Welcome to the home page for the University of Oklahoma chapter of Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (OU SEDS)! We are a group of students dedicated to advancing the cause of space exploration. We do this in a variety of ways, including attending local star parties, visiting various space/planetary conferences throughout the year, and other outreach efforts. If you're interested in joining us, contact Travis Darling (president/webmaster) at seds@ou.edu (copy-paste will work best here).

We're hosting a Yuri's Night party this April, and we're also planning stargazing and other outreach opportunities. In the meantime, maybe you'd like to see the about us page?

Meeting Information: Our next meeting of the 2011 semester will be February 25, 2011, at 5PM, in the Crimson Room of the Oklahoma Memorial Union. We'll be discussing Yuri's Night, outreach, stargazing events, and other things of general spacey interest.

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