Appliances and Equipment


Policy for the Acquisition of Appliances and Equipment

Introduction. In support of its commitment to economy and sustainability, the University of Oklahoma promotes the usage of appliances and equipment that minimize energy consumption and that do not present hazard to health or property.

Principal Intent. Although exceptions may be indicated on a case-by-case basis (e.g., the Energy Star designation may not exist for a particular class of appliance or equipment), this policy covers the acquisition of appliances and equipment for use on University property or for University purposes (Acquisitions). It is the intent that this policy applies irrespective of source of funds. Requests for exceptions should be made to the University’s Purchasing Department.

Policy. Acquisitions shall be limited to those appliances and equipment that bear the Energy Star designation of the Environmental Protection Agency. Information about Energy Star products can be accessed at the Energy Star website:

For Acquisitions made under the University’s Small Dollar provision, the Purchasing Department is available for assistance with selecting Energy Star-rated appliances. For Acquisitions above the Small Dollar provisions, the Purchasing Department must be consulted for competition. Solicitations shall include terms and conditions for industry-approved certifications and the Energy Star designation, when feasible.