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Phone: 405-325-2811

Welcome to the University of Oklahoma
Purchasing Department website!

We hope you will find our website very easy to use with simple navigation and easy to read directions to access any information or forms that you may be searching for!

Email Address for the Purchasing Department

Have a purchasing question or problem and aren't certain who to ask? Email your question or comment to askpurchasing@ouhsc.edu and a member of the Purchasing Administration team will assist you or direct your question or problem to the appropriate person.


Please select your specific campus for information on submissions dates for requisitions for the current FY17 year, requisitions for the new FY18 to begin July 1 and important deadline dates to remember.

Additional information for the new or renewal contracts, competitive bids, purchases requiring Board of Regents approval or other year-end activity, may be directed to askpurchasing@ouhsc.edu.

HSC Campus - Standing Orders for Budget Year 2018

HSC/Tulsa Campus - Project Year-End Dates for FY18

Norman Campus - CrimsonCorner Entry of FY18 Requisitions

Norman Campus - Fiscal Year Deadline Letter FY17



The University of Oklahoma Purchasing Department wishes to alert suppliers of recent activity involving scams that appear to be asking for price quotes or purchase orders on behalf of OU. We regret we are not able to prevent this illegal activity but will remain diligent in our efforts to report these scams to law enforcement to actively investigate this internet crime.

Please be aware of a few of the common signs of these fraudulent emails and be very suspicious of emails that include the following:

  • Poorly written emails with poor grammar and typographical errors.
  • Emails that request shipment or delivery to another address that appears to be off campus or to another state.
  • Examples of sender email addresses that are fraudulent: purchasing@ouedu.org; ou@gmail.com. These emails are not associated with the University.

If unsure, please contact the University of Oklahoma Purchasing Department directly at askpurchasing@ouhsc.edu or at (405) 325-2811.


The University of Oklahoma has elected to postpone the implementation of new procurement requirements per COFAR FAQ.110-6 and intends to establish new Purchasing guidelines in compliance with the Uniform Guidance for procurement by December 26, 2015. Until the implementation of the procurement requirements as specified, all procurement activities will be subject to the existing requirements in effect prior to the implementation of Uniform Guidance on December 26, 2014.

Concur Travel News - Norman Campus Only

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We invite your comments and feedback or for technical questions regarding the website, please email: purchasingwebmaster@ouhsc.edu