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The University of Oklahoma Purchasing Department wishes to alert suppliers of fraudulent activity involving request for quotes or purchase orders. These email scams involve addresses not associated with the University.

If you receive an email from other than an @ouhsc.edu or @ou.edu, this is not from the University and please forward it to the Purchasing Department at the address below.

If unsure, please contact the University of Oklahoma Purchasing Department directly at askpurchasing@ouhsc.edu or at (405) 325-2811.

Welcome to the University of Oklahoma
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We hope you will find our website very easy to use with simple navigation and easy to read directions to access any information or forms that you may be searching for!

Have a purchasing question or problem and aren't certain who to ask? You can now send them to a general email account which is monitored by Purchasing Administration. They will then direct your question or problem to the appropriate person.
Purchasing Management Staff - askpurchasing@ouhsc.edu

We invite your comments and feedback or for technical questions regarding the website, please email: purchasingwebmaster@ouhsc.edu

Acquiring goods and services on Sponsored Funds (OUHSC only).

Forms and instructions may be found on the HSC/Office of Research Administration's website at the link below (clicking on the links below will open a window to an external website).