FedEx - OU Shipping

Federal Express (FedEx)

The University of Oklahoma, through our participation in the Educational $ Institutional Cooperative (E&I) have established a contract with Federal Express (FedEx) to provide express shipping services for all University departments on the Norman, Oklahoma City and Tulsa campuses, and by any authorized University employee from most other locations worldwide. The agreement allows both domestic and international air express shipments at very competitive rates.

This agreement requires payment to be made with your University Pcard. You cannot obtain the agreement rates unless you use your Pcard for payment. *

Before using FedEx for shipping, an application will need to be completed that is located on the E&I website. Please copy and paste the following link into your web browser to complete the application:

Please note that even if you have an existing FedEx account, you will need to establish a new account by completing this application. If you have multiple Pcard’s on different accounts, you may need to open an account for each Pcard. **


Questions or problems setting up an account should contact the FedEx representative, Doug Brown, Senior Executive, 405-593-7646 The Purchasing Department contact is Craig Sisco, C.P.O., Manager, 405-325-5261,


University department will not incur any pick-up charges for outgoing shipments. However, a weekly pick-up fee, ranging from $8 to $13 may be charged to departments for shipments sent from another address not associated to their FedEx account. FedEx may provide pick-up service to University departments on a predetermined time daily, or, for larger departments, FedEx may make regular stops daily, Monday through Friday, to pick-up express shipments. It is strongly recommended that outgoing shipment air bills and pick-up requests be prepared on the FedEx website, This helps ensure air bill accuracy, provides a shipment receipt with shipment cost (subject to confirmation of weight), and allows you to track the shipment from the web site. The University Internal Auditing Department and Pcard Administrator will accept the web shipment receipt as a Pcard receipt for auditing purposes.

International shipments should refer to the Office of Export Controls website located at regarding information on shipments to other countries.

Pcard transactions for FedEx shipments will appear on you SAM monthly billing as “FedEx.” Transactions are then easily identified by air bill number and destination zip code, and any specific identification information you have placed on the air bill (i.e., “B. Jones agreement”).

*The University is requiring express shipment payments to be made by Pcard to help curtail the large number of invoices processed through campus accounting. Express shipment invoices are one of the single largest areas requiring payment checks at the University, and payments with you Pcard will greatly enhance the University’s ability to streamline the payment process.

**SAM allows for account number change with the cardholder review and reconciles transactions.