Travel Card - Norman Only

The OU Travel Card is for OU employees. It provides an efficient and convenient form of payment for approved OU business travel expenses.

Before you can receive your Travel Card, you must complete Travel Card training. Please use the link below and log in with your 4x4.Once you get logged in, click on the ‘Library’ tab in the top left corner, click on ‘Travel Card Training’ and then ‘Enroll’ in the top right corner. Upon completion you will receive a certificate – please keep this certificate for your records.

Once you have completed training, please submit the Travel Card Application linked below. You will be asked to sign the Travel Card Agreement when picking up your Travel Card. Please open the application linked below through Internet Explorer or download the form and open through Adobe Acrobat. Please note that if you click “Submit” and an email does not pop-up to email the PDF, you will need to manually attach the PDF or screenshot to an email and send it to Thank you.