Bogus Newsgroups

From: (David C Lawrence)
Newsgroups: news.announce.newgroups,news.groups
Subject: Bogus Usenet Groups
Followup-To: poster
Date: 12 Sep 1995 18:03:33 -0400
Organization: UUNET Technologies Inc, Fairfax VA USA
Lines: 286
Expires: 12 Oct 1995 00:00:00 GMT
Archive-Name: Bogus_Usenet_Groups/950912
Xref: news.announce.newgroups:7205 news.groups:161357
Status: N

Explanatory notes follow these lists.

New entries since the 21 Aug 1995 posting:
comp.os.os2.setup               superseded by comp.os.os2.setup.misc

Currently valid newsgroups which are being renamed:
rec.arts.comics.xbooks          superseded by rec.arts.comics.marvel.xbooks (19 Sep)
rec.arts.disney                 superseded by rec.arts.disney.misc     (25 Sep)                    superseded by  (17 Oct)           superseded by (17 Oct)     superseded by (23 Oct) superseded by (23 Oct)   superseded by (23 Oct)                    superseded by{aircooled,watercooled} (23 Oct)
rec.models.rc                   superseded by rec.models.rc.misc       (23 Oct)

Currently bogus Usenet groups:
comp.bbs.uugate                 no proposal (use comp.bbs.misc)   superseded by comp.archives.msdos.d
comp.dcom.lans                  superseded by comp.dcom.lans.misc
comp.dcom.lans.novell           no proposal (berserk gateway)
comp.dcom.lans.v2lni            defunct
comp.dcom.telecom.digest        no proposal (use comp.dcom.telecom)
comp.eiffel                     no proposal (use comp.lang.eiffel)                   superseded by               superseded by     superseded by            defunct          superseded by           superseded by            superseded by    superseded by superseded by        superseded by          superseded by**
comp.infosystems.www            superseded by comp.infosystems.www.misc
comp.infosystems.www.users      superseded by comp.infosystems.www.browsers.misc
comp.infosystems.www.providers  superseded by comp.infosystems.www.authoring.misc                       no proposal (use
comp.lang.basic                 no proposal (use comp.lang.basic.misc)
comp.lang.basic.visual          superseded by comp.lang.basic.visual.misc
comp.lang.pascal                superseded by comp.lang.pascal.misc
comp.lang.perl                  superseded by comp.lang.perl.misc
comp.mail                       no proposal (use comp.mail.misc)
comp.Mercator.Software          no proposal
comp.msdos.programmer           no proposal (use comp.os.msdos.programmer)
comp.mulitmedia                 should be comp.multimedia                  no proposal (use               superseded by
comp.os.386bsd.apps             superseded by comp.unix.bsd.386bsd.misc
comp.os.386bsd.announce         superseded by comp.unix.bsd.386bsd.announce
comp.os.386bsd.bugs             superseded by comp.unix.bsd.386bsd.misc
comp.os.386bsd.development      superseded by comp.unix.bsd.386bsd.misc
comp.os.386bsd.misc             superseded by comp.unix.bsd.386bsd.misc
comp.os.386bsd.questions        superseded by comp.unix.bsd.386bsd.misc
comp.os.eunice                  defunct
comp.os.linux                   superseded by comp.os.linux.misc
comp.os.linux.admin             superseded by comp.os.linux.setup
comp.os.linux.development       superseded by comp.os.linux.development.system              superseded by comp.os.linux.misc         superseded by
comp.os.os2                     superseded by comp.os.os2.misc
comp.os.os2.networking          superseded by comp.os.os2.networking.misc
comp.os.os2.programmer          superseded by comp.os.os2.programmer.misc
comp.os.os2.setup               superseded by comp.os.os2.setup.misc
comp.os.os2.ver1x               removed by vote
comp.protocols.kermit           superseded by comp.protocols.kermit.announce
comp.protocols.pup              defunct
comp.robotics                   superseded by comp.robotics.misc
comp.society.women              defunct
comp.soft-sys.wavefront         superseded by
comp.specification              superseded by comp.specification.misc
comp.sys.acorn                  superseded by comp.sys.acorn.misc             superseded by comp.sys.acorn.misc
comp.sys.amiga                  superseded by comp.sys.amiga.misc
comp.sys.amiga.datacom          should be comp.sys.amiga.datacomm
comp.sys.amiga.emulation        should be comp.sys.amiga.emulations  no proposal             superseded by comp.sys.amiga.programmer
comp.sys.amiga.telecomm         no proposal (use comp.sys.amiga.datacomm)
comp.sys.amiga.unix             no proposal (use comp.unix.amiga)                  superseded by comp.sys.apple2
comp.sys.celerity               defunct
comp.sys.hp                     superseded by comp.sys.hp.misc
comp.sys.hp48.d                 revoted as comp.sys.hp48           no proposal                 superseded by           superseded by        superseded by      superseded by comp.os.msdos.programmer       superseded by   no proposal (use   no proposal (use                no proposal (use
comp.sys.mac                    superseded by comp.sys.mac.misc                should be comp.sys.mac.apps              superseded by
comp.sys.mac.hardware           superseded by comp.sys.mac.hardware.misc
comp.sys.mac.programmer         superseded by comp.sys.mac.programmer.misc                   superseded by
comp.sys.novell                 superseded by comp.os.netware.misc
comp.sys.sgi                    superseded by comp.sys.sgi.misc
comp.sys.sun                    superseded by comp.sys.sun.misc
comp.sys.workstations           defunct
comp.unix                       superseded by comp.unix.misc
comp.unix.appleiigs             no proposal (use comp.sys.apple2.gno)
comp.unix.bsd                   superseded by comp.unix.bsd.misc
comp.unix.i386                  superseded by comp.unix.sysv386 (q.v.)
comp.unix.microport             superseded by comp.unix.sysv286 (q.v.)
comp.unix.msdos                 superseded by comp.unix.dos-under-unix
comp.unix.system_calls.brk.brk.brk      no proposal
comp.unix.sysv286               superseded by comp.unix.pc-clone.16bit
