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Welcome to the University of Oklahoma Residential Colleges. Our goal is to provide an intimate and supportive community designed to promote the social, intellectual and personal growth of OU undergraduates.

Live in Dunham College or Headington College

Contracts for the 2018-2019 academic year are available to current upperclass, on-campus residents and freshmen who have completed the two-year commitment form. These include upperclassman contracts for Dunham College and Headington College, Cross Neighborhood Traditions Square East and West apartments. Upperclass housing contracts will open to all students on November 1.

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Receive More Benefits When You Commit to Two-Years of On-Campus Housing

Interested in living in Dunham College or Headington College as a sophomore?

Freshmen who commit to living on campus for two years receive incredible benefits from monthly rent discounts to free summer housing. To learn more about the two-year on-campus housing commitment, visit the link below.

Learn more about the two-year housing commitment


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