OMS Best Student Paper Award:

This award, commemorating the late Dr. Peter Timpano, is a student paper award to be based on student contributions at the Fall OMS meeting, which is held annually in conjunction with the meeting of the Oklahoma Academy of Science (OAS). All applicants for the Timpano Award must be members of OMS at the time that they declare themselves as candidates for the award and must be enrolled in a degree program in an institution of higher learning in Oklahoma.

First Prize: All expenses-paid trip for the awardee to the national meeting of the Microscopy Society of America (MSA) or Microbeam Analysis Society (MAS) to present a paper or poster on his or her research. The total travel allowance (including MSA or MAS contribution, if any) will be: $800.00 with all reasonable expenses reimbursed. Any unused ftinds, up to $200.00, wII1 be awarded as an additional cash scholarship to be used toward the student's research career. (If the student is selected as a finalist in the MSA Presidential Student Awards Competition, then MSA will provide registration and airfare and OMS will provide an additional $200.00 bonus.)

Second Prize: A $100.00 cash scholarship will be awarded toward the student's educational/research expenses. This and the above award are tax exempt if used for educational/research expenses.

The best student paper will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Quality of presentation
  2. Quality of slides and electron micrographs
  3. Scientific approach
  4. Materials and methods
  5. Value of contribution to scientific knowledge
  6. Merit of electron microscopic work
  7. Quality of submitted abstract

Rules for the Competition: This competition shall be judged by a committee of at least 3 OMS members appointed by the OMS Executive Board; those having a conflict of interest will be excluded. Votes shall be cast by secret ballot and will be accepted by the Secretary-Treasurer (or designated OMS Officer) after the final competing presentation. (OMS reserves the right to set minimum standards for the 1st prize and may choose to award the 2nd prize without issuing a 1st prize, at its discretion.)

Conditions of Award: Upon receiving the 1st prize, the awardee must, by December 15 of the current year, submit a letter of intent or declination regarding attendance at the MSA or MAS meetings. If the awardee notifies OMS that he or she declines to attend MSA or MAS for any reason, a $ 100 award will be made in lieu of the trip to the meetings, provided that the declination is received within the stated time limit. If the awardee declines the 1st prize, the 2nd prize awardee will be offered the opportunity to attend the meeting and present a paper as provided above. A student may receive the Timpano Award only once in his or her career, but may compete annually for the 2nd prize award.