comp.unix.sysv386               superseded by comp.unix.pc-clone.32bit
comp.unix.unixware              superseded by comp.unix.unixware.misc
comp.unix.xenix                 superseded by comp.unix.xenix.sco                 superseded by      superseded by         no proposal (use              superseded by
misc.entrepreneur               no proposal (use misc.entrepreneurs)                    superseded by                    superseded by          superseded by (q.v.)        superseded by      superseded by    superseded by superseded by             no proposal (use misc.wanted)                       superseded by              should be                   defunct
misc.sheep                      no proposal
news.admin                      superseded by news.admin.misc
news.admin.policy               superseded by
news.config                     superseded by news.admin.misc
news.future                     superseded by news.admin.misc
news.members                    no proposal
news.newsites                   superseded by news.admin.misc             superseded by news.admin.misc
news.sortware.nntp              should be
news.sysadmin                   superseded by news.admin.technical (moderated)**
news.test                       no proposal (use misc.test)
rec.arts.cinema                 superseded by rec.arts.movies.announce
rec.arts.comics                 superseded by rec.arts.comics.misc
rec.arts.movies                 superseded by rec.arts.movies.misc
rec.arts.sf-lovers              superseded by rec.arts.sf.misc
rec.arts.sf-reviews             superseded by
rec.arts.sf.starwars            superseded by rec.arts.sf.starwars.misc
rec.arts.startrek               superseded by rec.arts.startrek.misc                superseded by             no proposal (use               superseded by               superseded by           no proposal (use                  superseded by                       superseded by                        no proposal (use                       superseded by                 superseded by                no proposal (use
rec.aviation                    superseded by rec.aviation.misc                        no proposal (use
rec.bicycles                    superseded by rec.bicycles.misc
rec.cardgames.magic.photocopy   no proposal            superseded by
rec.crafts.quilting             superseded by rec.crafts.textiles.quilting
rec.crafts.textiles             superseded by rec.crafts.textiles.misc
rec.fart                        no proposal                     no proposal (use
rec.gambling                    superseded by rec.gambling.misc                 superseded by no proposal (use                 superseded by            superseded by    superseded by                   superseded by                  superseded by            superseded by                 superseded by                   superseded by  no proposal (use               no proposal (use   no proposal                 superseded by                   no proposal (use                 superseded by                        no proposal (use
rec.ham-radio                   superseded by
rec.ham-radio.packet            superseded by (q.v.)
rec.ham-radio.swap              superseded by
rec.kibo.hunting                no news.announce.newgroups-sanctioned vote
rec.mag.fsfnet                  superseded by rec.mag.dargon
rec.mag.otherrealms             defunct                       no proposal (use no proposal (use            no proposal (use                 superseded by          no proposal no proposal
rec.pets.dogs                   superseded by rec.pets.dogs.misc
rec.pets.rabbits                no proposal (use rec.pets)                  no proposal (use sci.geo.geology)                       superseded by        superseded by
rec.railroad                    superseded by misc.transport.rail.misc
rec.skate                       superseded by
rec.skating                     no proposal (use
rec.skiing                      removed by vote            superseded by        superseded by              superseded by          failed vote                      superseded by             superseded by
sci                             no proposal
sci.aeronautic                  should be sci.aeronautics
sci.argicluture                 should be sci.agriculture                         superseded by
sci.chaos                       no proposal (use sci.nonlinear)
sci.engr.advanced-tv            superseded by sci.engr.television.advanced
sci.math.stat                   superseded by sci.stat.math
sci.military                    superseded by sci.military.moderated          no proposal (use
sci.physics.edward.teller.boom.boom.boom        no proposal
sci.psychology                  superseded by sci.psychology.misc
sci.psychology.digest           superseded by sci.psychology.journals.psycoloquy
sci.sociology                   no proposal                       superseded by (moderated)**               no proposal (use          no proposal (use
soc.culture.cis                 no proposal (use soc.culture.soviet)
soc.culture.hongkong.triad      no proposal (use soc.culture.hongkong)
soc.culture.india               no proposal (use soc.culture.indian)
soc.culture.indian.american     questionable vote recalled and failed
soc.culture.mexico              no proposal (use soc.culture.mexican)
soc.culture.purebred-sovoks     no proposal
soc.culture.russia              no proposal (use soc.culture.russian)
soc.culture.scientisis          should be soc.culture.scientists
soc.culture.siberia             no proposal
soc.culture.tibet               no proposal
soc.culture.turkish.ibne.omer.gogen     no proposal
soc.human-nets                  defunct             no proposal
soc.religion.scientology        no proposal
soc.roots                       superseded by soc.genealogy.misc                no proposal
talk.bizarre.rabbit             no proposal
talk.politics.cis               no proposal (use talk.politics.soviet)             superseded by
talk.underwear.veg              no proposal


