E & I Contracts


When you click on the link above, you will be taken to E&Iís landing page. A listing of the contracts is displayed on the left. To access information about the contracts you will need to register, which is an easy process. With your Login ID and Password, you can access information and instructions about each contract. In the event the information and instructions presented donít answer your questions, you should feel free to contact OU Purchasing at 405-325-2811.

Some background about E&I:

E&I Ė short for E&I Cooperative or Educational & Institutional Cooperative Services, Inc Ė is higher educationís purchasing cooperative.

On August 2, 1934, the purchasing directors of Cornell, Colgate, and Syracuse filed the Certificate of Incorporation in the state of New York. The cooperative purchasing concept was first tested within the Educational Buyers Association (EBA) which was established in 1921 to serve educational institutions through information sharing and "pool" buying. The EBA has since evolved into the National Association of Educational Procurement (NAEP), of which OU is a member.

Over the decades E&I has grown into a multi-million dollar organization primarily serving the NAEP membership. E&Iís portfolio offers more than 70 contracts. Through its Compliance Initiative, E&I works closely with members of NAEP to advance the ability of public institutions to use E&I's competitively solicited contracts.