The following chemicals to be used in the preparation of materials are known or suspected carcinogens:

The following chemicals are known to be toxic in small amounts:

ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE TO BE DISPOSED IN MARKED WASTE CONTAINERS!! These constitute hazardous waste and must be discarded strictly by EPA and OSHA guidelines, under penalty of law.

The chemicals used to develop films in the photographic process are also known dermatogens and contain mettol, which is a suspected carcinogen.

OVERALL CAUTIONARY STATEMENT: It is each student's responsibility to take appropriate precautions in handling each of these chemicals. Vapor-producing chemicals and dangerous powders preceded by an asterisk (*) should be used in the fume hood.

Use gloves to prepare resins and other hazardous chemicals. Use goggles while mixing resins and any other hazardous chemicals. Wash all parts of your body coming in contact with any of these compounds as soon as possible. Areas where these chemicals are used must be cleaned immediately after use. Use of contact lenses in the lab is contrary to state and federal law.

If you do not know whether a given compound is dangerous, consider that it IS until you have consulted with an instructor, the Merck Index, or other reliable source.

I have read these cautionary statements and rules and will abide by them:

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