This article covers the eight Usenet hierarchies of comp, humanities,
misc, news, rec, sci, soc and talk.  It also includes INET groups.

While Usenet is a cooperative anarchy, and doesn't really have
"official" and "bogus" groups that are enforcable anywhere other than
at each individual site, groups listed in this article are considered
by a majority of admins to be not valid based on the reasons above.

Keeping a coherent picture of what most admins think the Usenet
namespace looks like helps everyone to use network news more
effectively by being better able to target appropriate audiences.
People posting to groups in this list will probably find propogation
of their postings to be poor, and thus potential responses to them to
be limited.

Groups appear in this list by virtue of having had either
well-propagated newgroup messages or a remarkably high number of
articles posted to them.  Some of the superseded groups have not yet
had rmgroup messages sent for them, as they are in their three month
transition period.

Administrators at C News sites might wish to add these groups with "x"
flags at their sites, to cut their propagation via the "junk" spool
and lessen the appearance to others that they are widely accepted
groups.  Note that articles cross-posted from bogus groups flagged
this way to otherwise valid groups will still propagate normally.

**Please do not alias unmoderated groups to moderated groups which
supersede them, or vice versa, especially at B News sites.  It causes
potentially ugly volumes of mail to be sent to the moderator because
of laggard sites which have not made the switch.

Corrections or other input on the format of this article is welcome.