Programs in Electron Microscopy

Research Programs

Researchers of the University of Oklahoma may use the SRNML at a nominal expense. Expendables and photographic supplies are reimbursed at cost. Those who obtain routine EM supplies from the SRNML may pay a flat fee quarterly (from $8.50 to $25.00 depending on use); however, it is our policy that no internal users (student or faculty) will be excluded for lack of funds.

External users are charged the full operating costs of the facility. Rates are available upon request. External work must be research-oriented and must conducted under the supervision of a current faculty member, under contract with the Office of Research Administration (325-4757).

The best way to evaluate whether electron microscopy is appropriate to a specific problem is to examine electron microscopy applications books in the library or contact the faculty and staff of the SRNML to discuss the application. Preparation equipment and facilities for all routine procedures are available in the Lab. Consultation, training, and limited technical support may be obtained from the Lab to support specific programs as needed.

Instructional Programs

Two formal courses are offered in cooperation with academic departments:

Each course is available to both undergraduate and graduate students. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Students in the in-depth training courses need to obtain a research sponsor. Contact instructor for additional information.

Informal training courses are available upon request for the preparative equipment in the SRNML and for those who already have EM training. Special courses may also be offered during Winter or Spring Intersession, or Summer session. Contact the Director or Electron Microscopists for additional information.

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