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Team Projects
Team projects offer the option for a group of 2 or 3 friends to work together or for all the students in your family to work together on one project.

Family Projects
This is designed to be a fun, educational opportunity. Family students of all grade levels may work together on one project. It is non-competitive; each team will receive a participation ribbon and constructive judging comments. These teams will not be eligible to advance to competition at the Central Oklahoma Regional Science and Engineering Fair.

Student Team Projects
Student teams may consist of 2 or 3 students working together. The group members may be friends, siblings, or members of a lab or co-op group. Teams members must be in the same grade level group: Grades 1-5, 6, 7-9, or 10-12. Teams in grades 6 and above will receive competitive numerical scores and constructive comments from the judges. Each member of the team will receive a ribbon.

If the student team desires, they may follow the criteria to be eligible for advancement to the Central Oklahoma Regional Science and Engineering Fair in the “Team Project” category. For more information, contact the Regional Fair Coordinator, Dr. Beth Allan or 405.974.5775.


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