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Memo from VPRP - Staff Hiring on Sponsored Programs and Grants

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April 2, 2020

Memo from VPRP - Staff Hiring on Sponsored Programs and Grant-funded Accounts

Dear Colleagues, 

I want to share a quick note regarding hiring staff on sponsored programs and grant-funded accounts. It has come to my attention that a recent communique from Human Resources that stated: “Refilling of all vacant staff positions, both new and existing, will be paused through the end of May. At that time, certain critical positions may be approved with the consent of the Chief Human Resources Officer” has created some confusion amongst the research community on campus.  

Even during these unusual and difficult times we find ourselves in, I want to reassure you that the university recognizes and greatly values its research mission. Essential to the success of any research is the ability to hire staff to execute the work and meet the commitments proposed in research grants that have been approved and funded by sponsors. Therefore, hiring staff 

(graduate assistants, post docs, research faculty, and other staff) required to execute on grants funded by external sponsors, as well as on those funded internally through the Office of the Vice President for Research and Partnerships, is allowed and encouraged.  

From now and until further notice, we ask that all grant/research-related staff hire ePAFS be routed to my office for my endorsement prior to going to HR for final approval. This will help expedite the review process and streamline these important hires.  

Thank you all for your commitment to and support of research at OU! 


Tomás Díaz de la Rubia 
Vice President for Research and Partnerships 
University of Oklahoma