Small Dollar Policy

Revised 12.21.09

Unless otherwise governed, restricted, or addressed by University policy, University departments may purchase products and services directly from a vendor when the cost of the acquisition is $5,000 or less (small dollar purchases). You may not split orders in order to stay below the limit and avoid generating a purchase requisition to the Purchasing Department.

The Pcard shall be used to pay for small dollar purchases to the maximum extent possible. Information about the Pcard can be obtained via email to or by contacting a member of the Pcard team.

If the Pcard cannot be used, follow the policy for processing invoices. Do not submit a purchase requisition.

Competition is recommended and the ordering department shall ensure that such purchases meet all other requirements including, but not limited to legality, availability of funding, and whether the purchase is allowable, as in the case of a sponsored grant or contract.

To the degree University Auxiliary Services are able to support your needs - they must be utilized. Contracts in effect may be viewed at

The Travel Reimbursement Policy shall be used for all reimbursable travel expenditures.

For Norman Campus:
For HSC/Tulsa Campuses:

Certain purchases, even if $5,000 or less, must be processed through the Purchasing Department:
  • If the purchase involves a contractual document of any kind, or if it is a type of product or service that would reasonably involve a contractual document, it must be signed and approved as provided by Regentsí Policy. This will avoid obligating the University to any terms or conditions that may conflict with the State Constitution, statutes, or case law; or to avoid binding the University to any duties or liabilities against its best interests. Examples include (but are not limited to):
    • Leases
    • Hard copy use Licenses (such as for software, intellectual property)
    • Services
  • If the purchase involves radioactivity (to ensure appropriate regulatory authorities are involved).
  • If the purchase involves a laboratory animal (to ensure appropriate regulatory authorities are involved).
  • If the purchase involves space maintenance or minor construction (to ensure that Physical Plant / Site Support can exercise appropriate oversight).
  • If the purchase involves any other special product or service that requires prior approval from a University department with special responsibility and authority over such product or service.

Contact a member of the Purchasing Department for clarification,