          Doye                     Deshaw         Johnson                       Master of Education

                          Isaac                     Robert           Meier                           Master of Science

                          Taylor                   Emanuel       Morrow                        Bachelor of Arts

                          Jeffrey                                       Pozo                            Bach of Business Admin

                          Eydie                    F                   Youngblood                 BS in Criminal Justice


                          Sharon                  D                  Germany                      Master of Social Work


                          Stacey                   Renee           Baker                           M of Library and Info Studies

                          Ivana                    A                  Beatty                          Doctor of Education

                          Jacob                                         Blankson-Lartey           Bachelor of Arts

                          Jacob                                         Blankson-Lartey           Bachelor of Science

                          Jessica                  G                  Blankson-Lartey           BA in Liberal Studies

                          Quyen                   Thanh           Do                               M of Business Administration

                          Kailey                   D                  Lorenson                      Juris Doctor

                          Angela                  L                   Nguyen                        BS in Biochemistry

                          Mohammad           G.                 Niazi                            BS in Mathematics

                          Mohammad           G.                 Niazi                            Bachelor of Science

                          Reza                     G                  Niazi                            Bachelor of Science

                          Reza                     G                  Niazi                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Dmitriy                                      Ognev                          Master of Education

                          Brandon                Thomas         Orr                               Bach of Business Admin

                          John                      Scott             Overbey                       M of Business Administration

                          Sarah                    D                  Rainbolt                       Juris Doctor

                          Kirby                    Leigh            Starks                           Master of Human Relations

                          Kathryne               Grace            Stevens                        BS in Education

                          Amanda                                     Swan                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Kimmy                                      Tran                             Bachelor of Arts

                          Lillian                   Tuyen           Tran                             BS in Microbiology

                          Kelsey                  Colleen         VanDyke                     Bachelor of Interior Design

                          Warren                  Etienne         Wright                          BS in Petroleum Engineering


                          Shelby                  Nicole           Aughtry                       Bachelor of Architecture

                          Gabriela                Alejandra      Borja Munoz                Bach of Business Admin

                          Samuel                  Scott             Crabtree                       BS in Environmental Design

                          Tawna                   M                  Dickens                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Patrick                  Joseph          Farha                           BA in Liberal Studies

                          Mitchell                A                  George                         Bachelor of Science

                          Brittney                 C.                  Guest                           Master of Public Admin

                          Johnathan             Paul              Haines                         BS in Geography

                          Philip                    J                    Hinkle                          BA in Intl and Area Studies

                          Grace                    K                  Hoss                            Bachelor of Arts

                          Kevin                                         Lam                             Bachelor of Arts

                          Patricia                                       Mays-Caddell               Master of Human Relations

                          Kendall                 K                  Morgan                        BA in Journalism

                          Lenora                  C                   Muhm                          Juris Doctor

                          Whitney                Drew             Ray                              Master of Education

                          Lucas                    M.                 Reese                           M of Business Administration

                          Lucas                    M.                 Reese                           MS in Mgt of Information Tech

                          Stacy                                          Sandoval                      Bachelor of Arts

                          Zainab                  Nasreen        Shakir                          Bachelor of Science

                          My Hanh                                    Tran                             Bachelor of Science

                          Samuel                  Ian                Walker                         M of Business Administration

                          Chandler               V                  Wells                           Bach of Business Admin


                          Cole                      S                   Bruza                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Victor                   Exiquio         Espinoza                      BS in Education


                          Jordan                   Elizabeth       Adams                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Grace                    E                   Aguilera                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Alli                       Ryan             Benkley                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Jessica                  A                  Brewer                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Christopher           James            Brezny                         BS in Construction Science

                          Julie                      Heather         Calvert                         Master of Human Relations

                          Lindsey                 B                   Canon                          BS in Education

                          Suzette                  Vontell          Chang                          Master of Arts

                          Jay                        Matthew        Cohlmia                       Bach of Business Admin

                          Benjamin              J                    Day                              Bachelor of Musical Arts

                          Benjamin              J                    Day                              Bach of Business Admin

                          Daniel                   G.                 Delafield                      BS in Biochemistry

                          Kristen                  N                  Dunham                       Bachelor of Arts

                          Emily                                         Ellis                             Bach of Business Admin

                          Brian                     Edward         Enis                             Bachelor of Science

                          Francis                  Kerry            Frantz                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Thomas                 Barrett           Frantz                          Bach of Business Admin

                          Annie                    Suzanne        Gullo                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Danielle                D                  Harden                         Bachelor of Arts

                          Carter                    M                  Hood                           Bach of Business Admin

                          Addison                McDaniel      Hubbard                       BA in Journalism

                          Rachel                  Constan        Jackson                        Doctor of Philosophy

                          Haley                    Nicole           Jurko                           Bachelor of Arts

                          Danielle                Dana       &nb