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All 1st through 12th grade homeschool students in Oklahoma are invited to participate in the 14th annual Oklahoma Homeschool Science Fair. The event will be held Saturday, January 31, 2015 at Oklahoma Christian University.

Where do I start?
Homeschool Science Fair information

Judge’s Score Sheet
Judge’s Critique Sheet (non-experimental)
Judge’s Critique Sheet (experimental)
Judge’s Score Sheet (experimental, needed for entry into regional science fair)
Judge's Score Sheet (student team projects)
Judge's Score Sheet (family team projects)

Who do I contact if I have a questions?
General Science Help
Homeschool Science Fair Help

"How To Get Started" Workshop
A free workshop or presentation can be arranged for any small group to learn how to prepare a science fair project.

Homeschool Science Fair Entry Forms
(deadline for entry November 12, 2014)
Individual Entry Form
[MS Word] [PDF]

Team/Family Entry Form
[MS Word] [PDF]

Cost will be $10.00 per student with a maximum of $20.00 per family or team. There will be a $5.00 per student late entry fee for registrations after the entry deadline.

Additional rules and information

Central Oklahoma Regional Science and Engineering Fair

International Science and Engineering Fair

Parent help web-page links

McLaren's Science Fair Survival Page by Peter McLaren  
Free Resources for Science Teachers by NSTA
The Scientific Method of problem solving by School City of Hobart
Making Scientific Graphs
Making Science Graphs and Interpreting Data
What makes a good science fair project by USC
Central Regional Oklahoma Junior Academy of Science
Science Buddies
Discovery Educations' Science Fair Central

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