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SGA Congress

Undergraduate Student Congress

The Undergraduate Student Congress of the Student Government Association is the House of the Legislative Branch. 48 Representatives make up the Undergraduate Student Congress comprised of equal representation of academic districts ranging from the University College to Education to Physical Sciences. 


Student Congress meets every Tuesday at 7 pm in the Devon Hall Room 120. For more information on agendas and minutes, please visit the Agendas and Minutes page.  


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Undergraduate Student Congress


While each Representative is responsible for primarily advocating on behalf of their districts, Representatives also participate in seven committees that oversee certain aspects of the Undergraduate Student Congress including:

  • Academic Affairs: deals with the concerns of students that are related to academics ranging from classes offered, academic misconduct procedure, etc.  
  • Congressional Administration: deals with subjects that are internal to SGA including appointing new members to Undergraduate Student Congress, organizing SGA elections, regulating the bylaws, etc. 
  • External Affairs: serves as the liaison between the city of Norman and the students of OU and organizes projects such as Higher Education Day, voter registration drives, etc. 
  • Problems and Projects: tackles the "big problems" on campus ranging from parking to meal plans to housing.
  • Public Relations: ensures a positive image of Undergraduate Student Congress and communicates the inner workings to the university community.
  • Ways and Means: responsible for allocating more than $700,000 among the 400+ registered student organizations at the University of Oklahoma.
  • Human Diversity: responsible for all issues regarding student life and diversity on campus.

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