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Recognition Program for Exceptional Achievements in Research and Creative Activity

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Recognition Program for Exceptional Achievements in Research and Creative Activity

The Faculty Recognition Program celebrates achievements in research and creative activity on the Norman campus (including Norman campus programs at OU-Tulsa) via the provision of monetary awards to those leading the associated activities. It comprises a wide variety of programs recognized by the National Research Council and Association of American Universities as prestigious at the national level, and also includes activities specific to the goals of Aspire 2020, which are to transform Norman campus research competitiveness, engagement, and culture.

If you feel you qualify for one of the Award Tiers in the link below, download the request form here and return the completed form via email to

Eligible Programs List

The University of Oklahoma encourages and applauds all efforts to apply for and receive awards and fellowships. This particular Recognition Program is designed to reward researchers for pursuing programs considered by the National Research Council (NRC), Association of American Universities (AAU), and Center for Measuring University Performance (CMUP) to be prestigious at the national level and thus important as metrics for success, including membership in AAU, which is an OU aspirational goal. Similar lists are utilized by other academic institutions to recognize faculty achievement and encourage activities that enhance institutional prestige.

Timeline and Programs

Effective 1 July 2012, subject to the availability of funds, the cash awards noted in the Award Tier Descriptions will be provided to the principal investigator/project director of NEW grants/contracts/cooperative agreements, or to the individual receiving the stated fellowship or prize.

Eligibility and Use of Award Funds

Eligibility is limited to tenured or tenure track faculty of all ranks, as well as renewable term faculty, research faculty, and permanent professional or technical staff who hold the terminal degree appropriate to their discipline. Instructors, lecturers, adjunct faculty, visiting faculty, temporary research personnel funded principally from external grants and contracts, and students are not eligible for this program. Individuals must receive the grants, fellowships or prizes while employed at OU and based principally upon work performed at OU. Note that fringe benefits are provided, in addition to the dollar amounts shown below, if the award is used for salary.

In the event a particular achievement falls into more than one award category of the Recognition Program (for example, a large center grant that involves multiple colleges and a Federal laboratory), the category providing the largest monetary benefit will be utilized in the award.


Faculty should notify the Vice President for Research and Partnerships* upon receiving any of the awards or other achievements shown in the Award Tier Descriptions. Working with the Office of Research Services and other offices as appropriate, the Vice President for Research and Partnerships will confirm eligibility, through the receipt from the awarding organization of formal notification and budget information related to fellowships, prizes, awards, grants, contracts, and/or cooperative agreements. Expected total/aggregate budgets will be used to determine eligibility for a given award in cases where external grant/contract/cooperative agreement funding is provided incrementally. Monetary supplements (i.e., bonuses or discretionary funding) will be provided following the formal starting date of the fellowships prizes, awards or other recognition, or immediately following the formal starting date of external grants, contracts or cooperative agreements. Only those honors or programs formally awarded or formally starting after 1 July 2012 will be eligible for the Recognition Program.

*If you received any of the awards listed at the link above and you qualify for the Faculty Recognition Awards, please download the request form here and return it completed via email to