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All 1st through 12th grade homeschool students in Oklahoma are invited to participate in the Oklahoma Homeschool Science Fair.


  1. See the consistency and detail of God’s creation
  2. Apply scriptural lessons, truths, principles to science topics
  3. Provide more than a science test can offer; variety, hands-on experience, thinking and reasoning, application and enjoyment
  4. Teach the scientific method
  5. Integrate all the academics: reading, writing, spiritual application, science facts, math, drawing conclusions, art, graphing, typing reports, oral presentation and time management

Each student will be interviewed by two or three judges (interested parents or persons with science backgrounds or experience) and be rated. Students in grades 1-3 will be interviewed but not rated unless parent requests rating. Scoring and/or critiques will be provided by judges and ribbons will be given to all participants.


  • Ribbon awards and constructive comments for all participants
  • Non-competitive for students in grades 1 –3
  • Optional opportunity for 6th – 12th grade students to advance to Central Oklahoma Regional Science and Engineering Fair


  1. Display of project on freestanding board, not bigger than 48” wide by 30” deep by 72” high.
  2. Projects must be the product of student’s work. Students must do 90% of total project, have a working knowledge of the project and be able to explain it to the judge. Students may have parental help, but the older the student, the less help they should receive. If the student does not understand the project, they have received too much “help.”
  3. All exhibits must include scripture and give reference pertaining to the subject matter of the project. Some ideas are not specifically mentioned in the Bible, but there are some verses that develop principles that can be related to your project. The intent is to relate all areas of science to the Creator of the universe.
  4. Written report – detail, length, and extent of research dependent on age. 1-2 grade – a few sentences, 3-4 grade – 50-100 words, 5-6 grade – 150-250 words, 7-12 grade – detailed report with minimum of 500 words and bibliography.
  5. Use of the scientific method
  6. Students must stand by their project during judging. Only very young children (in first and second grade) may have a parent stand with them, if they wish. If you need to stay with your child during judging, please indicate this on the registration page.

Interactive Science Fair

  • Team project category for 2 or 3 students who desire to work together.
  • Fun science activities for students after they finish their judging interviews and for their younger siblings during the fair

In the interest of safety and scientific ethics, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that EVERY project be run through the Intel ISEF Rules Wizard before beginning any experimentation. Some projects will need prior approval that must come from a Committee Review Board before work can begin. The Rules Wizard will tell you whether your project falls into this category. Without this approval projects cannot compete at the Regional Science Fair even if they score high enough at the OHSF. It is advised that students 6th grade and up complete the paperwork before the Oklahoma Homeschool Science Fair so they will be prepared to advance if they qualify. Students under 6th grade will not need to do paperwork because they cannot advance, but if a project is listed as prohibited (certain types of animal experiments, hazardous chemicals) it is preferred they choose another project. The official ISEF Rules are here: https://student.societyforscience.org/international-rules-pre-college-science-research

Compete in the Regional International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)
Students in grades 6-12 may be eligible to participate in the Central Oklahoma Regional Science and Engineering Fair at UCO. To be eligible, the student must complete and sign the necessary form PRIOR to beginning their experiment and achieve a score of 90 of 100 points at the Oklahoma Homeschool Science Fair. Use the Intel ISEF Rules Wizard to be sure you submit the correct forms. If you need SRC/IRB review, download the forms and send to (by November 12, 2014):

Science Fair Committee Reviews
Carla Brueggen
8010 NW 32
Bethany, Oklahoma, 73008

The Oklahoma science fair committee has established SRC/IRB committees for the students whose projects require review. If you have questions or need assistance with the forms, please contact Carla Brueggen.

To prepare for advancing to the Regional Fair, all students must bring copies of their forms with them to the Homeschool Science Fair. Contact Regional Fair Coordinator (Dr. Beth Allan or 405.974.5775) for more information. Regional fair winners advance to the state competition where a variety of awards are given.


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