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Schedule your Spring 2017 enrollment appointment now at!

OU Scholars Program News

The Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub (CASH) is now closed for 2017-2018 scholarships.

The Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub (CASH) is now closed for 2017-2018 scholarships.  

The committees will begin the scholarship review process very soon.  They will let you know if you have received a scholarship by the end of the Spring 2017 semester.  For any questions, please contact

Make your appointment for Spring 2017 advising!

We are now advising students for spring and summer 2017 semester enrollment. Early enrollment begins the week of October 17th.

· You may now schedule your in-person advising appointment at

· For those of you who did phone appointments this summer for fall advising and enrollment, please be aware that from now on your appointments will be in person.

· We are located in Cate 1, Room 125.

· Advising appointments fill very quickly, so don’t procrastinate!

· Keep in mind that you will not be enrolling during your advising appointment. If you are not able to get an appointment right away, it is OK—your enrollment will not open until the week of October 17.

· We do open new appointments regularly, so check back if you want to try to make an earlier appointment than what is currently available on iAdvise.

· We will talk to you about the how/when/where of enrollment during your advising appointment.

· If the system does not recognize your Sooner ID or takes you to the University College reservation system, please call the office at 405-325-2851 during business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM) and we will schedule your appointment for you.

· Advising sessions are 45 minutes in length. If 45 minutes is not sufficient, your advisor can set up a follow-up appointment to finalize advising and answer any additional questions.

· Jeff Cooper and Carolyn Morgan are the advisors for Honors requirements only. They cannot advise you for the spring semester, and they cannot remove your advising hold. Please be sure to schedule your OU Scholars advising appointment your OU Scholars advisor.

· So that your advisor may prepare for your session, please indicate the following information on your reservation:

    o   Check the box ADVISE (NEXT SEMESTER)

    o   Please list your intended major/minor choice(s) under BRIEF EXPLANATION.

· You may also view, cancel or reschedule your appointment on iAdvise, if necessary.

· Early Enrollment begins the week of October 17th! As a Scholar you will be eligible to enroll during that week; the exact date and time will depend on the number of credit hours you will have completed at the end of the fall 2016 semester. Remember, you cannot enroll until you have been advised! Make sure to schedule your advising appointment soon to ensure that you will be advised prior to your early enrollment date.

· If you have not already done so, you will need to go to to take the alcohol training test on that website. You will have an enrollment hold until the test is completed.

    Your Graduation Planner will be a valuable resource for you throughout your time at OU. We ask that you bring your Graduation Planner with you to your advising sessions. If you do not yet have a Graduation Planner, please stop by our office to request one. We recommend that you become familiar with the First-Year Checklist (page 85), as well as the Academic Advising (page 43-52) and Enhancing Your OU Experience (page 67-77) sections at this time. Pages 21-38 cover course scheduling and enrollment procedures.

    If you have any concerns that are affecting your current schoolwork, please email your advisor immediately. At this stage of the semester, we can usually resolve your concerns before they become unmanageable problems. If you are experiencing problems in understanding the material in a particular course, please contact us to determine the most appropriate academic resource(s) for you.

The OU Scholars Program staff is looking forward to working with you this year                               

Anne Hedrick, Director:

Dana Anderson, Senior Academic Counselor:

Jodie Daffer, Senior Academic Counselor:

Hannah Oxsen, Senior Academic Counselor:

Jonathan Fincher, Academic Counselor:

Sarah Flanagan, Academic Counselor:

Holly Thomas, Academic Counselor:

Mary Ann Voreck, Administrative Assistant:  

Lindsey Street bridge to close at I-35 until early 2017

As of April 26, drivers will need to take an alternate access route from the interstate to campus.

Construction will close the Lindsey Street bridge over I-35, cutting off all access routes to the interstate from Lindsey Street. 

An alternate access route will be available via the new State Highway 9 East interchange.

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