Dr. Tom Boyd, David Ross Boyd Emeritus Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies


Tom W. Boyd

Tom W. Boyd, Ph.D.

Tom W. Boyd is the David Ross Boyd Professor Emeritus of Philosophy at the University of Oklahoma. After teaching philosophy of religion and ethics there for 28 years, he retired from fulltime teaching in 1997. While at OU he taught courses in Judeo-Christian ethics, advanced courses in the Philosophy of Religion, Religious philosophy prior to 400 AD and after 400 AD, the history of ethics, the Philosophy of Social and Religious morality, Modern Philosophy of Religion, and Rhetoric and Religion. Tom served as Kingfisher Chair of the Philosophy of Religion & Ethics before retiring. Tom was talked out of retirement and enlisted for service in the new Religious Studies Program in 2002 by OU President David Boren (reports say he can be very persuasive!) . Tom teaches at the University of Oklahoma as part of the Retired Professor program and serves as a consultant to the Program. He teaches every semester. Tom holds four earned degrees, including a Ph.D. in Religion from Vanderbilt University in 1973. His academic specialization is in philosophy of religion, and ethics. His current concentration is on the relation among world religions and the relation between religion and culture. He seeks through his studies and teaching to understand and appreciate religion in its contemporary setting and in light of an emerging planetary culture. Tom is actively involved in a current discussion of a Global Ethic.

Dr. Boyd also continues to conduct seminars, workshops, and retreats. He is in demand on campus and off as speakers to students, faculty and staff, and the region at large.


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RELS 2413 - Religion, Culture, and the Meaning of Life

RELS 3403 - Studies in Comparative Religion

RELS 3413 - Approaches to the Study of Religion

RELS 3063 - Religion and the Secular Age

RELS 4323 - Capstone

RELS 3643 (With Barbara Boyd) - Study Abroad



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