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The Association has three standing committees:

Honors & Awards Committee

    This committee shall be comprised of four members of the Alumni Association and a faculty member from the School, appointed each year by the President. This Committee shall oversee the honors, awards, scholarships, etc. which have been approved by the Executive Board for presentation by the Association. The Committee will formulate guidelines and procedures which the Executive Board will approve for each award. Under the supervision of the Executive Board, the Committee will manage the Association's award programs. (Taken from Article III of the By-laws) The Chair of the OU SLIS Admissions Committee shall be a representative on the Honors & Awards Committee.
    Tasks of the Honors & Awards Committee

    • Solicit nominations from alumni and faculty members of the School.
    • Make a list of worthy candidates.
    • Gather information about each candidate.
    • Select the recipient of the award, using predetermined selection criteria.
    • Report the recipient's name to the Alumni Association Executive Board.
    • Arrange to have the award plaque engraved.
    • Arrange to have the Certificate of Merit lettered with the recipient's name.
    • Deliver the Certificate of Merit and information about the recipient to the President of the Alumni Association before the award is to be presented.
    • Arrange for a $50 donation to the Irma Tomberlin Scholarship Fund in the name of the recipient.
    • Arrange for publicity in Tracings, Oklahoma Librarian, OU Publications Office publication, ODL Source, State School Libraries publication, American Libraries and Library Journal.

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Nominating Committee

    A Nominating Committee comprised of three members of the Alumni Association and the immediate past president who shall serve as Chairman, shall be appointed each year by the President of the Alumni Association to nominate candidates for officers of the Executive Board. (Taken from Article III of the by-laws)
    Tasks of the Nominating Committee
    • to select at least two candidates for officer for each vacancy on the Executive Board.
    • to have ballots printed containing the names of all nominees and mailed to each active member of the Association.
    • to count ballots if so directed by the Board.
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Dr. Frances Laverne Carroll Student Paper Award Committee

    This committee is charged with the management of the annual student paper competition.
    Tasks of the Dr. Frances Laverne Carroll Student Paper Award Committee
    • to publicize the "call for papers"
    • to organize referees from among alumni association members and/or professional librarians
    • to submit the papers for referring in a manner which guarantees a blind review process
    • to submit the winning name and paper to the Board for publication in Tracings and Beta Phi Mu honors

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